Rainbow Starseed

Greetings Starseed!

I have been recalling experiences with Beings from our Universe, other dimensions and Universes for many years now. 

I am going to really consolidate my experiences for a moment, just to give you an idea of the journey I have been on to reach this point. 

Also, FYI, the whole time I have been on this ride, it has been absolutely filled with synchronicities that are simply Divine. One thing after another has guided me along this invisible path. Just when I feel the trail is cold, some invisible force propels me forward once again. 

After going down the rabbit hole and awakening, I never looked back. 

It all began in 2011 when I began to remember several occasions of missing time as a teenager. I really didn't know what to think or expect, I only knew that I needed to find out what happened in those hours I could not account for. 

I found a hypnotherapist who helped me uncover and work through some highly strange memories and not long after I began being telepathically contacted by Arcturians and then by many others. 

When they were not communicating telepathically, they were visiting me in my dream time and sometimes I was physically taken.  

By 2012 I was unlocking language within me and a whole healing modality that I shared with many people for several years.

It was amazing to connect with a huge network of Starseeds that can still be found on my Facebook Page 


During those years of sharing the Arcturians modality I was also receiving lots of education from my Galactic family about what a 5th dimensional Earth would look like and how to get there. 

It took me many years to truly receive that education and integrate it. I really feel like I have been given space and time in between to digest the enormous amounts of information they have been sharing. 

People ask me why I do not teach the Arcturian Rainbow Healing anymore. The answer is simple. It has served its purpose and I am so grateful. 

It went quiet for several years and then out of nowhere during the Summer of 2018 I received a light language code telepathically. It had instructions with it, to be standing within certain degrees of the sun at dawn or dusk during a waning moon. Its purpose was for connecting with Saturn. I checked the moon phase and I had time to do it and without me even planning it, one evening my dog was bugging me to go outside after her dinner. 

I’m standing by the pool 22 degrees east of the sun going down, during a waning moon, unconsciously, watching the sun through the trees when all of a sudden, BAM, it was like taking lsd! Colours galore! I heard the word “activated”. I had to shut my eyes but the visuals kept coming. So many images and so many colours. Oh the colours, the hues of purples and pinks just magnificent. Then, I opened my eyes and the sun had hit the pool. I swear to god, it was like an open portal. 

At this point my body is vibrating so much that I am totally outside of it. Like, my consciousness is looking at my own body standing there. 

I’m looking at this reflection of the sun in the pool and inside of the light was a glimpse of another world! I saw maybe, hundreds of Beings walking down some kind of staircase to greet me. I couldn’t make out faces, just shapes. They all had the energy of ascended masters. I just knew I felt surrounded by highly evolved Beings and felt very Safe. 

They showed me another world. They showed me exactly what a 5th dimensional civilizations look like. How they function and the way life is lived. 

When the sun got low enough, the portal closed. I stumbled back to the house, the ground wasn’t quite solid. I saw a leaf on the floor, it was there and it wasn’t. It kept fading in and completely out of focus. Like two worlds overlapping. Vibrant green orbs followed me back inside. 

The, the following Summer, 2019, after a trip to Pilot Mountain, NC for a sacred pilgrimage, I began to receive an entire series of light language codes to work with sacred feminine energy. 

Those codes came with so much information that they have since grown into an initiation journey, that I offer to women. 

Again, I have been given time to integrate those experiences. It was overwhelming and again, I cannot emphasize enough about how much information there is to absorb. 

Now, in 2020, I am being contacted again with a message to Unite Starseeds and provide them with tools and resources for Contact. 

I feel like many of us have had time to integrate and are ready for Contact with our Galactic Brothers and SisStars who are ever so patiently awaiting us. 

Through this webpage you will be able to navigate your way to my tools and resources for your Contact experiences. 

If you have any questions at all, please feel contact me. 

Check out the Rainbow Starseed Playlist on my Youtube Channel