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A beautiful hand painted mandala, on 12 x 12 inch canvas, sealed in resin for long lasting finish, signed by the artist.
  This color palette is inspired by my forest friends, the nymphs. Beautiful nature energies that are extremely intelligent and telekinetic.
  I live in the countryside of North Carolina with 3 acres of land around me. I am surrounded by trees and a forest. You will find me outside often when it's warm! I enjoy exploring and cultivating relationships with nature.
  The wood nymphs teach me how connected everything is in the forest. Sometimes they show me a web that connects many dimensions of existence.
  They show me underneath the forest floor and they are continuously educating me on the relationships across many species in nature.
  They have stories about the trees that will make you weep and songs about the mushrooms that make you laugh out loud!
  The wood nymphs are forever weaving their magic in the forest and invite us to Conscious Awareness so that we may tune into this subtle level of existence and experience the magic of life.
  Simply allowing our gaze to focus on the center of the mandala and letting ourselves be taken on a journey can give us insights into our own path and purpose.

Wood Nymph Mandala

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