Frankeys Archieve Frankeys Archieve C Lock 02 2009 25521129 Colour Healing Goddess 154251918 Gabriella brings a new horizon Gabriella works on uniting your third eye and heart chakras 166507015 Chakra Healing Energy Acrylic Rainbow Colours and Metalic Silver on Canvas 30x10 7 chakra gemstones. Hermatite(Base), Carnelian(Sacral), Citrine(Solar Plexus), Green Aventurine(Heart), Blue Banded Agate(Throat), Amythest(Brow), Clear Quartz(Crown) 105172373 Gabriella close up Gabriella works on uniting your third eye and heart chakras 166507014 For Rachael ~ Evolution ~ 1/4/11 ~ For Rachael ~ Evolution ~ 121677621 143855424 For Georgie 2011 Freedom has wings 117204109 Moonlight Magic with Nel & Belle Nel & Belle work with clearing,aligning and connecting your third eye and throat chakra with your heart chakra 166507017 143855425 For Danielle ~ Perfect Peace 02/2011 The wolf is bringing you a strong sense of faithfulness in your relationship, inner strength for yourself and intuition to help decision making. The wolf also brings you learning, too and encourages you to cross barriers, to take risks and to go beyond your normal behaviour in order to learn and grow. Although crossing some of these boundaries may seem unattractive. You need not fear. Come to know your deepest self and even in the darkest places you will find courage and companionship. Arch Angel Michael has been called and he is a Mighty Angel of Strength, Courage and Protection. He will faithfully stand at your right side with his sword and shield, ever ready to guard and protect you, surrounding you with his deep blue cloak for both physical and spiritual protection. He will also empower you with will power, inner strength and initiative so you can move forward on your life's path. With Michael's help he can guide you to develop leadership qualities, strength and become more focused for personal success. Tasks can be accomplished effortlessly and without anxiety if you call on him for help. Faith is Archangel Michael's twin flame, she helps with confidence or renewing your faith in yourself and faith in believing that your needs will be manifested. Ever ready to stand by your side, these two majestic Angels may merge into one or work as individual beings with you. Faith is a divine compliment of Michael and both can offer invaluable strength, faith, courage and support if we just ask. Michael will protect not only people, or animals, he is also very pleased to be called for any sort of assistance. The Angels know that our lives on earth can be quite demanding and stressful at times, they offer their help to ease the bumpy ride for us, but again we must ask. Call on Archangel Michael to protect your property, call on him to look after your home when you are away. Ask him to stand guard at the four corners of your home and he will be delighted to oblige. You can ask him to protect loved ones, or for him to place his deep blue cloak around them so all negative energy will simply slide away. Through unwavering dedication this beautiful angel defends our souls and cares deeply for us. When Archangel Michael throws his power of protection around you, you are literally a force field of pure love that nothing can touch; he is truly an awesome Angel! 117332874 For Amanda - Natures Architect For Amanda - Natures Architect 139848608 Nel close up Nel works with clearing,aligning and connecting your third eye and throat chakra with your heart chakra 166507295 Rainbow Child on her way Rainbow Child on her way 144948885 143855426 the elements 184085990 A Wilson Your Birth Date is: 26-05-1982 Your Birth Number is: 6 Your Birth Colour is: Indigo which attracts Orange As an Indigo you will be a natural organizer, you take responsibility, have a good understanding through your knowledge and you use your power well. You are a wonderful person at making connections. You may suffer with sinus problems, migraines, chest problems and insomnia. For these you should be carrying an amethyst crystal. You are very good at picking up other people?s body language and actually have clairvoyance/psychic abilities that you use knowingly or unknowingly. You search for the truth. Truth is of the upmost importance to you. Your imagination works with abundance to create your spiritual truths. Druid Animal Oracle Cards drawn for you are: Fox, Hind and Wolf The Fox tells me that like him you have a diplomatic, cunning and wild character at times. Working with the power of the fox will enable you to know when to come out into the open and be counted, and when to remain silent. With others you will be very diplomatic and be a very strong council for them The Hind brings gentleness, grace and subtly to your character. You are beyond the material and beyond the superficialities of life. You always head towards the heart of things and towards the world of causes rather than effects. Be aware of how much time you spend in ?your own world? it could be pre-occupying you too much. Ensure you have the balance of time alone and time with others. As well as there being ?lone wolves? in the world, you should know that the wolf is a faithful animal which often mates for life. Even though you may need to spend times of your life alone, know that you will also have times of companionship and togetherness. Wolf has the intuition and thirst for learning in your character. You have a strong sense of faithfulness and inner strength. Learn to trust yourself to come to know your deeper self. The wisdom you gain about your own being releases creativity and triggers the imagination. Love, Light & Healing, Frankey Craig WWW.OURPSYCHICART.COM 27901383 Belle close up Belle works with clearing,aligning and connecting your third eye and throat chakra with your heart chakra 166507294 For Doris ~ Earth's Helpers ~ 2/4/11 ~ For Doris ~ Earth's Helpers ~ 121846523 143855427 For Matthew ~ Raising your Vibration ~ 6/4/11 ~ For Matthew ~ Raising your Vibration ~ 122167275 Ursula works with grounding the subconcious Ursula heals the solar plexus, heart, throat and third eye chakras 166507020 143855428 For Katie 02/2011 Cosmic Strength & Sacred Patterns 117204110 Ursula close up Ursula heals the solar plexus, heart, throat and third eye chakras 166507019 Curving Space & Time for Mike Curving Space & Time for Mike 145074716 143855429 earth 184085991 Creative Goddess for Susie Creative Goddess for Susie 145074717 144189955 Michelle Martland This is the artwork created for michelle and her reading from frankey. The fairy world has drawn close to Frankey and Michelle and have brought many messages of insight...... 