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Testimonials & Feedback

Frankey Craig

What Frankey's clients are saying

Frankey, who you are to me in the world is an authentic immaculate holder of sacred space for the Divine Mother to flow through...whenever I’m in your presence what I feel in my body is calm, grounded, my heart space lights up and expands...

Beth Brown, USA

I have been a customer of Frankey's for several years and she never fails to impress me with her talents. Recently I asked her to design a banner for me for an expo I will be attending and the finished product is more then I expected. She puts her energy and blessings into everything she does. She is my go to person for any art or design work.

Hawkeye, USA

Frankey, I experience a soul who has a multitude of wisdom and talent. Always having a desire to connect with community and creating space for magic, wisdom and change to happen within, one on one and as a collective. Grateful for the energy you put out into the world and the opportunities given to create magic together.

LeAnne Feliciano, USA

Frankey, I see a beautiful tall, talented, caring, sharing, positive, creative woman. In your presence I feel accepted. I am grateful for sharing your art with me & encouraging me to continue. I always look forward to seeing you.

Linda Salazar Keel, USA

Some time ago you created a beautiful work of art for my beloved Stef. It holds pride of place on a wall that I rebuilt with my own hands... A stone wall that was previously a derelict part of an old abandoned farmhouse in Portugal. We live there now... Bringing new life into a neglected paradise. Your artwork rightfully sits where once there was nothing but a fallen down ruin... A possibility, an idea that somehow what was lost could, with enough care, be rebuilt and restored to its pristine origins.

Tonight we illuminated your work of psychic art and celebrated its beauty and honesty. The wall that wasn't there before is now our bedroom wall. Beautiful souls appeared to help recreate this space of love. Stef and I are so grateful for the love and care you put into her painting. It is like a celebration of her soul. Utterly priceless.

So yeah I just wanted you to feel how much joy, recognition and reconnection your art has given us.

We have been here four years now. In 2017 the fire swept through our newly acquired farm, obliterating everything but also stripping everything back to its bare bones, revealing its structure and its hidden gems - especially a spring that was previously lost, that now provides us with pure living water from which we gain so much life!

Stef fell off a balcony I hadn't finished building and broke her ribs and back. Within 12 months she has largely healed herself and a huge part of that has been through earthing... We now walk barefoot most of the time.

We have planted hundreds of trees and have a dog, Sunshine, who escaped from her prison and found us as a puppy. She is now our pride and joy.

Frankey, I suspect that you will totally get how miraculous life is. Its twists and turns are staggeringly beautiful, sometimes devastating but always so full of promise.

Above all we just want to honour you right now, because you are with us through your art and your heart.

What you do truly makes a difference.

Thank you

Thank you

Gareth & Steph, Portugal

This is a gift from my mother who passed on May 6th...

My mom gave me some money for Christmas... I held onto it until early 2020... I decided to commission Frankey Craig to do a mandala for me. Long story but it took a few months for the mandala to be completed. My mom passed away May 6... I told Frankey I felt strongly that Mom was sending me one last gift with this mandala.

If anyone knows my mother Iris, they know she was the ‘Penny Lady’... she collected pennies for what she called her Penny Mission fund. People saved their pennies and gave them to her in bagful's. She donated the money she collected to church charities.

I received my mandala this week from Frankey. I was so excited to see it because I told Frankey I did not want to see it until it was finished because I wanted to be surprised. The first thing I saw as I pulled it out of its packaging was the big copper ‘Penny’ in the center of the mandala. I laughed and cried at the same time... this was so a gift directly from my mom!

Frankey had no idea about the pennies as she was making my mandala. She paid attention to her guidance and the timing was impeccable - my mother was alive when she started and passed away during the making of it. Frankey was tuned into the fact a process was happening that she needed to honor and let it happen in divine timing.

What I know for sure:

- Loved ones who have crossed over communicate and send you gifts from the other side if you are open to paying attention and receiving.

- Love is eternal... My connection with my mom is now in some ways better than ever.

