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Plant Spirit Experience with Mugwort

Meeting the Spirit of Mugwort on a 4-week virtual journey.

Mugwort is a plant that introduces prophetic dreaming and inner wisdom giving you the ability to remember your innate intuition.

What’s Included:

Videos and Course Handouts

Vial of Organic Mugwort, & Candle 


• Mugwort’s Folklore, History and Medicinal Uses

• Understand with Plant Spirit Medicine

• Learn to Identify Mugwort

• Learn the difference of Ritual and Ceremony

• What and Why it’s important to use 5 Senses and Subtle Energies

• Create a traveling Altar and Understand the importance a Traveling altar

• Dreamtime with Mugwort

• How to brew your tea to sit in ceremony on the last week of Course

• Class is interactive which means you will have weekly assignments

• We will journey to connect with the spirit of Mugwort, experiencing an opening of the third eyes vision. This will create a personal and direct relationship with Mugwort for each of us. 


Stirring in the Psyche

My Mugwort journey begins with Sacred Wild Woman.

I received a package that included a beautiful canvas pouch with a vial of dried mugwort, a biodegradable tea bag, a stick of sage and a candle to assist my experience. 

The quality, presentation and special attention to details made this package even more special. I especially loved the affirmation on the tea bag. 

I have been so excited about doing this journey. LeAnne and I both share a love of nature and connecting with the consciousness of plants, trees, flowers and animals.

The thing that appealed most to me about doing this journey was the opportunity to work one to one with a plant. 

Working one to one allows me to really tune into its energy. To really honor the consciousness of the plant, give it Presence, give it time, listen to its wisdom, feel it in my body, allow the connection to unfold organically. 

All plants have powerful medicine and have teachings they are waiting to share. 

When I first started exploring making medicine with nature it was hard to decide where to start. I chose to let nature speak to me, to put the books down and get outside and be Present. It was not long after that I began to hear it speak.

I tune into the energy of the plant/flower/tree/animal and they tell me how to work with them. 

I do my research afterwards, like is this going to kill me if I ingest it lol. 

A friend of mine, Howard recently pointed out how normal and natural this is to hear nature speak. We can all do it with Presence.

When the pharmaceutical companies went to places like the Amazon to learn from the tribes about the medicine in the jungle they were amazed to hear that the shamans got their knowledge from listening to nature.

The connection with nature is something very deeply innate in each of us. 

I can feel lots stirring in my psyche as I begin to connect with mugworts energy. 


Intention Setting

After receiving my package from the Sacred Wild Woman for my Mugwort Plant Experience I felt drawn to begin working with Mugwort at bed time.

I have not grown mugwort before. I have been foraging around looking for it with no luck finding it yet.

Usually I prefer working with plants that I have grown or have foraged in nature. I feel they are most pure this way. I like to know the environment they have grown in and the energies they have come into contact with.

The next best option was to use a good quality organic dried mugwort and sit it on my altar for about a week as I set my intentions to invite Presence, connect with the consciousness of this plant, learn from it and honor the journey.

I feel this altar time and intention setting is important to me as it helps to really awaken the plant consciousness and my connection with it when I have not been there for its whole journey.

So I brewed my first bedtime mugwort tea blend and by happy chance I had the whole bed to myself that night. BLISS!!!

As I sipped my tea I was in present moment awareness. Detached from the thinking mind and witnessing each moment. Feeling the liquid in my mouth, feeling it go into my body, I thanked the plant and honored the journey it took to be in my cup. I loved that tea that would never ever be again but the plant now lives within me and it's consciousness is never ever gone.

During my dream time with mugwort I recall meetings and introductions. This was with the plant as I do not recall faces or any environment I was in. I can recall a great amount of LIGHT and a sense of a greeting.

I slept until 8am which is unheard of!!!! I’m sure it was the combination of not having my husband snoring or the dog constantly pushing me around whilst I sleep that I slept in several hours longer than usual and for sure I know it's because I travelled pretty far in my dream time.

I got a long night's sleep but I can’t say it was restful. I did have the feeling of a good night out though! I know I had a good time, I just don’t remember what I did! LOL


Week 1

Since drinking my first mugwort tea a week ago, I did not feel the need to drink it every night. My dreams have become so consistently vivid that I feel our connection was made through intention.

