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If you’re needing a safe space, where you feel loved, supported and heard , you’ll be joining us in this Free Online Circle. 

Meet Frankey Craig

Frankey is a Creative Channel and has been cultivating a powerful movement on Earth for spiritual entrepreneurs for almost two decades.

Since 2019 Frankey has been helping women to Remember their true authentic nature, so that they may achieve major transformations and create a life they’re truly excited about.

In her life-changing mystery school, Frankey will guide you through many proven ways to unlock Reconnect with the Amazing Woman that you are.

Her Sacred Feminine Priestess Path Mystery School will help you to Remember who you are on the fullest, most authentic, most real level without any pressure or time constraints.

This essential mystery school has helped hundreds of women of all ages/cultures/beliefs around the world, and it is yours to access at any time. 

An experience for those who enjoy Smaller Groups, Intimacy and Authentic Connection.

Our circles cover a broad range of subjects that relate to the Human Experience and assist us in exploring the journey of womanhood.

We occasionally have special circle guests that join us to share their amazing journeys and all the wisdom they have gained.

If you are open and ready to dive deeply into your emotions, attitudes, and behaviors; you will be rewarded for your sacred work and see great transformations.

We will work with cards, teachings and light language codes from the Sacred Feminine Priestess Path Deck during this circle and we will explore what is rising in you….

Circles are small and intimate. Every woman has a chance to speak, share her wisdom and make authentic connections.

Circles last for up to 90 minutes.

All circles are recorded and uploaded to the Sacred Feminine Priestess Path Mystery School. You can enroll for Free at the Mystery School and access our Circle Library.

Upcoming Live Circles

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20th  February 2023



21st March 2023



20th April 2023


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