- If you want a super special gift for yourself or someone you love, commission Frankey Craig to do a mandala for you...

Thank you Frankey... I cherish this mandala and the journey with you... You are one gifted loving beam of light!

Jackie Burleson, USA

Frankey, thank you so truly much for the inner Iabyrinth mandala. I was home late last night and waited to hang it today before leaving for work.

In an odd coincidence, I am reading a series about losing pieces of yourself in a twisted kingdom and how things must come in the correct order to be righted. The mandala brings me clarity of why I may have overlooked lol. It is breathtaking and giving.

While my husband was luke warm to the picture, he is quite taken with the mandala in person. I am glad he will find his own connection with it. Thank you. You are generous.

In my husband's words, it is not just a painting or art, it is a powerful portal to another dimension.

Cheryl, USA

My dear Frankey,Thank you sooo much for your reading. I felt moved by reading the encouraging words you have sent to me, and can relate to many points you have made i.e i have joined the gym last friday and it is something that i really want to do and being out side is just what i love and need. So thank you so much its so kind if you all my love.

Hannah, UK

Thanks Frankey for your reading and art work. I really enjoy reading it, and will do read it again and again. The artwork is lovely and I still discover new things every time I look at it.


Anne, USA

I had a mini reading by Frankey....The art work of a Left Hand, went with my reading, I loved it, first off, because I was always drawn to hands. The meaning for the art took awhile to understand, but an adventure which brought so much to me when it got to that point. Within 3 years, a left hand kept appearing to me in different forms. I must say as well, I've been seeing more left hands appearing. It's so exciting....... It's an uplifting message and an awesome connection that was delivered to me by you Frankey.

Cynthia Calvillo, USA

Hi Frankey

Beautiful! Love it!! So glad you are enjoying the encaustic art. I love it because you never know how they will turn out and they are all so different. The reading does make sense to me - there is a place I go in nature to be quiet - it is a special place where I took my Mum several times before her passing so I always think of her when I go there.

Thank you so much

Valerie, UK

Thank you so much for such a vivid beautiful image. It resonates with me on a very deep level xx

Sarah Martin, Manchester, UK

Frankey, Thanks so much for the wonderful reading. It very much resonated with me. Right before I saw the painting on facebook I kept thinking of Egypt so am delighted that you focused on that. You really do beautiful work! Thanks again! Blessings to you and your work.

Lexi, UK

Hi frankey !, im only a quarter of the way through it but already has brought a tear, brilliant thank you very deeply for this , if this is a guide for your readings then hallelujah , you are so doing the right thing , and will help so many people! Have a great evening back to my reading !

Anthony Lyons, UK

Hey Frankey, I just saw that you 'liked' my comment on facebook and thought it was about time that I told you how much our meeting all those months ago has helped me through a really tough year. From that emotional wreck you visited when you came to do my reading I have now become a stronger and happier woman than I ever felt possible. You helped teach me to make a positive outcome of any bad situation that comes my way and with that in mind I have held my head high through so so much. I have recognised the people around me that are important and learnt to let go of those that arent. I have become a mum I am actually proud of being. And ultimately have gained a confidence that I never felt possible. I have amazing family and friends in my life and soon to be 2 beautiful little girls to be proud of. You helped kick start me into 'finding' me again and for that I will be eternally grateful x x x lots of love, Claire, Macy and Darcy Bump x x x

Claire, UK

My turn to say WOW!!! Thank you so much for my feedback and the beautiful image of my guide you have created for me. There is so much information to take in that it will take me some time to read and re-read the message in order to understand it. Things that immediately resonate with me - I love Canada and in fact have already visited Lake Louise and am going back next year. I have looked up the Etheric Temple at Lake Louise on the internet and it says it is the Retreat of Archangel Michael. I have been told in previous readings that Archangel Michael helps me and indeed my own son is called Michael. You mention mandalas - just this week I have been drawn to the mandalas on your website (they are beautiful) and have painted my first two mandalas.