As my dream time has become so active and vivid (even more than normal) I have been feeling as if I am walking between worlds during my waking hours. I feel like there is a fine veil over everything and if I go beyond that veil I am peaking into multiple realities.

I am seeing orbs at night more often and I am seeing light and movement in my peripheral vision during the day more than usual.

The timing of me doing this journey is DIVINE. We just passed through the Harvest Moon and the Autumn Equinox. This time of year has always been a marker as a time that the veil begins to thin and a time of Transformation. 

This is a perfect time for LeAnne to launch her Plant Medicine School.

Mugwort consciousness is making me even more heightened and sensitive to these energies. She is showing me how I may be even more Free to Create without the limitations of the third dimensional world. This is done through Presence and working with my brain waves.

Gamma (γ)35 Hz - Concentration

Beta (β)12–35 Hz - Anxiety dominant, active, external attention, relaxed

Alpha (α)8–12 Hz - Very relaxed, passive attention

Theta (θ)4–8 Hz - Deeply relaxed, inward focused

Delta (δ)0.5–4 Hz - Sleep

I began working with my brain waves in 2011 after receiving teachings from my Arcturian friends. In 2011 I very frequently I would find myself on Lightships in dream time. I was learning so many things that were difficult to articulate, integrate and even harder to remember when I would tune back into radio earth. Thankfully, I was able to channel many of the experiences I was having through writing. This helped and at the same time I still didn't fully fathom the information. 

Over the years I have been integrating that wisdom and I can feel new levels of understanding emerging with Mugworts influence. 

It takes great practice to be conscious and aware I am in the third dimension while having theta wave activity. It is even more difficult while in delta wave consciousness. It is only possible to maintain delta waves when the higher self is fully in the Captain’s Chair.

I am taking many conscious breaths to anchor myself in the NOW.

I am consciously grounded and connected to Mother Earth's heartbeat.

I close my eyes often and free myself.

This week I have explored my 5 subtle senses in nature.

I have practiced reciprocity.

I have received an abundance of creativity and love.

All of the lesson videos that LeAnne has created have all been digestible and informative. I love how she includes PDFs as well as the video, so useful! She is offering such valuable wisdom whether you are beginner, intermediate or advanced in the realms of Plant Medicine.

This week's assignment was really fun to do and it opened up lots of creative flow!

Subtle Senses Exercise

Every plant, flower, tree, animal has consciousness. They are living Beings and should be honoured as such.

In Presence I am able to Witness nature and Connect with its ancient wisdom.

In Presence the individual consciousness of the plants, trees, flowers and animals all start to speak.

Nature wants to be seen and it becomes even more alive and interactive as we observe it. 

Reciprocity Exercise

When we honour, respect nature and her amazing generosity we tune into her abundant vibration. All of our needs are met.

I felt inspired to play the drum for my favourite tree. She is huge and beautiful and offers so much nourishment to the land. Her root system travels far and deep into the Earth. She is connected to all of her surroundings.

I played the drum to her roots so that the vibrations of the music could travel deep down into the Earth as an offering of gratitude for all that nature gives. 

There is an endless cycle happening when you give to nature, you will always receive balance because You are Nature. What you give to her, you give to yourself.  

Creativity Exercise

The inspiration for a creative project came directly from Bee Balm. I was drawing a blank on inspiration for something creative to do. I had ideas but they were not singing to my heart. It was very clear what I needed to do after connecting with Bee Balm. I used her beautiful leaves and did some leaf prints, I also did a little photography with my new camera and I created a video connecting with her consciousness for the first time in the subtle energies exercise. All of this was quite unexpected and absolutely wonderful. Bee Balm has been hugely inspiring. 

Integrating first week of Plant Spirit Experience with Mugwort.

Wow! Mugwort is absolutely Mind Expanding!

I have this sense of multiple realities, seeing things differently, tuning into subtle energies and observing communication on so many levels.

This week I had an experience of meeting ‘Guardians of the WatchTowers’. That’s how they introduced themselves to me anyway. I won’t label them however, each of them came from a different direction. So, I feel comfortable calling them Guardians of North, East, South or West.

I have worked with directions and elements for many years but I have never been formally introduced like this.

