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Meet Frankey Craig

Creative Channel

Born in the UK and now residing in the countryside of North Carolina, USA with my husband Tim and our fur tribe. Creativity flows into every area of my life. Consciously creating is helping me to live a life of alchemy. 

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It's all about the journey

My journey with mediumship development began in 2006 when I began sitting with a wonderful Scottish woman in Kent, UK named Maggie Miller. My Nana had introduced me and my parents to Maggie's circles and for many years we were at her house in a circle, sometimes twice a week.

Maggie did a physical circle in the week where we gathered in a dark room and observed physical phenomena. She also sat for trance and we would observe her physical transformations and listen to wisdom from spirit.

Maggie also ran her own mediumship development circles and these circles did not mess around! Anyone who knew Maggie will know that this was her style. She was no nonsense and no fuss. I always felt like she was pushing me off a cliff! LOL Tough love I think it is called! I always knew she had my back and she knew what she was doing. I’m eternally grateful to Maggie. She has no published books and she was not famous and at the same time she showed so many mediums how to step into their power and she did it so freely and unconditionally.

Maggie is now in spirit on a new adventure and I have felt her presence many times. 

Through Maggie and my parents I also met a medium named Glyn Edwards. Glyn is another old school medium from the UK. He does have books on amazon which have been written by Stephen Wollaston. They are collections of Glyn's memories and teachings.

At the time I met Glyn I didn't really know who he was but I had started listening to his audio recordings that were blowing my mind. I sat in circles with Glyn on several occasions. He was truly a profound man and helped me to understand much of the Science of Spirituality. I believe he made his transition to spirit in 2015.

Glyn was known at a place called Arthur Findlay College in Stanstead, UK. I spent a week there in 2008 doing a course with another amazing medium named Mavis Pitilla. The course she ran was called ‘Mediumship, Mysticism and Prophecy.

Mavis was a lot like Maggie as a guide for me! She was also no nonsense and no fuss. Again, tough love. She also made me feel like I was being pushed off a cliff. Always making me face my fears head on. This is a bit of a theme with mentors in my life. 

What I learnt about myself and my gifts through Mavis's mentorship is priceless and I am eternally grateful to her. You can find Mavis’s books on amazon and her teachings can be found online. I am so glad that she created an online presence and has left a digital trail and paper trail for us to follow since she made her transition to spirit in 2022. 

A message from Spirit

In June 2008 when I was at the Arthur Findlay College I had a reading with Matthew Smith who was connecting with my grandfather and  I was told to start doing artwork based on the word 'FREEDOM'. I had not done any art since school but when I got back home I picked up some pencils I had laying around and at first it was simply squiggles and smudges that came through. As I began to set intentions to connect with spirit through my creativity my journey truly began.

Our Psychic Art is born!

On 28th October 2008 after creating psychic art every day since June I felt inspired to start a website. I had met another psychic artist and I wondered how many more I could find around the world.

For the first 6 years of Our Psychic Art I created a platform that promoted psychic artists from all around the world. At our biggest we had more than 20 different artists who all expressed psychic art in unique ways. I learnt so much through connecting with all these amazing Creators. Each of them kept activating and expanding my creative channel. 

The seed of life is a sacred geometry that I decided to use as the logo. It can be found at the centre of an ancient pattern called the Flower of Life. 

The Seed of Life is formed from a relationship of 6 circles around one. In fact, 6 circles will ALWAYS fit exactly around a 7th circle of the same size. Each circle fits into this pattern like a lock and key, creating so much potential for possible geometric relationships which reveal the most fundamental shapes of Creation.


These 7 circles mirror our chakras, the colors of the rainbow & even musical scales! It forms a foundation upon which the infinite, fractal nature of life can be understood. 

High Strangeness

In 2011 I began recalling several occasions of missing time and being in places I couldn't remember getting to in my early childhood and adolescent years along with a deep desire to find out what the heck happened. 

I sought the help of a local hypnotherapist to help uncover the memories. These first sessions revealed an alternative reality to the one I thought I knew. 