112272573 blue arcturian 184085998 For Anna 02/2011 Go with the flow 117204111 For Stacey ~ Light Communication ~ 16/04/11 ~ For Stacey ~ Light Communication ~ 123149258 184085989 Be the Light for Sam Be the Light for Sam 147311835 water 184085992 166507296 For Tim ~ Rhino Power from the Stars 02/2011 117303740 For Tobias ~ Interdimentional Galactic Federation ~ ~ Interdimentional Galactic Federation for Tobias ~ Psychic Art ~ BY Frankey Craig ~ 17/04/2011 123343874 166507297 Fritz the fire fairy Fritz the fire fairy whose energy resonates with the sun & stars. She shines her light upon all she meets and offers you the warmth of her heart. She will work on clearing and purifying your throat and third eye chakras x x x 166620214 ~ This very moment is a seed from which the flowers of tomorrow's happiness grow ~ for Anne ~ This very moment is a seed from which the flowers of tomorrow's happiness grow ~ for Anne 147385501 Mind Space Mind Space 117024023 ~ Truthseeker ~ ~ Truthseeker ~ 148538594 fire 184085993 angel healing 184085997 air 184085994 184085999 For Lauren ~ Awaken your Abilities ~ For Lauren ~ Awaken your Abilities ~~ Psychic Art ~ BY Frankey Craig ~ 14/5/11 125796917 Fritz the fire fairy Fritz the fire fairy whose energy resonates with the sun & stars. She shines her light upon all she meets and offers you the warmth of her heart. She will work on clearing and purifying your throat and third eye chakras x x x 166620215 For Jack ~ Connected to Infinity ~ For Jack ~ Connected to Infinity ~ Psychic Art ~ BY Frankey Craig ~ 24/5/11 126837993 Magikal Faith Channelled by Frankey Craig 93786981 D Wolfe 02 2009 26665660 Fritz the fire fairy Fritz the fire fairy whose energy resonates with the sun & stars. She shines her light upon all she meets and offers you the warmth of her heart. She will work on clearing and purifying your throat and third eye chakras x x x 166620216 ~ Lemurian Crystal Goddess ~ 151641582 For Fie ~ Let go of ALL Limitation ~ Quantum physics states that everything in the universe is pure energy, differing only in rate of vibration. We must understand that all things exist as energy even beyond the ordinary physical dimension to the realm where current scientific instruments cannot measure its rate of vibration. All things exist as energy from the lowest rate of vibration, the densest physical condensate of matter all the way to the highest rate of vibration in the universe. The Source of The Entire Universe is a Single Super Spectrum of Universal Energy. Some people have the perspective that the physical universe of matter and energy was created and therefore may be destroyed. Information is uncreated and therefore indestructible and eternal. The bible says that in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God. The Word is Jesus Christ and the Word is also Information. Hence the concept of the x, y and z parameters of reality. Matter, Energy and Information (DNA, universal code, intelligent design). But Einstein says that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It is merely converted from one form to another. The Universal Equation E=MC2 does not mean Matter is converted Energy. It means Matter is Energy. Matter is Energy. Energy is Matter. So actually, the physical universe was ?created? merely by the process of energy changing from one form to another. The creation and cessation of all things physical is simply manifestation and un-manifestation. Quantum physics states that something can actually come into existence only when it is observed. That means that something only exist because a mind first thought it into existence. Everything exists primarily as a quantum potentiality or Quanta. When something is observed, Quanta which is Energy come together to form subatomic particles, and in turn atoms, then molecules until finally something manifests in the physical world as a localized space-time event that can be observed by the five physical senses. This Energy is also conscious and infinite; therefore it is actually Infinite Living Mind! Everything in the Universe has its being from this infinite intelligent Energy. Imagine that every time this Intelligence moves or thinks an icicle is formed in the water, exactly corresponding to the thought. We might have countless numbers of icicles of different forms, colors and sizes but these icicles would still be water. If we could heat the whole mass, it would melt, and all the forms would again become fluent. Nothing would have changed but form. This is all there is to matter. Matter is Spirit in Form. Subatomic particles are simply energy packets. You are a cluster of energy, so is everything else. A cluster of energy is always in motion, moving and changing to form new configuration at every moment. The table that is in your dining room is not as solid as it appears to be. On a highly magnified level, you would realize that it is in constant flux, ?losing? and ?gaining? billions of energy packets, but intelligently maintaining the overall ?look? of a table. There is a consciousness that keeps the energy in that particular form. All Matter is Energy In-Formation. When something is no longer observed by consciousness, it will cease to exist by un-manifesting back into a state of quantum potentiality or Quanta, Energy. That?s the reason why the bible says that it is Christ (The Superconscious), who holds all things in the universe together. Scientist says that all the electrons and subatomic particles of an atom are held together in their precise position and orbit by an invisible force, by which without it, everything would fall apart and reality as we know it, would cease to exist in an instant. Christ the center of the universe, whose center is everywhere but circumference nowhere. Christ is the Superconscious, Information and infinite intelligence. Ultimately all matter, energy and information are one and the same. All matter is energy, all energy is information. Information is thought, thought is consciousness. Consciousness is Mind. The Universal Construct is Mind. Mind is Reality. Reality is Mind. The entire Universe from the Source, The First Cause, God is Energy vibrating relative to the frequency of The Source, The Source being the very centre of the Universe of Energy and the physical world being the outermost shell, the physical three dimensional Universe as observed by means of the physical senses, existing at the lowest rate of vibration and the highest density. The physical Universe of matter represents only a tiny fraction of the Universe of Energy and vibration in its entirety. All Energy is influenced by thought and structures itself into taking form as an observable effect. Everything that happens, has happened and will happen in the entire Universe, first originated as a thought originating from the Mind of a Being, which in turn has its corresponding effect on Energy and becomes a corresponding and potentially observable effect. The Ultimate act of Creation by the First Cause, The Source, God of the entire Universe in all its glorious spheres, planes and dimensions originated in the very beginning as a thought in the Mind of God. It can be truly said therefore that we all exist as ?expressions?, within the Mind of God, made in the true Spiritual image of God. So by seeing things from a unified perspective, we know that the physical state of matter and energy are ?created and destroyed? by being converted from one form to another. All things preexist in spiritual form and are converted to physical form and back. God is NOT Man. God is Mind. Mind is Totality. 