The Guardians represent all of existence. They each resonate with the four directions and the four elements. The fifth element is Spirit/ The Light that connects us all. These Guardians are our connection to all things that exist, they are part of the foundational building blocks of creation.

These Guardians don’t simply guard the directions. They are portal openers into other worlds and are enabling me to experience a multidimensional reality with the patronage of Mugwort.

It has become very clear to me that the many years I have spent learning about how the mind works and different levels and styles of communication were guiding me not only to understand myself, how I communicate, what my needs are, how I feel but also this wisdom translates into all Living Beings which has strengthened many of my relationships. Including nature.

Opening my awareness and honoring how I communicate has really transformed how I communicate with myself, with others and with the world around me.

I have been working with my own subtle energies through my psychic and mediumship development for 20 years and it felt so natural to apply to my connection with nature, I realize it is because I do it all the time.

Last year I spent the year doing yoga outside and I began to be able to hear insects, like a dragonfly eating a bug from several feet away. I was seriously attuning to the environment and also becoming more conscious with life, more Present in each moment and detaching from so many stories created by the mind.

The plants do speak to me and I am not joking, it's no exaggeration, they talk often. I hear them so clearly. I live on 3 acres of land next to a forest and the Cape Fear river so I am in solitude, surrounded by aliveness and nature is teaching me every single day. I am a child, open, innocent and trusting and she is guiding me.

This is why I feel reciprocity is so important. I receive so much from nature, I cannot help but want to give back to her all the time. I feel honored and my intention is to always give more than I take always.

When I was set a reciprocity exercise recently by Sacred Wild Woman, I thought about an offering of tobacco or some sage, I thought about a crystal grid or a mandala and then I took a deep conscious breath, I asked nature to guide me and almost immediately the music came. I used the steel tongue drum because she is new and I wanted to play with her and let nature feel the Joy of my Playing like a child. It was Joy that I offered, that's what I was expressing through the drum.

During the reciprocity exercise I did receive visuals from the tree, microscopic fractal visuals of her root system and all the connections with everything that was surrounding us, from the fungi to the huge trees nearby and she travels for miles around in every direction. She spoke to me about the river that I am worried about. The cape fear has poison in it, the houses in our area have been given bottled water but nature is not getting any help and I have been actively seeking ways to bring awareness and bring healing. She said she will help me with this.

I find it so hard to articulate what I am feeling and experiencing sometimes. I am getting so much better than I ever was. Expanding and exploring my communication skills really helps. Writing really helps. Nature really helps. 


Week 2

Week 2 of the Plant Spirit Experience with Sacred Wild Woman and Mugwort has been deep! I can feel the mugwort energy opening my channels of communication exponentially. 

My dreams have been so informative. I am not drinking or taking mugwort. I am simply inviting the consciousness of this plant to connect with me and in Presence I am witnessing her. 

I feel like she got many of the files on communication I had buried in my subconscious and made them into digestible notes that are now conscious knowledge. Does that make sense?! I am remembering so much of what I already knew. Like it's been integrated on a new level.

I have done some shadow work this week with mugwort too. Reflecting upon patterns and Feeling all the Feels underneath them. Humbling and truly Empowering. I am so grateful.

‘’The inverted self is not a negative. She is there to balance us out. The only time she becomes a negative is when we are not aware that we are resisting and denying her’’. - Sacred Feminine Priestess Path

This week I have been exploring travelling altars with the Plant Spirit Experience. It has been such a wonderful opportunity and I am so excited to share my altar with you. I haven't had an opportunity to write about my altar since my Goddess Deck in 2011.

I have had an altar for over 20 years. It is my anchor to this realm and a portal to others. I began using it with full moons, solstices and equinoxes. I have built on that as I learnt more about astronomy and astrology.

Having an altar has been a tool to help me create an intentional life. It reminds me of what's truly important and grounds me in the here and Now where everything is filled with infinite potential.

Over the years the altar evolved with me. It has been on a shelf, fireplace, sideboard, table and many more places within my many homes. It is always my favourite area in the house. 

Right now, my home altar is a unit in the corner of my living room. I love to sit here. I play with my instruments, I add fresh flowers, I tune into my crystals and give thanks for all the energies that support me. This is where I set daily, weekly, monthly intentions. Everything has meaning personal to me. The mandala that sits above is one that I have hand painted and carries a special frequency that energizes my mind, body and spirit. It amplifies all of my intentions. 

