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Novembers Energy Forecast

Greetings Creators!

October certainly was a transformative month. The lunar eclipse with Taurus influencing us at the end really grounded us and revealed how to create a stable and sustainable life.

Huge alignments have been happening ever since. Many of us are on new timelines.

Something new has been emerging from inside of each of us, and the lunar eclipse, energy of the cosmos is supporting us in letting it out.

This new perspective is shifting our focus to balance our individual and our interpersonal relationships.

The relationships we build with ourselves and others are so important to our social, emotional, and physical health.

Our relationship with ourselves is what is most important.

How do you feel about you?

How do you see yourself?

How you deal with challenges that life inevitably brings?

What's your story?

Bringing loving, conscious awareness to our own patterns enables us to create a healthy relationship with ourselves and allows us to develop new perspectives and patterns that are more nourishing.

The relationship with ourselves is everything because it will set the stage for every single relationship we have in our life.

Learning how to cultivate and maintain interpersonal relationships can help us build a support system that provides us with great strength as we cope with life’s challenges and build the life we dream of.

I am a recovering creature of solitude. Although, I honor my need for time alone, I have also been learning the value in surrounding myself with animals and humans that feel nourishing to me.

Our need for Connection as Human Beings is extremely powerful. We are wired to connect with all living things.

As the days get shorter many of us will feel the need to go within, snuggle up with Netflix and shut out the world. This is necessary some days for sure.

Many of us will be called to create more balance, be more deliberate and intentional in how we express ourselves so that we continue to nurture our connection and the lines of communication to our inner world and outer worlds over the darker months.


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