117613041 ~ Connect with the 5th Dimension ~ 155476690 Fairies in the Tree Leyla, Una and Syra each are carrying a special healing crystal and each of them will work on healing you emotionally, spiritually, physically and mentally. They encourage you to spend time in nature, hug the trees, eat lots of yummy apples, connect with the plants and animals, connect with the sun every day and ask it to energise your lightbody, play, laugh and encourage you to always sprinkle happiness wherever you go! 172414990 spirit 184085995 For Georgie Boxall ~ A Spiritual Journey ~ For Georgie Boxall ~ A Spiritual Journey ~ Psychic Art ~ BY Frankey Craig ~ 127420616 Fairies in the Tree Leyla, Una and Syra each are carrying a special healing crystal and each of them will work on healing you emotionally, spiritually, physically and mentally. They encourage you to spend time in nature, hug the trees, eat lots of yummy apples, connect with the plants and animals, connect with the sun every day and ask it to energise your lightbody, play, laugh and encourage you to always sprinkle happiness wherever you go! 172414989 For Chris - Bending Space & Time For Chris - Bending Space & Time Psychic Art ~ BY Frankey Craig ~ 129213504 Light Therapy 1 Light Therapy 1 144278194 The elements 186524165 ~ The nature of Andromeda ~ 155476691 love 184085996 ~ Quan Yin - The Gift of Compassion ~ 156500923 Fairy of Love & Communication 110375029 Astral Journey Astral Journey 117024024 For Lianna ~ Goddess Power For Lianna ~ Goddess Power Psychic Art ~ BY Frankey Craig ~ 129400275 S Osmond 02 2009 26665663 ~ Angelic Rainbow Healing ~ 156500924 For Karla ~ Your Angelic Soul For Karla ~ Your Angelic Soul Psychic Art ~ BY Frankey Craig ~ 130577126 Light Therapy 2 Light Therapy 2 144278195 Contact 117024025 ~Inter-dimensional Conciousness ~ 158328038 For Anthony ~ Your Inner Eye For Anthony ~ Your Inner Eye Psychic Art ~ BY Frankey Craig ~ 134619405 Interdimensional travel Interdimensional travel 117024027 51549785 Unicorn & Andromedan Healing Powers? 159999143 For Maja ~ Triple Healing Goddess ~ For Maja ~ Triple Healing Goddess ~ Psychic Art ~ BY Frankey Craig ~ 136217987 184086007 Fairy at Peace 161345990 Eternal Animal Love Channelled by Frankey Craig 93786983 W Roberts 02 2009 26665676 For Christine ~Rainbow Goddess ~ Connect with your Inner Power?. For Christine ~ Rainbow Goddess ~ Connect with your Inner Power ~ 136941179 Light Therapy 3 Light Therapy 3 144278196 Earth Mother 161345991 Light is the symbol of TRUTH 117024026 For Kat ~ Rainbow Goddess of Sacred Geometry ~ For Kat ~ Rainbow Goddess of Sacred Geometry ~ 137705548 The Guardians The Guardians 117024028 Andromedan Water Priestess 161345992 Magical World 51350558 For Katie 2010 117204827 ~ Exploring Conciousness ~ 151641583 Light Therapy 4 Light Therapy 4 144278197 We are ONE 164402944 Celestial Crossing Celestial Crossing 117024029 A NEW Horizon 164402945 117500060 Feline priestess of the sun 164402946 For Julianna 2010 117204828 Arcturian Starseed 164402947 96318394 S Currie Key words: Guardianship, Sensuality, Detachment. Sacrifice, Breakthrough, Achievement & Femininity. Affirmations: I am light and loving. I am full of laughter and joy. Remember to lighten up and not to take life so seriously. It is easy to get wound up in the stress and forget that you have so many good things in life already. Laughter is such a good medicine and it can wash away all your cares. Ensure you are listening to music, taking a shower and pulling faces in the mirror. Shake your body and do a handstand, anything that makes you feel silly and makes you laugh. Life is good when you choose to enjoy it. Happiness is a decision. Invocation: Please snap me out of this miserable mood and help me to lighten up, have a laugh and really enjoy my life. Thank You! You have a fantastic ability to observe situations quietly, without judgement, before making decisions. You are very much like a cat. Apparently asleep, but really listening, a cat can sit for hours before it acts with decisiveness. You have a high awareness and are very sensitive. You have an inquisitive mind for the mysteries of the world. Right now you have the inner strength to achieve a breakthrough and succeed. Stay grounded and remind yourself of the practical necessities of life. By persevering, being patient and attending to your daily life as well as your goals, you will find the day comes when you can achieve breakthrough ? reaching your goals and discovering that you have ?come home?. You are urged to look beyond the superficialities of life, beyond all the material and start towards the heart of things. Go towards the realm of causes rather than effects. Begin your exploration of the spirit world. Be assertive as this is the time to start to explore the inner mysteries. You have a wonderful loving family with hope of marriage, travel and security. These can all be achieved by this strong unit that will expand. The house and life you wish to achieve is what you are striving for. This comes from perseverance and belief in each other. All good things come to those who wait. 27901387 Healing with Metatron 164402979 77937499 Cleansing with the Violet Flame 166814275 The Temple of Crystal Healing 166878913 Fairy of Truth & Insight 110375030 6D Sirian Feline Ambassador of Earth 170883309 Liquify 51350561 Grounding the Subconcious 170883310 117500061 Telos City of Light 170883311 96318395 C Imoni D.O.B: 07-07-1965 Birth Number: 8 Birth Colour: Silver attracts Green Zodiac Sign: Cancer You are good at balancing the spirit world and matter. You unify your knowledge with awareness. A good organizer and you are willing to take responsibility. You are a warrior spirit and offer people leadership and direction! Torc (the Druid Boar) draws close to you, helping you to find direction in life and enabling you to lead others. You have a wild and untamed power that lives within you. He urges you to use your wildness and your energy in this world that longs for insight and healing. Torcs skin can heal you and inspire you to write music or poetry. There is a close connection, in tradition, between madness and the boar or pig. Merlin, in his period of madness, talks to pigs! Can you imagine how that image was perceived by others walking by. But Merlin points out that the concept of madness and insight are very closely allied. I think you will agree. Sometimes we have to go through a ?break down' period to allow something deeper to enter our lives. Look for the light. Love, Light & Healing, Frankey Craig WWW.OURPSYCHICART.COM 28221932 Keepers of the Violet Flame 170883312 Metatrons cube 170883313 77937500 Angelic Calibration into light 170883314 Fairy of Strength & Trust 110375031 Healing the inner child 170883315 ANIMAL LOVE 51350564 Yin & Yang 170883316 117500062 Adama of Telos 170883317 96318396 L Davis Your Date of Birth is: 15th November 1989 Your Birth Number is: 8 Your Birth Colour is: Silver which attracts Green Your Zodiac Sign is: Scorpio You are the ultimate balancer. Unifying all around you and making groups work together. You are a hard worker and have ambition in life. Your gentle strength is endearing to people and you have no problems making friends. You have spiritual awareness but have not yet tapped into your knowledge. You can find harmony and balance between the two worlds once you have opened your third eye. Then the communication will begin to flow with your higher self. Deal with your emotions and acknowledge any issues you may have in love or a relationship with a man. It is important not to fester over things, it only hurts you. He offers emotional stability and can help you on your journey of life. A strong bond that is universal as if you are both chained together by air itself. He can be the devil you know that must be better than the one you don?t. You and 2 people in June go on a working holiday at seaside resort. This will be a fantastic time. It looks far off now but it?s just around the corner. Love, Light & Healing, Frankey Craig WWW.OURPSYCHICART.COM 28221934 Andromedan Starseed 178214654 82829734 surrender to your powers 178214655 Fairy of Health & Healing 110375032 keepers of amethyst 178214656 Fire Goddess 51350565 unicorn transformation 178214657 117500063 