In 2019 I made my first wooden portable altar. This is made from birch wood and is 12x12 inch diameter. Birch wood is very cleansing and purifying. Some of the things birch symbolizes is rebirth, renewal and diligence.

The Birch tree is connected to the moon's influences, you will see that I have put the lunar phases into the design using silver leaf. This also supports my lunar work. I have also incorporated stars next to the moons as a symbol of light in the darkness.

The Moon does a sacred dance that unfolds in even, rhythmic cycles mirroring the cycles of our body, the cycles of the harvest and growth of plants and trees, all cycles of life are influenced by her transitions.

Birch is an amazing ally of mine for protection, especially psychic protection. She also supports multidimensional journeys. Birch is my guardian, she keeps me safe.

I chose a midnight blue for the background of the altar. For me, it represents the Sky (day and night), the heavens and the multiverse.

Starting with the frame of the altar, you can see the four directions on the middle of each side. North at the top and going around clockwise to East, South and West. These honour the Guardians of each direction in Gold Leaf.

As we come inwards we can see the elements in each corner in beautiful silver leaf.

Starting at the top left is the element of Air which is symbolized by an upward facing triangle with a line through the top.

Then top right is the element of Water symbolized by a downward facing triangle.

Bottom left is the element of Earth symbolized by a downward facing triangle with a triangle through the top.

And on the bottom left is the element of Fire which is symbolized by an upward facing triangle.

As you allow your focus to come inwards you will see the 4 circles next to each element symbol. This is for me to place my sacred objects that correspond to each element.

Now we come inward with our focus again to the mandala and you will see each corner is a different colour and those colours resonate with each element.

Top right corresponds with the water element and the colour blue.

Bottom right is red and resonates with the element of fire.

Bottom left is the colour green and aligns with the element of earth.

Top left is the element of air which resonates with the colour yellow.

Now we come back to the points of the mandala. These point us towards the compass directions. The Guardians.

The top point is red, it points to the north and you will see that it corresponds to the winter with the tree beneath it.

Then yellow points to the east and is connected to the season of spring illustrated by the tree.

The white points to the south and the season of summer illustrated by the tree.

The west direction corresponds with the colour black and the season of autumn illustrated by the tree.

As we come inwards with our focus we notice those seasons, the different cycles of life as we explore each of the tree illustrations in greater depth. These illustrations bring me a great sense of comfort and trust in my own cycles.

And one more time, we allow our focus to come inwards, to the centre of the mandala. To me, my true essence, my authentic nature symbolized by a silver leaf Goddess who is connected to all things.

Great intention has gone into the creation of this portable altar. It is infused with sacred energy that is very personal to me.

This altar has an enormous amount of power and it allows me to open portals wherever I want and has taken my connection with nature to new levels.

It lives on my indoor altar when I am not using it travelling.

Another place I enjoy taking the portable altar is outside in my garden where I have a permanent outdoor altar platform that is always honouring nature. This is where all the birds gather, the squirrel families and rabbits visit. Many other creatures come to eat, get water and shelter if needed too. This is where I make my offerings. It is so easy to be able to take my altar and my most sacred items with me.

Sacred Travelling Objects

Abalone Shell

First, I have my strong abalone shell that I use when I am burning herbs. I usually have a stick of sage and a stick of palo santo. I place this one the circle that corresponds to the element of air. Any of the sacred herbs burnt on this point will be filled with intention and meaning. 


I find feathers almost every day so I collect them and one day plan on making my own feather smudge stick with them all. Right now, a woodpecker has been communicating with me so I have one of his feathers that also symbolizes the element of air and it will sit next to my abalone shell. 


A candle sits on the point that corresponds with the element of fire. Sometimes I change the colour of this candle but mostly I keep it simple and white. White contains all the colours and is cleansing. It represents the beautiful white light I have experienced so many times in the astral realms. 

Masculine & Feminine

Two round wooden altar coasters that are pretty old now but they will always sit on my altar. One represents the sun and masculine energy and the other is the moon/venus feminine energy.

The masculine sits on top of the fire element of my altar and I place my candle on top.