Valerie, UK

My initial reading with you Frankey was years ago. You knew absolutely nothing about me but my name. birth date and email address as the reading was done via email and it included an inspired piece of your art. I'll never forget how blown away I was when your reading came back to me, right down to the primary colours of the piece of art you sent me. I still have the art and the reading, and both still have a profound influence on my life- You read me from all time, for all time and I will forever be grateful...

Kerry Guy, Australia

Thank you so much for this wonderful reading! Jasmine watches fairies and spirit children in her bedroom and before she was born I just felt that she was going to be very special to us and others. We look forward to receiving the hard copies so that the picture can go up in her room. The horse guide and the dove , trees and fairy in the picture are all wonderful connections with me also. Thank you so much !

Linda, UK

Hi Frankey,

You are a Godsend. Wow! Awesome reading, I love it! I will get back to you shortly when I have absorbed the entire reading properly. I did not expect it to be as long and as in-depth to be honest, but it did not disappoint! Will I be able to work this symbol into my own artwork at all? I'm just wondering about the copyright / useage etc. It would be good to incorporate into my own art work / creative projects.

Anyway excellent work! I will email you back soon.

Thanks again.


Chris, UK

Happy Wednesday dear Frankey,

You are absolutely correct about what you said for things we did and were not proud of ourselves. When I go back and let me feel the report that you and all beings did for me - I see it all and get the puzzle of how things have led to one part or another and all fits into the Soul Plan - it is amazing and incredible - I am so grateful to have discovered more about what I felt and validated by You and the Beings. Your gift is amazing and You are amazing as well. Like my third Eye and how I often focus with my third Eye and use it almost like a laser beam when I do healing always did without knowing why - now it all comes back and more I know.

Wishing You a wonderful, magical Holiday Season as well and a very happy, blessed year!

Silvia, USA

Thank You ~ very much!! Many, many thanks for the reading ♥ So comforting and the message is a one I have been receiving recently, in other forms as well. Bless for what you do. Godspeed ♥

Laura, UK

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It brought tears to my eyes, a ringing in my right ear and I feel as though I’m floating right now – I LOVE IT and yet I know I have only just begun to “see” the content contained within it.

You are the most amazing artist, Frankey! Thank you doesn’t quite cut it but it will have to do. Make sure you go to the Mind Body & Spirit Festival in London on 13th November – I will be there with a big hug waiting for you my friend!




I’m going to be recommending you to everyone and showing off my beautiful picture! LOL!

Much Love and many Blessings to you.

Kat Day, UK

I had an Akashic reading from Frankie and it was pretty awesome, she does not disappoint and it was about past lives and had the most amazing art soul print it was awesome xx

Helen, Scotland

Hi Frankey, Thank you so much for my wonderful reading and picture (thank you too Zo!). It made so much sense to me and I could feel Zoë’s words in there too. I’ll give you more in-depth feedback tonight as I’m at work at the moment but so many things hit home with me. Thanks again. Lots and lots of love Leoni xxx

Leoni, UK

My betrue21self picture on my iPhone helps me through every minute of my days. I look at the image of my face smiling and happy and it makes me see myself the same way. I look at the love and light shining from my guide's third eye through me and it empowers me. Thank you for your creation Frankey. It continues on to reinforce my strength and confidence every day still. Ily

Tim, USA

Hi Frankey, Thank you so much for the spiritual essence reading....I just LoVe the artwork it's awesome Love all the colour ,it's so me..And the reading well i can relate to all of that as well thank you so much for your time and effort on creating this for me... LoVe + Light to you always.

Virginia, Australia

I have received for myself and family members Little Angel readings for my boys and niece. and what a treasure to have for them to keep and guidance for their years to come.. Frankey's lovely art work to hang in their rooms to give angel healing and energy throughout their young years, A must have done, for a gift for your child or a family member to hang on the wall in their bedroom... Frankey did a lovely angel and unicorn art work and each day you find something new.. love and light Frankey xxxx

Doris, Canada

Dearest Frankey,

Thank you for taking the time to do this reading for me. Since it was a free reading, the time and energy you put into it, I cannot thank you enough because it is more than I expected to receive. The depth of the reading and the beauty of the artwork took my breath away and it resonated on such a deep level, I cannot thank you enough!

