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September Energy Forecast

Venus comes out of retrograde on the 3rd and that will most definitely be felt in our relationships. This cycle of Venus is a powerful opportunity to realign ourselves with healthy, authentic relationships that nurture and support who we wish to be today.

On September 14th we will have a New Moon in Virgo which ushers in a period of fresh beginnings and focused intentions. Do not be surprised if you find yourself reorganizing and clearing clutter.

September is set to be a magical month as we head to towards the Autumn Equinox (20-22) in the Northern Hemisphere.

It has been a really intense summer with our cosmic shifts and upgrades. You will be pleased to learn that as the days shorten a tranquility will begin to set in and we can begin to integrate all that has transformed.

7 Easy Ways to Make the Most of the Equinox Season

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