The feminine sits on top of the water element of the altar and I place my water tincture, turtle totem and a small bottle of shells on top that all symbolize the element of water. 

The water tincture is also used as an offering when needed.


Turtle is one of my totems. She is the one that I swim with in different realities so she is always with my travelling altar.  She brings me good luck, healing and protection. She helps me to access other worlds and helps me to trust all of my senses. My turtle totem is breaking out of her shell to symbolize all the rebirths and transformations I am capable of. 


I have three crystal points that travel with me. Rose Quartz, Smokey Quartz and Red Jasper. These crystals all have their own unique qualities. They have consciousness and they amplify my intentions. Sometimes I create a crystal grid on my altar and the mandala serves me wonderfully for this. With my crystals sits a piece of meteorite that was found in the Egyptian desert by a friend of mine. It's pretty heavy! It has been out in space but it is fully grounded on Earth now. It anchors me and so it joins my crystals on the earth element point of my altar. 

Sacred Herbs

Included on my portable altar are a jar of mixed herbs and flowers that make a wonderful offering. I have a pouch that carries tobacco in the jar too. 


An apple is very sacred to me, it symbolizes nourishment. Avalon translates to The Isle of Apples, this is a time place that is significant to me. It signifies my connection to the Goddess of the land. When you cut an apple across it has a pentacle star at the core. This five-pointed star in a circle was the Egyptian hieroglyph for the underworld womb of transformation. Avalon is such a place of transformation. It is a reality that lives through the veil of this one. 

All of these sacred objects come together in union when they sit on my portable altar. The whole thing is a grid of sacred energy that creates an amazing portal that guides and protects my work.

I am so grateful for this opportunity given by the plant spirit experience to really enforce all of the intentions I have set within my altar. This assignment given by Sacred Wild Woman has invited me to connect on an even deeper level with my sacred objects.

I will continue to use my altar in so many ways. For transformations my own life, for the healing of others, for the healing of Earth and the collective. It is my anchor to this world and a portal to others. 


Week 3

The Sacred Wild Woman Week 3 Plant Spirit Experience with Mugwort has been super duper intense and has brought enormous amounts of clarity and new perspectives.

This week I have delved deeper into dream time with Mugwort and for the first time I was inspired to take my portable altar to bed, do a full ceremony and drink the tea for a dream time journey.

I am eternally grateful for this experience and for the new levels of connection I am feeling with my portable altar. I will certainly be using it for more dream time ceremonies. 

Since the very start of this Plant Spirit Experience journey Mugwort has been whispering to me about communication. ALL communication and her spirit is encouraging me to dig deeper and fine tune my awareness of all the many levels of communication that are happening at any given time. Individually, interpersonally, culturally and collectively.

I have been tuning into verbal, physical, auditory, emotional, energetic, non verbal communications and subtle energy communications.

Tuning into these different levels of communications also connects me to multiple realities and dimensions.

During my dream time with mugwort she made it clear that I need to communicate my feelings more openly and freely to be able to  cultivate the authenticity in relationships that I truly desire.

She showed me how repressed feelings move in my body. This is part of an ongoing lesson I am learning this year. I have been physically feeling my emotions that build up and I can tell you that it is not fun. It feels like being in a pressure cooker.

My breath is my anchor, it always brings me back to the here and now. It allows me to let the feelings move through me unhindered.

My breath enables me to become more aware when I am allowing emotions to build up so that I don’t explode or implode. I am reprogramming outdated patterns that no longer serve me. They have been my protection for a long time so I am being gentle with myself.

Another ongoing lesson I am delving deeper into this year with Keela Rafanas Source Course is the cultivation of awareness, Presence, honouring the Witness, allowing my essence to shine. This lesson is enabling me to observe my mind more often and detach from the constant mind stream. Not always. More often than ever before though.

I notice that my mind can easily be triggered and some stories are easier to detach from than others. It’s the mind that gets me anxious and conflicted. Then my body begins to physically react to that with palpitations, short breaths, nausea, shaking and lightheadedness.

Mugwort during dream time was really bringing insights into all that I have been learning about communication/authenticity/presence.

The next morning after my dream time I realized I will choose to honor my needs and communicate my feelings.