seeking balance 178214658 96318397 crystal; healing city 178214668 S Blackwell Invocation for Sarah: Please help me to grow and to become a stronger, wiser person. Help me to learn from my mistakes and rejoice the lessons they give me. Thank you! Affirmation for Sarah: I am willing to learn. I am improving every day in every way. Eostre (yo?ster), the Germanic goddess of fertility, is associated with growth and rebirth. Every spring she rides up the rainbow and bursts into action, melting the snow, nurturing baby flower buds and shoots and creating a bright, sparkly landscape after the cold, drab winter. Her symbols are eggs and rainbows. Eostre draws close to you and asks you to think of yourself as a cute flower bud, snuggled up in the earth where it is all warm and cosy. When the spring time arrives you have a choice. You can stay where you are or you can give it a bit of effort and push your way through the soil. The first option may seem the safest but the second can bring you so many rewards. You will grow into a gorgeous flower and see more of the world around you; you get blessed with warming sun beams and cooling raindrops; and you will feel so proud of yourself for growing and changing. As the gentle goddess of spring time, Eostre knows all about growth and will is encouraging you to reach for the skies like one of her plants. She will help you to let go of your fears that keep you stuck in your comfort zone. She will give you the courage to grow and inspire others. Develop and learn and see all limitations fall away from your life allowing you to climb to new heights. You can push through your boundaries to become wise, calm and in control. Be assured that fear of growing and letting go is natural but it is not necessary. Please cast your mind back to all the ?mistakes? that turned out to be blessings in disguise. If there were no mistakes there would be no wisdom to change things for the better next time. Please don?t beat yourself up. Celebrate the opportunity to learn something and become wiser for it. A tree or a flower takes time to grow, so you mustn?t expect yourself to change over night. Growth is a very gentle, steady process that requires self love and patience on your part. One day you will look back on yourself and see how much you?ve grown, and feel so proud of yourself. Grow with courage and you will grow up to the stars. Love, Light & Healing, Frankey Craig WWW.OURPSYCHICART.COM 27901384 keepers of the quartz 178214669 Fairy of Balance & Magic 110375033 Feeling the Light Within 181242841 Emerald Devas 183223390 The Paladian Godess 117024022 Queen of the Rainbow Fairies 185866811 117500064 C Cheadle D.O.B: 25-12-1949 Birth Number: 6 Birth Colour: Indigo attracts Orange Zodiac Sign: Capricorn You were born into The Spirit of Power and Knowledge in the ray of divine love and connection. I feel your strength as a woman from the Indigo ray and know that you use your power well. You have inner balance bringing you peace, love and calm. I feel you are individualistic, self respecting and have an ease of self which makes people comfortable in your company. You are a centre of self respect bringing relaxation and mind balancing to all who seek your guidance and you find yourself unburdening and protecting people all the time. You support others in all kinds of areas. You are not concentrated on a specific cause. You have many talents and are able to use them all by branching out over a wide range of subjects and people. You are brilliant at bringing people together and you are a fantastic host during festivities. Your imagination comes with abundance through your clairvoyance. The image that comes with your reading is one of a flower that connects us with the spirit of your friend who you lost to cancerous tumour in her brain several years ago. I feel her name began with ?M?. She was not very old when she died. She loved the spring time and she wants to let you know she will be out in the garden with you like a gnome or a pixie! I feel the colour of the flower has significance and hope that you will like it being that you are attracted to orange. Love, Light & Healing, Frankey Craig WWW.OURPSYCHICART.COM 29247301 Fairy of Creativity & Expression 110375134 56616690 Follow the Light Follow the Light 138327691 117500065 C Earlam D.O.B: 16-12-1952 Birth No: 9 Birth Colour: Golden Yellow attracts Magenta Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius At this time I feel you have moved on and got rid of a lot of rubbish. There is some planning and organizing to do now and you have masses of psychic energy around you to help. You have heightened intuition and this brings a ?feeling? of what you are experiencing around you. The Spirit of Health and Purity is with you and gives you knowledge of self healing using the orange ray. The woman that appears in your picture comes to you as a new guide and she will bring you a new sense of confidence unleashing creative expression in a way that brings complete originality to your work. I feel this guide wants to communicate with you in a big way and I see you doing portraits and readings for people with her. She will trigger your imagination and create spiritual truths with you. I encourage you to relax in a nice quiet environment and ask your guide who was part of the Piraha Tribe in Brazil to draw close to you. I recommend you have something to paint or draw with as her favourite way of communication is through artistic expression. Love, Light & Healing, Frankey Craig WWW.OURPSYCHICART.COM 29247417 Matrix Reality Matrix Reality 138327693 57129863 117500066 Pam Keywords: Inner Peace, Relaxation & Patience The beautiful Tibetan Goddess Tara comes to you bringing inner peace and patience. Her name means ?star? and her symbols are the lotus flower and the third eye. Tara is aware that you have been under stress and are finding it difficult to unwind. It is easy to get caught up in life?s whirl winds. You need to learn how to stay calm and centred, so you can get through any situation with a smile on your face and allow your third eye to flow more freely. Remember that everything in life happens for a reason and we cannot control the universe. Suggestions for relaxation would be breathing deeply in through your nose and out through your mouth. Do this until the stress just dissolves and floats away. Other suggestions are picking up a book, meditating or surrounding your bath with candles and pretty scents on a daily basis. Honour Tara?s guidance by taking it easy on yourself. You must know the importance of taking time out to stay on top of stress. Try and create a peaceful space for yourself. Tara is watching over you and assures you that you are on the right path and you are experiencing all that you need to experience. Spend your days in perfect peace and your journey will be joyful Invocation for Tara Tara Goddess of Inner Peace and Patience please help me to find the time and space in my life to relax and nurture my mind, body and soul with peace and calm. Thank You! Affirmations I am at peace with life I flow lovingly with life Love, Light & Healing, Frankey Craig WWW.OURPSYCHICART.COM 29247823 Time Line 2011 Time Line 2011 138327695 57323336 117500067 S Sidebottom D.O.B: 14-01-1965 Birth Number: 9 Birth Colour: Golden Yellow (attracts Magenta) Zodiac Sign: Capricorn I feel you are a very warm and loving person. You are a shining light for all. You love to be of service to people and give little thought