It was revealed to me that I am a starseed and not long after the memories were uncovered my contact began with my star family through dream time and telepathic communications. 

Starseeds are old souls who have lived on other planets, galaxies and dimensions and they have incarnated on Earth at this time to seed a Higher Consciousness.

Many of the Awakened Starseeds are connecting with other planets, galaxies and dimensions through their higher consciousness. 

Each starseed has a unified field of Light that activates their merkaba, also known as a lightbody and this sends the signal wave to our Galactic brothers and sistars. As this wave gets sent out, we begin to sense, to feel, to hear or to see our star family. 

I started to regularly receive geometric codes that just seem to appear in my consciousness during special moments. I would get a snippet of information with the code to tell me what it was about but I always knew it was just a fragment to work with. 

The codes were always about consciousness. They interact with our consciousness in unique ways depending on our unique frequency. 


High strangeness at this point had become the day to day of my world and I went further down the rabbit hole! I took the red pill! 

In 2012 I began sharing a 5th dimensional ascension tool called ‘Arcturian Rainbow Healing’ which I shared with thousands of  Starseeds all over the world until 2016. Most of all this taught me more about Multidimensional Consciousness and what it means to have a Lightbody.

The Arcturians shared many concepts with me that seemed impossible at that time but over a decade later it has all come to pass. The reality they described, is indeed happening. 

We are all living in very exciting times. The energy of the world is shifting and human consciousness is ascending. And we Starseeds are here to assist in the process.

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Never stop dreaming

My dream time has always been active and very useful for my growth and development. I understand the language of my soul and it communicates with me through symbols in dream time. 

I am a Dream Walker and often I am told that I am in people's dreams. So many times, the astral world has connected me with a person in the 3rd dimension that needs guidance. It doesn't matter what dimension we resolve in, the work is deep. 

I have been busy in the astral realms for a long time and have found ways to navigate the dimensions by understanding sacred geometry.

The knowledge I gain from my travels is used to enhance my quality of life and it also gives me a much greater understanding of the underlying reasons why things happen as they do.

The more I astral travel the more I infinitely expand my knowledge of the cosmic realities in which all exists.

A journey with the plants

In a dream visitation from my Grandfather he told me to work with iboga and ayahuasca. It took many years, lots of research and preparation to find the right Shamans for me.  

I felt called in July 2015.

I set many intentions before working with ayahuasca, one of which was to create artwork that could help heal even more people. 

My first visions were of geometric patterns and a strong urge came not long afterwards to create mandalas. These soon became known as The Art of Meditation Mandalas, a tool for transforming consciousness. 

This journey has been transformative and grounded me into Present moment awareness. 

Painting mandalas has been such a profound journey of self-discovery, self-healing, empowerment and transformation. It has been my greatest tool to train my mind to be in Present Moment Awareness, from this space I have access to an infinite source of Creativity.

Everything came together when I began to think in terms of geometry.


The human language is so limited but geometry and numbers are a universal language.


For me, the circle is the shape of the cosmos and the womb. It carries within it the energy of completion, the energy of infinite potential and the energy of the Universe.

Many times when I am painting mandalas I start to hear number sequences and/or music. When I converted the numbers into music notes it was a tune, like a song the mandala is sharing with me and it was so beautiful and such a profound moment for me.

Up until that point I had not created music before. I have musical instruments like drums, rattles, and singing bowls. I had been using them for meditation and healing sessions with people for many years. I had never considered making music.

I believe as I sit in Presence I tap into an infinite and multidimensional cosmic field and I am manifesting visual representations of the music of the cosmos and when I tune into a person to paint for them I can hear their Soul Song and not only paint it as a visual, I can also allow people to hear the music of their soul. Their unique frequency/vibration. It's quite magical.

So much information comes when I paint for you and I share this in a typed reading for you to keep. 


