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NEW Psychic Art Tutorials

The School of Psychic Arts has new tutorials for you to enjoy and we have some really exciting ones lined up for September!

Jay is currently working on a tutorial to help you to connect with your ancestors by creating pastel portraits of them.

The great thing about our school is that you can do everything at you own pace and it is just like being in the studio we Jay or I. It's better in my opinion! You can pause us and repeat as many times as you like! AND, you can even submit your work to us for feedback and guidance.

For those of you excited to learn how to create mandalas. A NEW course will be coming later this year where we will be exploring the sacred geometry of chakra mandalas! This is a truly sacred journey that takes our spiritual development to whole new levels.

Discover Secrets To Creating A Life Of Alchemy Through Creativity

All levels welcome

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