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Chakana Mandala

I have been exploring sacred geometry more this year and have been challenging myself to understand these geometric patterns on a deeper level.

A project I have been working on is a course designed for people to explore the sacred geometry of the 7 major chakras. The exploration of each chakra has taken me on a deep dive into my own chakras and it's been a serious healing journey so far.

As I completed the heart chakra, a client commissioned me to do this andean cross/chakana for him and I realized this was a key to explore the throat and higher chakras.

So, I began my research into the cross. I had explored this symbol with the same client in the past when I created a pendant for him so I wasn’t unfamiliar. This time I really concentrated on the sacred geometry, the exact and perfect way of drawing this symbol.

You can see this in the center. The lines within the Andean Cross is the sacred geometric pattern that creates the entire symbol and to me, it is a map to assist navigation of the Lower, Middle and Upper Worlds.

Hanan Pacha: the upper world of the stars, celestial beings and gods

Kay Pacha: the middle world of Mother Earth and human life

Uqhu Pacha: the lower world of the underworld and death

The central hole represents the portal from one tier to the next, and the Eye of God.

The entire symbol additionally represents the cyclical year, with each of the twelve corners corresponding to a month.

The four 'cross' arms represent:

the four directions of the compass,

the four 'classical elements' of earth, air, water and fire,

the four main stars of the Southern Cross

The Andean cross is believed to have power if constructed to a very precise and sacred geometric formula and I believe this firmly now having gone through the process!

Chakana is a symbol of the collective unconscious which is mainly a map for complete spiritual development.

I am eternally grateful for this opportunity to work with this holy symbol and for all of the wisdom it has offered.

Commission your own Soul Song Mandala!

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