The purpose of a soul song mandala is to shift our vibration to a higher frequency. It helps our brains open to the Gamma state, which connects multiple areas of our brain. Gamma waves are associated with increased memory recall, sensory perception, focus, processing speed, and creativity.

At the soul level they can help us REMEMBER our true essence as it activates healing emotionally and physically, connects to our innate wisdom, activates dormant gifts and truths, and aligns us to our purpose.

Geometry is the language of your Soul. At unconscious levels and in our hearts and cells, everyone is fluent in this language, as it is the primary form of communication throughout all of creation. 

Sacred Feminine Priestess Path

On 1st June 2019, I began working with the word ‘Goddess’ with my Spiritual Development Group. Little did I know what this was going to unravel!

In this group we would challenge ourselves to explore a word, activate our intuition and delve even deeper into our journey of Self awareness. Words are SO powerful and we can consciously use them to transform our lives. They inspire you to remember your truth. 

Part of exploring a word entails creating a mind map. This is an intuitive process of creating a visual diagram that allows us to explore the word as the starting point. It takes us on a journey that enables us to see our relationship and to find deeper meaning. 

As I began to really tune into and align with this energy, all kinds of events began to unfold in my life that had the ‘goddess’ theme and sacred feminine energy behind it. Of course, reflecting back, the Goddess has always been there, in my life, in my work, in my spirit. 

Then, I got to the 21st June 2019 Solstice alignment. I am 21 days into working with ‘Goddess’. I traveled to see a dear Goddess SiStar Ebba who gifted me with some treasures from her travels on a Magdalene Pilgrimage in the Pyrenees and her travels to Egypt that carried a sacred feminine energy. It felt like an activation when she did this. 

Then the next day, 22nd June 2019 Ebba and I went on a pilgrimage to Pilot Mountain, NC. The native Saura people called this mountain Jomeokee, which translates to the Great Guide or Pilot. 

Pilot Mountain sits on a convergence of several ley lines, which is a vortex. Supposedly the ley lines of Pilot Mountain align with Stonehenge. That made me feel good to know as my heart was missing England and our Solstice celebrations and traditions. 

You travel around the mountain in a spiral, you definitely feel inside of a vortex, time is gone, energy is boundless and you can feel the mountain talking to you. 

At the time, I had no idea what I was integrating. I just began to feel myself aligning with a lot of new information coming into my consciousness. Lots of triangle configurations. 

At first, I thought, oh cool, a card deck! Then, more and more information would come over the years, it just kept growing and evolving until in 2022 it turned into a full online mystery school. It was a mammoth project to birth. 

The Sacred Feminine Priestess Path Mystery School has been helping women to Remember their true authentic nature, achieve major transformations and create a life they’re truly excited about.

In this life-changing mystery school, I guide you through many proven ways to unlock Reconnect with the Amazing Woman that you are. My Sacred Feminine Priestess Path Mystery School will help you to Remember who you are on the fullest, most authentic, most real level without any pressure or time constraints.

This essential mystery school has helped hundreds of women of all ages/cultures/beliefs around the world. Each woman I connect with deepens my journey with the Sacred Feminine.

Exploring masculine and feminine energy has most certainly helped me become a Conscious Creator and understand more of what it means to be Human.

School of Psychic Arts

In 2022 just as I was completing the creation of the online mystery school my dear friend Jay got in touch and by the end of our conversation we committed to building an online psychic art school together. 

Jay was one of the original artists when I started the Our Psychic Art website, she is a phenomenal human being and makes painting so easy for you. 

Our School of Psychic Arts is a subscription for those who seek the space to explore their creative and psychic abilities. It is for all levels and explores all areas of psychic art!

Jay and I are two dedicated professionals together with over 40 years worth of experience who have spent years investing in our learning, setting up and offering our personal coaching to assist others on their journey of not only becoming Conscious Creators but also understanding the meaning behind their creations. 

Our school is already packed with tutorials for you to explore and we are always adding new content to keep your journey ever evolving. 

We help you to Discover Secrets To Creating A Life Of Alchemy Through Creativity.