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Awaken the Goddess Within

Discover what goddess is guiding you

Every woman can connect with their Spiritual Goddess (Even if you think you cannot connect or visualize them)

Have you ever wanted to see what your personal Goddess looks like?


What do they want to tell you?


Join us as we take you through a gentle journey of your personal self-discovery and inner awareness.

Sit with our two professionals as you:


Watch your goddess being painted to life in front of you


Receive a deeply connected message from your goddess


Have a reading to support you on your next steps within your personal journey

Meet the Facilitators

We are dedicated to providing a transformative experience through Goddess Guidance. 

Our mission is to empower and enlighten individuals on their journey of self-discovery and inner awareness.

With our unique approach, we aim to awaken the goddess within you. Our facilitators are experienced professionals who are committed to delivering exceptional service and guidance.

Join us on this extraordinary journey of self-exploration and spiritual growth.

Girl with Arms Stretched Out

Why is it important as a woman to embrace your femininity?

Self Acceptance & Empowerment

Embracing femininity allows women to fully accept and appreciate themselves as they are. It helps build self-confidence and self-esteem, leading to a greater sense of empowerment.

Authenticity & individuality

Embracing femininity allows women to express their true selves and embrace their unique qualities and strengths. It encourages them to be authentic and embrace their individuality, rather than conforming to societal expectations.

Wellbeing & Self Care

Embracing femininity emphasises the importance of self-care and prioritising one’s well-being. It encourages women to take care of their physical, mental, and emotional health, leading to a more balanced and fulfilling life.



1 hour zoom session.

Option to purchase your original painting
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