When I got off yesterday, I took the time to center myself and read it. I worked 10 hours and wanted to be able to reply to you with the depth that you gave me so I waited until I could write you back on my desktop.

Artwork: First and foremost, the artwork was stunning and the inclusion of the hexagons and angels enveloped me like the platinum net!!!!! I purchased some stencils of bee hive designs/hexagons months ago to incorporate into my Divine Goddess paintings that I intend to do in the near future! Angels came into my life just before a very traumatic time in my life and remain my constant companions to this very dayJ The rainbow symbolizes hope to me and that no matter what, all is well.

 Archangel Zadkiel also brings rainbows for me and one day as I made a purple Angel Bottle dedicated to Zadkiel, I asked for a sign my son (who is now in Pensacola, Florida in school as a new Marine) burst into the house screaming for me to come outside to look at something.

I walked out to the front lawn to see a beautiful DOUBLE RAINBOW! Clearly, the sign that I had asked for! Right before my son had come into the house, I had added a pendant with a mandala that had all of the colors of the rainbow

The reading: Currently, I am in the process of building a business. 

My vision for this business is one in which it more of a “community” of like-minded warrior goddess I have been using the word, “tribe” and I just couldn’t put this into words when I talked about it. It is my vision to empower young women and although I have not done this work out in the world, I have done it with friends and family. I have done energy work and intuitive counseling and taught classes. I have a lot to offer..just need to put something together.

Now that my daughter is a young entrepreneur, I am empowering her now and she wants me to include her friends who are also young entrepreneurs. I was asked by my mother’s friends to work with some young mothers in the community as well. I would love to do workshops along the lines of art and healing. J As for my own support, I find I do best when I am amongst a group of other women so that I can be encouraged while I am encouraging others to be the best that they can be as well. So, for this part of the reading, you were POINT ON! You described me to a T! I have found my own tribe just recently ((hugs))!

In regards to the color GOLD…..WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been attempting, in the past (I say past because I have not painting much in quite a while and have just gotten back to it recently) to incorporate GOLD into my paintings. I recently came across an artist who uses real gold in her paintings and I fell in love with her style. When I start painting again, I am going to use this technique as I feel I am being guided to use it for healing of myself and that it will heal others as well.

I will look into chroma-therapy as I don’t know a lot about it but am willing to learn more.

Frankey, you are a gift to the world and you are amazing! Thank you for taking the time to share your gift with me.

Much love, thanks, gratitude and appreciation.

Rosalind, USA

Dear Frankey,

I just got around to thanking you for my absolutely beauuuuutiful mandala, WOWWWWWWW I can not take my eyes off it! I haven't yet seen it with the violet light so I know i'm in for an extra treat!!

You have such an amazing talent, the colours, the feeling of it, the extra leafy bits, everything about it is just.... perfect!

The room I am in at the moment was my childrens fathers who very suddenly passed away in November and so his essence seemed confused in this room where he passed, My mandala has transformed the room and fills it will loving lightness, it is quite astonishing, Andy must be impressed too!

Gaz told me he emailed you when he saw the pics I sent him, he too is in awe and we both thank you so very much for giving your time, your energy, your commitment and absolute love....I feel it, I feel the love you put into it and again thank you whole heartedly for the work you do.

It certainly imprints deeply with a loving vibration, it seems to sing and dance to feels like an old family member giving me a mahooooosive hug, I cried with joy when I first saw it and it continues to seemingly guide me, i feel totally honoured that this amazing work of art was created just for me....I am blessed indeed!

Anyway Frankey, if there is anything I can do for you to honour your work more or if you would like me to write more about my continued experiences as they unfold, send me the link that works best for you and I would be pleased to do so.

sending you so much love, gratitude and appreciation and wishing you an amazing day filled with magic and adventure and abundance in all you do for the good, Peace, strength and unity for our changing world is becoming manifest because of the beauty being unveiled from peoples hearts, we choose joy and your work brings so much of that to all who have the pleasure to experience it.

