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I had such fun creating this little guy! I have a thing for gnomes! The origin of gnomes is buried in legend and folklore. Making them extremely mysterious.Scultping always seems to tap into my inner child! Takes me right back to those playdough days! The days I could see the gnomes and hear the rocks, this is something I have had to recultivate.  As I created the gnome I remembered a broken selenite crystal pencil and realized it would be a great enforcement for the gnomes body. I am so happy I could give the crystal a new life and it certaintly makes the gnome even more magical as it vibrates with the selenite energy.The gnome told me its name is 'Soma'.  Mr Soma seems to really like the Amanita muscaria or the Fly Agaric mushrooms He loves all things fungi related and hangs around the edges of ponds and streams. Loves damp places.He spends most his days finding fungi, collecting crystals, communing with God and taking plenty of naps.  Gnomes can offer their protection and good luck! They will bless your home and garden.  Soma has been sculpted from clay, he is of the earth. In the centre of his body is a selenite crystal. He has been hand painted and sealed in resin.  Soma sits within a pond made from resin, infused with crystals and rocks that he loves.  This large coaster can house your favourite crystal or a nice cup of tea! It's up to you. Soma is a perfect buddy to have tea with though!Easy to clean too! Simply wipe with a damp cloth.

Soma the Gnome - Large Coaster

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