of reward for yourself. You experience vivid dreams from time to time and I see you looking into the meaning of them. I can assure you won?t find answers in a typical dream book. Instead allow yourself the time to meditate on that dream or keep a dream journal (even better do both!). You will see patterns start to emerge. The image that comes with your reading is one of a prehistoric influence. Two dinosaurs, mother and baby emerge from the water to eat fresh leaves and grass under a purple sky. They are accompanied by two orbs, two guides from another dimension that led them to where they need to be in order to survive. As you can see there is more water than land so this mother and child team must have come quite a way to get to this grassy patch. To me this image speaks volumes about your current situation. I feel that you do not know how to make ends meet and do not have a plan. It may feel like you are swimming and trying to ride all the waves out in a big wide ocean looking for that tree and that nourishment in order to survive! But, all you can see at this time is ocean and you wondering is it carrying me or am I swimming? The only thing you can guarantee in life is change. Your situation will not stay the same and it will evolve. You need to trust your intuition (like the dinosaurs trust the orbs) be guided by your higher self and do what you feel is true to yourself. Have courage and do not fear the unknown. It?s a tough ride at the moment but fear is just an illusion and once, you choose to defeat it, your dreams will become real. Love, Light & Healing 29499100 117500068 82829678 R Sidebottom D.O.B: 08-11-1959 Birth Number: 7 Birth Colour: Violet (attracts Yellow) Zodiac Sign: Scorpio You have inspirational insight and are highly sensitive. The Violet Ray is the Spirit of Sacrifice and High Ideals. I feel you are full of love and are very sensual. You have concern for others and endeavour to help where you can. You are very individual, a centre of self-respect and inner balance. You are great at unburdening and protecting people. Your image with this reading is a huge florescent tree with a man and woman facing each other at the top all living off a rainbow. The tree and the rainbow are the only bright things. Everything around them is dark and lifeless. I feel you have a fabulous sense of humour and love your wife very much. Your home is stability for you and those you love; many good times are had there. At the moment you are experiencing a lot of new situations. You have to protect yourself and not allow other people?s negativity affect you. A lot of people are leaning on you to help them when you are powerless to do. This has left you feeling down perhaps even a little depressed. Being sensitive to others needs can be a gift and curse. Sometimes you have to just sit back and allow people to grow on their own and face the harsh difficulties of life and find their own peace. I feel you are a very open man and will allow the death of old habits to produce beautiful new ones that will enable you to have to strength and energy for those you love. I have a message from a gentleman in spirit who I believe to be your father. He is not too tall maybe 5ft 7??. He has grey hair (very thin) and glasses, eyes are greeny hazel. He makes me aware of his throat area and it is hard to breathe and swallow. I see him in a chair in a corner of a room near a window that is looking over a garden. He is content and he will be by your side to help you find the same contentment in yourself. Love, Light & Healing 31631740 Thoths Emerald Tablets Thoths Emerald Tablets 138485021 117500069 K Guy Birth Number: 2 Birth Colour: Orange (attracts Indigo) Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius The birth number 2 puts you on the vibration of creativity, self expression which leads to confidence and psychic energy. You are a fun person to be around bringing joy wherever you go. You are enthusiastic, hard working and a shining light for so many people. You travel in the orange ray with the spirit of Health and purity. You are a very ?feeling? person; you are very sensitive to others and can even literally feel other people?s pain before you help them. You are a calming, de-stressing energy for those in need. I have a huge sense of your history and your culture being very important to you. I feel that this life has been an important journey from the start and you have listened to your higher self and gone with the flow of the path laid out before you. I do not feel that you resist things just allowing the universe to work its magic for you. The pyramids, the power and the gateway that is before you enable you to help other dimensions. Your third eye is wide open and you are full of life and creative energy right now. You like to explore?. The next trip is going to be of great significance. I feel you are going to find what you are looking for in some kind of rock. There is paranormal activity around you as well. I get a sense you have seen many things in the sky and I get the sense of a runway used by another form? I would love to discuss this further with you. Love, Light & Healing 31631742 117500070 C Hellstadius D.O.B: 28-01-1977 Birth Number: 8 Birth Colour: Silver (attracts Green) Zodiac Sign: Aquarius I feel you are a very grounded and down to earth person and are a good balancer of matter and spirit. You unify your knowledge with awareness. You are sensitive, possibly even hypersensitive as I feel that you can suffer from exhaustion quite regularly. There is also a hyperactive side to your personality. Sometimes this can cause you to feel disorientated and confused. At times you find it hard to make a decision and may ponder over the subject for a long period of time. You are a lover of big open spaces with lots of curves and planes in the landscape. You feel most content when you are outside with the fresh air pumping through your body. The image that comes with your reading is one of a Woman who worships nature and the sky. This lady has told me her name is Sarah and she was from Scotland in the early 1600?s. Her favourite ray to travel in is the Green Ray which is the most harmonious ray and they are balancers of all the worlds. Sarah has abundant knowledge of the sun, the moon and all the planets. She knows all about flowers, plants and homeopathy. She has come to you as a guide to help you tap into your own power. You have enormous energy and potent healing power. Sarah is in no rush. She has chosen to stay with you along your journey. She offers you a gift of a big white lily and will send you the scent from time to time so you know she is with you. Love, Light & Healing 31631743 117500071 M Larson D.O.B: 02-12-1975 Birth Number: 9 Birth Colour: Golden Yellow (attracts Magenta) Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius Keywords: Intelligence, Renewal, Courage, Intuition and Balance. You come in the Golden Yellow ray with such giving of oneself with no thought of reward. Your service and generosity is noted by the spirits that you work with and they endeavour to ensure synchronicities for you which, you are intuitive enough to follow. You have the amazing ability to see your life and others in a wider context, enabling you to make decisions and plan goals with clarity, objectivity and confidence. You are like an Eagle courageous and strong and you draw most of your power from the sun! Now that you are approaching fresh territory allow your