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This unique Gift Set has been designed to enhance your Meditation Experiences
MANDALA MUG - Art of Meditation Mandalas are hand painted by Frankey Craig. They share the principles of inter-connectedness and union. They provide us with a continuous reminder of our own relationship to the whole Universe. The colors and shapes in each mandala take us into a world of Feeling. Opening up your consciousness to the geometric patterns will spark your resonance/remembrance process. Mug is dishwasher (top rack) safe. Not suitable for microwaves.
RESIN GEODE COASTER - Beautiful handmade resin and gold/silver leaf coaster inspired by the natural patterns and formations of geodes. Simply wipe clean with warm water and mild liquid detergent.
LOVE TEA BLEND - Frankeys Organic, ethical and made with Love ingredients. Frankey sets intentions with the plant spirits to bring this powerful blend to you. Rose (to open your heart), Chamomile (to calm your mind) and Lavender (to protect your spirit). Add 1 teaspoon of tea blend (per cup) to your reusable cotton pouch and seep in boiling water for 2/3 minutes.
SAGE - A master at dissipating negative energy, great for aura cleansing, improving mood, and strengthening intuition. Sage also helps clear the mind which helps memory and focus.
CANDLE - Chakra Candle with Premium Healing Crystal. You can use a chakra candle to enhance your meditation, cleanse and balance the chakra and to promote wellness in body, mind and spirit.
Crown: Higher Consciousness & Divine Connection
3rd Eye: Intuition, Clarity & Imagination
Throat: Communication, Trust & Truth
Heart: Healing, Self-love & Unconditional Love for others
Solar: Self Esteem,Will power & Responsibility
Sacral: Creative, Emotions & Inner Child
Root: Safety, Security & Stability
DOWNLOAD MP3 CONSCIOUS BREATH GUIDED MEDITATION - You are invited to experience the moment with a guided meditation that is designed to bring you fully into the NOW where everything is possible! Download onto your devices so that you can listen at any time.

Art of Meditation Gift Set - Heart Chakra

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