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FREE Birth Number and Birth Color Reading

“Discover how Birth Numbers & Colors can help you make Massive Changes In Your Life”

Using  numerology helps me to decode your date of birth which brings many insights with it.

Numbers in your date of birth play a very large part in forming your character. In fact these numbers will motivate and mold you, and their influence will be with you for the rest of your life.

The model that I work from assigns a color to every number, giving us deeper insights into your personality and your core purpose in this life.

This reading is emailed to you. 

Here is what you will learn

Your Birth Number & Color

How you can work with them to understand your personality and improve your life.

Your Core Purpose

Your divine calling, your energetic frequency and the reason you are here.



What to do when life gets overwhelming and how to balance yourself with color. 



What magical and mystical skills you have come into this lifetime with. 

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