inner eagle to come through who will show you how to renew and rejuvenate yourself, by demonstrating the art of plunging at just the right moment ? into the heart of the lake! Now may be the time to see if your heart and mind are in balance. Paying more attention to your dreams they will help you to listen to the call of unconsciousness, to your depths within without denying the value of your questing rational mind. Not only are you a creature of the sun, you are also a creature of the moon and raise an enormous amount of power under a new moon! You are adept at shape shifting and have heightened intuition which makes things suddenly appear in your consciousness. You are able to negotiate any changes by using your intuition. Your image is of two of your guides who are brothers and have served as monks in a past life. These two wonderful characters are ever so proud to be working with you and I feel they are here to help with your healing power and take it a step further. They are here to help you to connect with your healing and use it for the greater good as they know you will. Your self sacrifice brings a deep form of healing to all who suffer. They also bring you the colours Red for your base chakra, Orange for your sacral chakra and Yellow for your solar plexus. Love, Light and Healing, 31636543 82829737 117500072 J Anderson D.O.B: 10-05-1964 Birth Number: 8 Birth Colour: Silver (attracts Green) Zodiac Sign: Taurus You are born into the Silver Ray with the number 8 which brings you balance between two worlds and harmony. You unify your knowledge with awareness and you have a strong connection to the stars and space. I would expect you are good with technology. You a nurturer and have a willingness please and to give. The image that I offer you is a guide that comes to you with real feminine power. She is a total warrior chick! She is strong, brave, and quick. She has great knowledge of the land, sea, stars and sky. She brings you protection and independence. Your guide wishes to let you know that there is a situation in your life that has been making you feel harassed and she wants you to know she will be by your side, helping you fend off danger. She wants you to know that it is safe for you to stand up for yourself because a life lived with courage is a life lived to the full. You need to acknowledge and release some tension and anger that has built up inside you. Just think about all the things that are making you mad until you can practically feel the steam coming out of your ears. Then work at your anger in a safe way and it will soon fizzle out, allowing you to be a cool chick again. Remember that fear is just an illusion and once you choose to defeat it, acknowledge it, you can release it! You are brave and powerful women and you should not feel fear of anything. Release all fear and you will be unstoppable. Seeing that fear as an illusion will make your dreams become real. You are in a period of growth. It means pushing through boundaries to become wise, calm and in control. Celebrate this opportunity and embrace your experiences. Growth is a steady, gentle process that requires self love and patience on your part. One day you will look back at all of this and feel so proud of yourself. It is safe for you to stand by your own beliefs. Your beliefs are the essence of yourself. Choose them with wisdom, honesty and courage. This will lead you to a life so awe-inspiring to everyone around you and your heart will be feeling as light as a feather (unlike the heaviness that is there now). All that you give out will return to you one day. Love, Light & Healing, Frankey 34780555 117500073 82829677 C Shaw 34901604 86314985 117500074 Love is the Lightworker Movement Love is the Lightworker Movement 142722617 C Lodise D.O.B: 05-12-1971 Birth Number: 8 Birth Colour: Silver (attracts Green) Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius Born into the Silver ray is a true blessing and you will find yourself at the centre of attention all the time. Your personality is magnetic and you carry a positive energy around with you. You get smiles all day long from people in the street you don?t even know. You have very strong communication skills and like technology. You have divine healing energy and many angels and guides with you for channelling as they find you are the equilibrium between many people and dimensions. You will unify your knowledge with your awareness and be able to balance the world of spirit and matter. Your image is telling you that all knowledge is within you and around you. You are going to help others through writing and teaching what you have learnt and help them to find their own inner strengths. More of your own self confidence is needed to utilize all your talents fully and value them. All your difficulties must be regarded as positive steps up a ladder. Provided that you ask the right questions to the universe you have the chance for a real break-through and this will be expressed by yourself in a creative way and will open you to many mystical experiences. In this period you will have to decide on two possibly three main objectives that you wish to concentrate on. You must approach all opportunities with a defined set of priorities and know what your objectives are. You will feel spiritual success and be able to give yourself some credit for what you have attained in such a short period of time. I feel the need to mention that bird headed beings represent being connected to God and ascension of your soul and the evolution of your consciousness. I am also being guided to tell you that you need to look into the violet flame on Violet is a higher frequency in the colour spectrum and it is linked to your Crown Chakra, which opens and allows you to receive messages. The flame is a tool to help you release karma, raise frequency, consciousness, awareness, accelerate your spiritual growth and activate your DNA. Love, Light & Healing, Frankey Craig 34901605 Love is the Movement 2 Love is the Movement 2 142722618 88801311 117500075 L Browne D.O.B: 21-08-1969 Birth Number: 7 Birth Colour: Violet (attracts Yellow) Zodiac Sign: Leo Your birth colour is Violet and you travel in the Ray of The Spirit of Power & Knowledge. Your number 7enables you to be intuitive, have inspirational insight and are very sensitive in every aspect of the word. You are ever so compassionate towards others and very loving and wise. You have always had a knowing and faith that life continues and are attracted to magic! Meditation would be excellent for you if you can get in the routine. You can start with a simple breath meditation breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth, feel the breath start and feel it leave you. And then get to know the 7 chakras of your body and do some chakra meditations. You will certainly benefit from doing this. As we all know that meditation relaxes and rejuvenates your mind, body and soul. At present I feel that you are getting headaches and pain around your eyes. This is because your third eye (relates to the colour indigo) is not open and your crown chakra (relates to the colour violet) is blocked. Again, meditation will release this. I really feel that you should be doing something with your powers, you just need to release yourself and let go and know your own truth. The words growth and rebirth come into my mind. I see an egg and a rainbow mind and I feel you know that you are moving onto a new level of understanding in