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The Veil is Thinning

The winds of change are upon us as we turn towards All Hallows Eve, we prepare our hearts and minds for the thinning of the veils.

Throughout history humans have maintained contact with their ancestors and the spirit world. Different cultures and belief systems have various ways of making contact which are interesting to learn about and explore.

Death is not the end, however, many people today have forgotten this. Many people choose not to look at important spiritual matters such as death and the afterlife and in my opinion the people of the past were much more knowledgeable. Ancient Egyptians for example put their best minds to the subject for thousands of years.

Understanding the journey of the soul or if not understanding, at the very least exploring can bring a lot of peace into your life as you open your mind and heart to the possibilities.

Many of us desire to connect with our ancestors. Ancestral communication has been an ancient practice in every wisdom tradition throughout time. Our ability to connect with our ancestors is always available.

Ancestral work can help us to release the karmas of the past generations, which in turn works into the current and future generations for healing. This is deeply transformative work.

Connecting with your ancestors is a deeply intimate and unique process.

Here are 3 easy ways to connect with your ancestors

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