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Why would you want to go on a Dream Journey with me? Guidance - Seeking a message that answers a question Clarity - Seeking a message that brings a new level of understanding Healing - Mind, body and soul Knowledge - To assist your spiritual development Passing down Cellular Memories - Your DNA reactivating to a fuller expression of your human template Clearing Imprints - Clearing past life and ancestry imprints that no longer serve your highest good People will come for this experience for a variety of reasons. Hidden within you are many buried memories. These memories are lessons, experiences, insights and the recording of your souls journey. Each of you is unique and will be drawn to this for your own reasons. This process works through your subconscious mind, thus triggering the appropriate actions to unfold for you to recognize, acknowledge, release or integrate. This kind of dreaming is different from other lucid dream and normal processing dreams because I always come back with a 'code'. A geometric symbol that is designed to activate you further in our journey together. Every code is different and will be interpreted for you. When you book a dream journey, we will agree a night to work together. On that evening before you go to sleep, you will listen to a short audio recording that I will have sent to you electronically. Within 24 hours, I will send you via email an audio recording of my dream that includes the symbology interpretation, the code and the code interpretation. The email will also include an electronic version of your code and the original artwork will be posted to your home address for you to keep. The artwork unlocks codes in your DNA and provides you with very deep spiritual, emotional and physical healing every time you look at it. I encourage you to meditate with it. Relax and open yourself up to receive the healing energies, gaze deeply into the image and allow the colors, vibrations and energies wash over and through you. For more information please visit http://www.ourpsychicart.com/dream-journ eys

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