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Rainbow Starseeds

Starseeds are old souls who have lived on other planets, galaxies and dimensions. 

They have incarnated on Earth at this time to seed a 5th Dimensional Consciousness. 

Greetings Starseed!

My story of recalling experiences with Beings from our galaxy, different star systems and higher dimensions has been going on for many years now.

I was born in the South East of London and spent all of my childhood and teenage years in Kent. I now reside in North Carolina with my husband and fur children.

In 2011 I began recalling several occasions of missing time and being in places I couldn't remember getting to in my early childhood and adolescent years along with a deep desire to find out what happened. I sought a local hypnotherapist to help uncover the memories. These first sessions revealed an alternative reality to the one I thought I knew.

A long story short.... It was revealed to me that I was a starseed and not long after the memories were uncovered contact began with my star brothers and sisters.

High strangeness has become the day to day of my world.

In 2012 I began sharing a 5th dimensional ascension tool called ‘Arcturian Rainbow Healing’ which I shared and taught to countless people all over the world.

Every year, usually around solstices and equinoxes I am given new light language codes through telepathic communication and dream time.

Each symbol has infinite meaning and would take more than an 1000 encyclopedias to translate.

Light language carries encodements for frequency healing, activating DNA, for toning, meditating, aligning and REMEMBERING our DIVINITY.

It comes from the stars...from where we came from and still are. It comes from other aspects of self in other realms and times and places. From past Earth cultures and current Star cultures.

I often understand the gist of the symbol – and it's "gift" - as I create, and I often get an almost direct translation of the sounds when they are spoken.

Sometimes I just get the general "feel" of what it's about. And sometimes I don't have a clue - I just "do" as I'm moved to.

The light language makes us FEEL.

It is fun to use, sometimes delightful, moving, awesome and always beneficial. It activates communication at a deep and profound level.

The Language of Light is the language of your Soul. At unconscious levels and in the heart and cells, everyone is fluent in this language, as it is the primary form of communication throughout all of creation. You need not and probably will not consciously understand this divine language for it to be effective.

I am here as Planetary Healer, Earth Ambassador, Code Seeder and Guide for Starseeds.

Through this webpage you will be able to navigate your way to my starseed tools and resources .

Starseed Support & 

Activation Sessions

This is approximately 90 minute session that can be done in zoom. 

This is an invitation to align with your highest visions of yourself.  

I am here to listen.

I am here to act as a bridge.

I am here to help you integrate your experiences.  

I am here to cast light on shadows.

I am here to LOVE.

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Galactic Contact Meditation

''Change is necessary and is unfolding on a grand scale, freeing humanity individually and collectively from the constraints of fear, of suffering, and of ego, and what we urge you to understand and consider is that your choices as an individual are valid and powerful in creating a shift in the collective whole''.

Arcturian Council

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