life. You have pushed through boundaries to become wise, cool and in control. If you look back on all the mistakes you will see them as blessings in disguise. If we didn?t mess things up we would not gain enough wisdom to make it better for the next time. Now remember that a tree or flower takes time to grow, so you mustn?t expect yourself or anything else to change instantly. Growth is a gentle, steady process that requires self-love and patience on your part. 35789124 88801312 117500076 Lucky Lavender D.O.B: 13-10-1980 Birth Number: 5 Birth Colour: Blue (attracts Red) Zodiac Sign: Libra You were born into the ray of The Spirit of Truth. You are intuitive, spiritually aware and you have a need to communicate. You like and need your rest. You have wisdom beyond your years and are a devoted individual and like to be of service to others. You attract the colour red which is the Spirit of Life. You will enjoy a challenge from time to time. The image I offer you with your reading is telling me that you have been giving yourself to people with no thought of reward and just enjoying being there for people you care about and I have to tell you that your healing power is taking effect on these people and inspiring them to help others too. I feel a connection with water and I feel that you would be very good at water scrying. Scrying is a method of divination and takes on many forms. Information received varies with the type of scrying you are using to get answers. Information can be objective, message given that are independing of the scryer - or subjective, determined or influenced by the scryer. Scrying can also be viewed as a form of mediumship. A symbol dictionary is often helpful. Scrying comes from the Old English word descry meaning to make out dimly or to reveal. Water represents the flow of the collective mind - the collective unconscious. It teaches us that our reality is forever changing - never to become what it once was. Our souls guide us to live in or near water. We are comfortable and relaxed staring out at calm waters. Ocean sounds are helpful in meditations. The ancients used water as part of Initiation rites. Water is linked with Aquarius - the water bearer - the moon - lunar energies and tides - the feminine aspects of our souls which represent higher frequency consciousness - to which we are now returning. Your next goal in to overcome any self doubt you have. I have two symbols, birds and horses and the goddess Rhiannon, who is the horse and bird goddess. She is telling me that the self doubt you feel right now is a form of fear ? it is the fear that will never be good enough or that you will always fail and take the wrong path. Don?t let this doubt ruin your life. Doubt is subtle and sneaky; it just quietly steals its way into your heart, destroying any positive beliefs you may have about yourself. Softly and slyly it will tell you that you can?t do this or will never achieve that. I implore you to stop doubt in its tracks! The second that you start to doubt, stop! Take a breath and call on Rhiannon to fill you with self belief and she will give you strength and dignity. Never look doubt in the eyes and it will never see fit to dwell in your heart. Believe in yourself, you are a capable person. Love, Light & Healing, FC 35789125 88801315 117500077 D Wolfe D.O.B: 27-04-1964 Birth Number: 6 Birth Colour: Indigo (attracts Orange) Zodiac Sign: Taurus You were born into the Indigo Ray of the Spirit of Power and Knowledge. You will always use your power well and have a good understanding through knowledge. Indigo symbolizes divine love and connection. You will have natural clairvoyance and a wild imagination. Indigo is attracted to Orange which is your creativity, your enthusiasm, your originality and your happiness! Orange also increases your psychic energy. You are a warrior spirit walking your own path and have many that have helped you find your direction in life and will continue to do so. You have discovered a secret about yourself and the world and now it is a time to share it through writing, poetry and music. You are to do this for the world that is longing for insight and healing. Your generosity, healing and nourishing power is present all around you, in your food and drink, in your dreams and particularly in the natural world we are blessed to live in. You can bring protection from all harmful influences by connecting to the perpetual stream of nourishing energy that flows from your very being. Your intuition is making things appear suddenly in your consciousness, this is about to change as you will now draw on your intuition to guide you through life. There will be rebirth and a new vibration for you to travel on. This will be a very exciting time. In around 6 weeks there is a celebration. As human beings, we need times when we can come together and enjoy each other?s company. It is proof we can all live in harmony, however impossible it may seem at times. By being at one with the natural world, we can all be together as a community. The image that comes with your reading helps me to see your intelligence, courage, generosity and your discovery! You are able to see life in a much wider perspective as an Eagle does. The eagle is a powerful ally; it is courageous and strong, drawing its power from the sun. You are able to detach yourself from everyday worries and cares. Please show others how you renew and rejuvenate themselves. Love, Light and Healing, FC 35789126 117500078 90053049 E Griffiths D.O.B: 02-08-1983 Birth Number: 4 Birth Colour: Green (attracts Silver) Zodiac Sign: Leo You were born into the Green Ray and travel with the Spirit of Evolution! You create harmony and balance (for example; a group of three women would need you to balance things out and not turn it into a three is a crowd type of thing). You have great compassion for others and have a healing energy as you allow people to tell you their problems. There is a gentle strength in you that others can see. There is a hyperactive side to your character. I also feel that you can get confused and feel disorientated at times and you find it difficult to concentrate. You love big wide open spaces and definitely need to make more time to go and visit them. The image that I have done for you tells me how huge your heart is and how your love and compassion helps so many people. You are a great person to be around and always put a smile on someone?s face. You communicate with people well and are happy to go anywhere. You have such a free spirit; it is hard to hold you down. The number 3 is significant to you. I feel a circle of 3 as well. You have such an open and loving character and unfortunately people have taken that for granted and I feel that you have been incredibly hurt. Enough tears have been shed now. It is time to learn about your spirit and concentrate on yourself and allow the ripple effect to begin. You need to look after your body and start nourishing it; I feel you are not taking enough care of yourself. Stop worrying about your weight and stop idolizing skinny movie stars! A healthy diet, teamed with exercise is the quickest way to build self-esteem and boosting your energy levels. I feel that you have a spiritual path ahead of you and that some of the people around you may not like it. I understand that it is hard to stand by your beliefs when someone is ridiculing them but be assured there will be enough support around you to just let those negative comments pass you