Our Psychic Art has been Spreading Awareness of the Healing Arts & Altered States of Consciousness since 2008

Frankey Craig 

Founder of Our Psychic Art 

Welcome to my Sacred Cyberspace! I am so grateful for your visit. 

Our Psychic Art was established in 2008 and I have been doing my part in raising awareness of the Healing Arts & Altered States of Consciousness ever since then. 

It has been an incredible journey, that I am delighted to share with you through this website. 

My passion is painting Art of Meditation Mandalas that activate healing in us and the environment that they are placed in. You can buy a mandala I have already completed OR commission one. 

When painting mandalas in a meditative state I receive teachings, ideas and intuitions to research when the painting is complete. You can find the Mandala Mystery School Teachings at Our Psychic Art that I freely share for your own spiritual development and growth. 

All of the Healing Services that I offer via the website can be done at a distance. I can connect with you anywhere in the world though Dream Journeys, Reiki & Sound Journeys

I am available for Digital Design Projects.  I have designed yoga clothing lines, logos, book covers, album covers, stationery, marketing materials, websites and all kinds of of projects with my creative digital skills. 

Lastly, but certainly not least, my Redbubble Shop is an amazing space you can visit to get my unique designs on a wide range of products. Apparel, home decor, stationery,  device cases & skins, wall art and so much more! As, I have mentioned, my artwork carries a healing energy and I have found that even when I print the art on products they all seem to keep that wonderful energy and can still activate their healing in us and their environments. 

I invite you to visit the 'Explore' section on this website. My goal here is to keep adding information and resources to assist your spiritual growth as it has with my own. 

I am open to how the Universe will choose for us to work together.  My hope is that you will gain insights and healing for your own journey through our connection. 

If you have any questions or feedback please feel free to Contact me any time. 

The Light in Me Honours the Light in You.