I am so blessed to have the opportunities to cultivate conscious communication and reciprocity in many of my relationships this year which enabled me to have authentic communication that was incredibly healing and nurturing. I am truly soul grateful for that experience.

Mugwort has really brought clarity to my studies of the mind and various studies on communication. She is aligning me with my Divine Truth.

I am deeply grateful for the journey. 

Lastly, I just want to share that Mugwort has been drawing my attention to the underground network that thrives beneath the forest floor which has inspired me to create the video below. 

 We invite you next time you’re exploring nature to consider what lies below the soil, leaves, and moss that carpet the ground.


Week 4

I am still integrating Sacred Wild Womans week 4 Plant Spirit Experience with Mugwort.

One of the things I have enjoyed about this journey has been the opportunities to connect as a circle and share our experiences. I call this circle ‘’my plant tribe’’.

The last virtual circle that was held was a wonderful ceremony where Sacred Wild Woman took us on a journey and introduced us to the spirit of Mugwort.

I prepared my altar and had three totems with me. Dragon, Owl and Turtle.

Dragon watched over me the entire time, in every dimension.

As I got myself ready to journey and drank my tea in Presence I began feel pressure building at the base of my skull, it travelled upwards and then I began to feel a current running through my spine. I had to take a breath and ask the plant to calm the energies down as I was feeling like a rocket about to take off!!!! From that point onwards the whole experience was very gentle. 

Owl guided me to begin with, I hoped on his back as we travelled to the underworld. 

Mugwort began by taking me through many root systems at a subatomic level where all I could see were fractals, webs and spirals that were all interconnected.

It was dark, I could smell the dampness, I could smell decay and I was taken through the process of everything that dies on the forest floor and how it filters through all the layers of soil over time giving many vital nutrients to the earth. I could appreciate the necessity of death in the grander cycle of life. 

The fungus and moss create their own subterranean network. The fungus root system is known as Mycelium which is a network of fine white filaments (hyphae). They look like tentacles to me.

Moss doesn’t have roots. Instead it has thin root-like growths called rhizoids (like fine hairs) that help anchor them. The mosses are also a vital part of this underground network.

Mugwort shared that all of nature plugs into this underground network. It’s one big communication system that's free for all to use.

Nature practices its own reciprocity as it shares resources and information through their underground network.

All of nature behaves as a single organism, as ONE. What happens to One, happens to the Whole. 

All connected to this communication network are in a mutually beneficial relationship. They all work towards the greater good of the collective.

As I left this deep, dark, amazing network I began to travel through dimensions, the energy vibration shifting fluidly like waves, just peeling back. I felt a great sense of travelling between worlds with ease. Mugwort is a gatekeeper and portal opener.

I was surrounded by UltraViolet light. I could see atoms forming and joining into vesica piscis. Sometimes I would see a giant eye, I saw a mouth that was beautiful and also not human and I had some visuals of Greek feminine sculptures.

I kept travelling, further and further and further until I came upon the spirit of mugwort in a feminine form, so beautiful. Her light, her features, her hair and presence is incomparable. Her body looked more like a nervous system made of light. The movement, the fluidity, the brilliance of the ethereal energy was quite a sight to witness.

I felt clarity from her and gratefully received a gift that was meaningful. 

Message from Mugwort 

‘’We are Earth.

We are Nature.

We are ONE Organism.

We are Connected.

Invite Conscious Communication.

We are ONE. ’’

My turtle totem guided me back on this journey. I really didn't want to come back. I could have happily stayed! I had made I promise I would so I did. 

After that journey I did not quite feel ‘here’ and truly I feel like I am simply still integrating everything that happened in that experience because I know for sure I couldn’t remember everything at once.

It all continues to unfold in so many meaningful ways that are inviting a deeper Remembrance of my True Nature.

Here is a digital illustration of Mugwort's Spirit as I experienced her. 

I highly recommend that if you are feeling called to work with plant spirits or mugwort that you head over to Sacred Wild Womans Plant Spirit Experience for an amazing and transformative journey.

Sacred Wild Woman, LeAnne Feliciano and I continue to cultivate a relationship based upon the principles of nature. Please Subscribe to this website for more updates on our alliance. 

I am deeply grateful to LeAnne for holding space for me as I have journeyed with Mugwort over the last 4 weeks, may she receive back tenfold all that she has given. 

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