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Akashic Art

The Akashic Records are an energetic imprint of every thought, word, action, emotion, and experience that has ever happened in time and space. This means that there is a log of absolutely everything that has occurred!

Each soul leaves an Akashic Record of their actions, thoughts, emotions, and circumstances in the past that can be read like an energetic data trail that includes past lives and present life.

Reading your akashic record can also help us to learn future possibilities and gift us insights to make better choices.

This is a really unique and special process for me because I always begin with a person's date of birth and I create a digital artwork collage that helps me to give a visual representation of what I experience when I connect with you. The art acts as a divination tool.

As the image is created, I begin to receive impressions, downloads and information for research. All of this gets typed into a reading for you.

Akashic Activation Readings are so interesting for me and for you! I learn and grow as much as you do.

These readings are always focused on your enlightenment and will activate you in a way that begins a process of clearing all kinds of blockages that may have been holding you back from expressing your highest self.

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