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Spreading Awareness of Spirituality, Healing Arts

& Altered States of Consciousness

Our Psychic Art was established in 2008 and I have been doing my part in raising awareness of Spiritual Development, the Healing Arts and Altered States of Consciousness ever since then.

Raising my Vibration has become a vocation of LOVE.

It has been an incredible journey, that I am delighted to share with you through this website.

Photo Credit: Chris Page - Frankey  at Angel Tree, South Carolina.

Before this lifetime I was with Source. I was pure consciousness.

In this lifetime I am consciousness expressing itself as Frankey Craig, a human being on earth.

After this life I will go back to Source.

I am continuously exploring myself. Exploring who I am. Who I am is beyond labels, beyond words, beyond what can be logically weighed and measured in the 3rd dimension.

I believe in alternative realities and I have experienced them many times. My consciousness creates my reality. I am an antenna tuned into radio earth, however, I can attune to different frequencies and alternative realities. The possibilities are endless based on my beliefs and choices. My frequency of thought determines where I align.

I believe in a Creative Consciousness that permeates through all of life. From the micro to the macro. The nature of this Power is LOVE. You can call it Source, God, Creator, whatever. It is unnamable.

I feel a relationship with Source. I feel connected to something unfathomably bigger than me. Sometimes I feel guided by it. Sometimes I see the synchronicities and a glimpse of the divine plan. Sometimes I just know in my heart that I am Loved, I am Safe and I am Whole.

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