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Enter a world of Consciousness, Creativity and Manifestation. 



Our Psychic Art was Created in 2008 and Frankey Craig has been on a journey raising awareness of Spiritual Development, the Healing Arts and Altered States of Consciousness ever since then.


Frankey is a Creative Channel, Healer and a Spiritual Entrepreneur. She has found that creativity has the capacity to guide us to our highest and most authentic self.


Frankey is expert in painting mandalas, spiritual development, influencing networks, building spiritual businesses, designing, content creation, branding, marketing and selling.


Frankey is the founder of Our Psychic Art (the number 1 psychic art website in the world!) , The Sacred Feminine Priestess Path Mystery School and co founder of the School of Psychic Arts.


She has been authentically supporting and serving her clients for over 15 years.

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