Thanks again you very special being

Steph, UK

I have never in my life have cried so hard. And I can't stop. I'm only getting almost half way. And I'm absolutely speechless. Completely and utterly speechless. I am in such awe I can't even began to speak. This is surreal. I feel like a blind man who can see again. This is incredible, I will never be the same. I kept shaking. My body, my energy, my vibration, frequency. I could feel it. So strongly. It's like a lot of "a ha!" Moments. The synchronicities were so clear. My vibration definitely raised so much higher after reading that. And that "message" had tears streaming down my face. Like this was something I've been waiting to hear my whole life. I can't even describe to you how powerful and amazing that felt. This was the best thing that's ever happened to me. I'm not even halfway finished with it. And I am extremely overwhelmed in the best way possible. I feel like I already knew it this whole time but I didn't "really". It all came so clear to me. I am forever grateful for this experience. And just to think that.. I've only scratched the surface. I'm crying so hard Frankey I can't stop. My heart Is so open now. All these feelings are rushing in. It's so intense. But I'm extremely happy. I'm not sad. I just feel like I miss "it". And "them". I can feel it all. It's like I'm reading my life's book. I am so grateful for you. Thank you for changing my life again lol And again. And again You were meant to cross paths with me. And me to you. You are the most remarkable person I've ever met. Thank you for being you. I have so much love for you. You are like my guardian angel. This feels like a dream. I can't believe this!! There is sooo much Frankey. It makes sense. This is all me to a T! Even my name. My family. My DNA. All this. Little things in my life that I've always loved. Like Japanese food. I swear I always say to myself , I'm an Asian lady. I love everything Asian lol. Little things like that.

Trenita, USA

The painting has finally arrived!!!! And it's absolutely beautiful! I have put it up next to my bed so I will receive its healing energies every night. When I connected to the painting today I felt energy shifts in my third eye and I started to cry and release a lot of grief. The timing for the arrival is perfect, just before the start of the new year! Thank you so much! I wish you a happy new year!

Suzanne, Sweden 

Woooooooow Frankey thank you sooooooo much. I'm actually crying now seeing the beautiful artwork you have created - it's perfect and just resonates so deeply with me I don't know what to say. Other than thank you so much!!!!!!!! Wow. I was praying to Melchisedek last night which is something I rarely do so seeing your artwork this morning just made my heart expand and feel blessed.

Gareth, Portugal

Wanted to let you know my mother *loves* the Goddess painting! She wanted it hung where she would see it from her chair. Thank you again for your work.

Cat, USA

Dear Frankey,

Frankly, I am just floored by what you have just sent to me! I tend to have a lot of strange things go on around me, and last week I witnessed something unusual and asked for some guidance from a friend in the UK . I have been pen-pals with my friend for about 9 years, and he has never met me or visited my home. Just this morning, I received an email from him with the subject 'All in White' in the header. The copy/paste of his message is shown below in blue.

This is all pretty amazing, and oddly enough, the figure of the Lady in your artwork is an awful lot like my real figure (small waist, well-endowed,if you know what I mean), and my hair is medium length and brown with auburn highlights (going to grey!) I am familiar with encaustic, as I have an acquaintance that also works in this medium. I am attaching a photo of myself from January, so that you have a point of comparison.

Thank you so much for doing this! You possess both artistic and psychic gifts! Would I be able to purchase the original?

Darlene, USA

I received an Akashic Reading from Frankey Craig a few weeks ago, and as I sat to read the tears just flowed as it confirmed much of what I have been receiving through dreams and visions. I had never met her but was guided to have the reading done by her and she did not disappoint! I recommend her readings to everyone. Since then I have experienced many more profound changes, accelerating the healing process. Much love seaSTAR !

Blanca, USA

Spot on's beautiful!...I connected with it immediately....Thank you so much....and your other work is amazing! Blessings.

Jim, USA