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Awakening to Your True Nature Women’s Weekend Retreat

A dream coming true and an exciting new adventure with Ebba P Karlsson and Jamie Hardy Stankosky.

We are facilitating our first retreat together and it will be just minutes from where I live!

The property is a 1800s farmhouse that is thoughtfully renovated and rich in its history. Most importantly, it is surrounded by nature.

The astrology of the weekend is a nexus of spiritual energy with the peak of the October Full moon on Saturday 28th October. This is sacred energy to support our personal development and growth.

Are you ready to just breathe, to hear yourself think and feel?

Just imagine 2 days in the countryside of North Carolina, in a stunning natural historical setting on 3 acres that has offered refuge to many over the centuries.

Imagine being surrounded by an intimate circle of like minded women and what that could do for you.

You deserve a moment for yourself. Practice a little self love and give yourself space for self care. Your cup will be full again. Truly!

Invest in your mind, body and soul.

Cultivate inner peace and wellness.

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