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Frankey Craig 

International Facilitator, Guide, Coach 
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Greetings and welcome! 

I am eternally blessed and grateful for your visit to this page and for your interest in your spiritual unfoldment and evolution.

I have been consciously working on my own spiritual development every single day since 2008. Over the years many different tools, people, places, books, websites, articles, documentaries, workshops, retreats, art, animals, sounds, plants, minerals and much more have assisted my evolution and every shift of consciousness.

My spiritual development is extremely important to me. It gives me meaning and purpose in this life. I begin each day with meditation, yoga and breathwork, a special time that I give to myself, to be in gratitude, set intentions, be with the Creator and explore my inner world. For the rest of my day, I will live ‘presently’, no matter what I am doing or where I am, I observe my inner and outer worlds which allow me to acknowledge the messages I am receiving from the Universe that will assist my blossoming.

Since I have become more intune with myself and the energy around me I have most definitely become more and more empathic, intuitive, even mediumistic at times. I have tapped into all of my Clair Senses, which, are types of psychic abilities that correspond with our five senses of seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling and tasting. I am extremely telekinetic and have had many experiences of telepathy. I explore the dream world with people all of the time and have gained much insight from doing so.

I have a huge toolbox of knowledge and wisdom that I bring with me when I work with you! I am a qualified Reiki Master, Hypnotherapist, Metatronia Therapy Attuned, Light Ray of Compassion Attuned and completed a Mediumship, Mysticism and Prophecy Course in 2008 with Mavis Pittilla at the Arthur Findlay College. I attended a physical circle once a week for over a year and was a part of a weekly and monthly psychic development group back home in England. I have studied Astrology, Colour Therapy, Ayurveda, Shamanic Wisdom and Healing, Sound Healing, Tarot, Aromatherapy, Meditation, Yoga, Runes, Homeopathy, Feng Shui, Crystal Therapy,  Astrology, Numerology, Psychology, and many other subjects of interest.

I have been working with so many people since 2008 when I began Our Psychic Art. I love being a part of people's spiritual journey and for them to be a part of mine. It is such an honour.

Each and every person is unique, you all need different things at certain times. My job is to be intune with those needs and to provide you with all the assistance I can offer for your spiritual development.

Spiritual development is a process of awakening to your divinity, raising consciousness and exploring Universal Truths. It is an ongoing journey of shedding many layers of our concepts, thoughts, beliefs and ideas that no longer serve our highest good, and as we do this, we become much more conscious, intune and aware of our inner being and our power as Creators.

Ask yourself, what do you want next in your life? So much is possible when we set intentions together! Perhaps you wish to open up your intuitive abilities more, seek guidance with a specific goal or challenge?

Perhaps you have serious life challenge you seek understanding and guidance with? Loss, grief, illness, death, I have found that our greatest shifts in consciousness can be during these times.

All levels are welcome! If you are totally new to this or an old hat at it, I believe we are all teachers for each other no matter how far along we are on our individual paths. I would love to be a part of your spiritual journey and would welcome the opportunity to work with you.

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October 2018 Webinar
Ebba Karlsson

Author of Amazon Best Seller 'True Starlight'

Wednesday 24th October 2018.

Webinar Starts at 11:11am for 90 minutes

Ebba will be joining us for a Live Webinar to talk about the spiritual journey that led her to writing her Amazon Best Selling Book, True Starlight.

I have read her wonderful book many times and I am honored to be a part of her journey as much as she is a part of mine.

The conversations and experiences that Ebba and I have had over the years that we have known each other have been shifting our consciousness since they began. We both feel enormous gratitude to be able to share with an audience of other like-minds.

Ebba is an extremely empowering, strong woman, a leader, who with great determination explores the mysteries of life through her journey of deep discovery. She has an enormous heart.  I’ve told her on many occasions how I love to live vicariously through her. She is so ALIVE and is always open to following her heart.

I hope you will join us for the LIVE broadcast! 

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Subscribers who have missed the Live Webinar will be sent a link to the video to watch in their own time afterwards.

Please check out Ebbas website where she also provides True Star Coaching and Transformation


You can book a Free Strategy Session with her TODAY!

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Webinar Dates 

Wednesday, Oct 24 at 11:11 AM - 12:41 PM