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A beautiful hand painted mandala, on 12 x 12 inch canvas, sealed in resin for long lasting finish, signed by the artist.
  Inspired by regal color combinations.
  This mandala is a visual representation of what it looks like to walk a path of devotion.
  This path is natural and supernatural.
  It’s gently walking a path in honor of the Divine at all times. Living a life of gratitude, ceremony, intention and celebration. A path where miracles happen and we are transformed.
  The path of devotion is about inviting Conscious Awareness, loving and honoring every part of your journey that has brought you here.
  Sometimes, the path of devotion requires us to dig deep inside of ourselves, we can travel into really deep dark places where it's uncomfortable.
  Mostly, this is a journey of Remembrance.
  Remembering your True Essence.
  Remembering your Divinity.
  Remembering your Perfection.
  Remembering your Truth.

This path takes conscious awareness, dedication, trust, self motivation, compassion, acceptance, focus, passion, love and so much more to new levels unprecedented. It is an art, a dance, a play!
  Simply allowing our gaze to focus on the center of the mandala and letting ourselves be taken on a journey can give us insights into our own path and purpose.

Path of Devotion Mandala

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