by. Remember that your beliefs are the essence of yourself. Choose them with wisdom, honesty and courage. I feel that you are really having a rough ride at the moment and feel as frightened child watching a horror movie. Please see fear as an illusion and when you defeat it you will be able to live life freely. Do you want to spend every day feeling scared like the child watching the horror movie behind the cushion? Or do you want to stand up to fear, laugh in its face and watch it fizzle into a pathetic heap of nothingness? Life can seem scary, it really truly can. But only because you let it. Ask yourself what you would be doing today if you weren?t afraid? You know that you have strength, you can be brave and powerful, it?s time to show the world what you are made of. See fear as an illusion and your dreams will become real. Now, I wish to speak about Inner Peace. The Tibetan goddess Tara whose name means star comes to me and brings you peace and patience. Her symbols are the Lotus Flower and the Third Eye. Tara brings it to my attention that you are whizzing through life way too fast and not stopping to enjoy the good stuff along the way. You need to learn how to calm down and stay centred, so that you can get through any situation with a smile on your face. Remember this: Everything in life happens for a reason and it happens at exactly the right time. So what?s the point in being a stress head? Tara is watching over you and she knows that you are on the right path, experiencing all that you need to experience. We recommend breathing deeply to keep you calm and relaxed! In through your nose and out through your mouth. Do this until your stress has dissolved into whispy little clouds of happiness. Spend your days in perfect peace and your journey will be joyful. Love, Light & Healing, FC 36679208 I dance in the vibrations 108328482 117500079 D Blackwell D.O.B: 06-02-1975 Birth Number: 3 Birth Colour: Yellow (attracts the colour Violet) Zodiac Sign: Aquarius You were born into the Yellow ray of Thought and are on the vibration of the Spirit of Knowledge and Wisdom. This gives you certain character traits like intelligence, openness and a playful curiosity. The image that I offer you came to me very easily as a connection has already been made with you. Immediately I felt a great sense of history in nature. I felt as if I were a rock around a waterfall, living off vibrations. I felt very still and very adaptable. I felt a strong connection through you with water and got a huge amount of excitement and fun. The pleasure that water can give you and the way it can make you feel as light as a feather, connected to the world and at the mercy of the flow of the current. If we could live like that all of the time, wouldnt it be so much simpler? To be able to let go and allow the universe to be in control. I see how you can practice in the water starting with a shower in the morning and perhaps going for a swim once a week and learn to take the feelings that water gives you with you. Use the water as your meditation time. Time dedicated to feeling and not thought. The connection with you and nature is strong. I see plenty of forests and rocks to climb. You are walking the path of your destiny when outside in these forests. Through these forests there is ocean. This is where you will aspire to be. You have a past life connected to forests, this where the passion comes from. Memories and wishes, which may have long lain forgotten or repressed may emerge and will try to overwhelm you with their apparent negativity. You will face these experiences with compassion and courage and it will in the end bring you to an experience of greater depth of soul and greater sense of connectedness to life. Although at times you may feel overwhelmed with emotion, with time you will be able to achieve a sense of balance and stability, as these strong feelings are integrated in your consciousness. You will find that you have new passion and depth and have strong connections to everything around you. September 2009 is set to be a good month for you. The fish on the left hand side of your image is a carp, I did not know this as I drew it but spirit led me to the answer that there are a few dragons that began life as fish. Carp that can successfully jump rapids and leap over waterfalls can change into fish-dragons/water-dragons. A saying, -The carp has leaped through the dragons gate, - means success. To me, this means you are beginning to evolve into a water dragon and if you keep a universal attitude success will be yours. Love, Light & Healing, Frankey 40543884 I dance with the atoms 108328483 117500080 I dance with the vortex 108328484 117500081 R Varghese D.O.B: 10-02-1980 Birth Number: 3 Birth Colour: Yellow (attracts the colour Violet) Zodiac Sign: Aquarius You were born into the Yellow Ray of Thought and you travel on the vibration of the Spirit of Knowledge and Wisdom. You have wonderful intellect, wisdom beyond your years and are always looking for new ideas. I feel that you are a happy person, that is excitable and playful and you have a great imagination! You have good self confidence and a very open approach to life. You have lots of mental activity of thoughts, ideas and day to day concerns. The effects of this constant mind made chatter is causing you stress and this can also be related to your digestive disorder of IBS and your tension headaches & twitching eye. This is causing an energy imbalance in your stomach area (solar plexus). Good health is achieved when our energy levels are in a state of balance. When they are depleted or out of balance we become sick and unhappy. Living in balance and coping with change is the key to health. I feel Reiki healing would be really good for you. Having universal life energy channelled into your solar plexus will put you back in balance. Alternatively you can do a chakra meditation on a regular basis on your own. The image that I offer you is of a guide that draws close to you and wishes you to know that you are on the right path and have loved ones watching over you. The name Kali (the Hindu Goddess) is given and she is bringing you courage to get you through the rough ride you have been having. She wishes for you to see fear as an illusion and know that your dreams will become real. Nourish your mind and body because being healthy in body is vitally important. Give your spirit strength by nourishing your mind and body. Divine love and connection is in your life and thoughts are surrounding you. Allow yourself to communicate feelings and not allow it all to be your mind made thoughts. Actions speak louder than words. Allow your true voice to speak and you will find greater inner peace and wisdom. Love, Light & Healing, FC 40543886 I dance with the 4 corners 108328485 117500082 I dance with the energy 108328486 A Ashworth D.O.B: 15-06-1976 Birth Number: 8 Birth Colour: Silver (attracts Green) Zodiac Sign: Gemini Element: Air Metal: Quicksilver Gemstones: Diamond, Jade, Agate and Chrysoprase You were born into the Silver Ray which attracts you to the Spirit of Evolution in the Green ray. You are a good balancer of spirit and matter and unify knowledge with your awareness. You would make an excellent healer as you have a gentle strength. You feel most balanced and in harmony when you are outdoors in nature. I feel you have a laid back nature and love of chatting and socialising. A lover of 8mm films... Your ruling planet is Mercury, the quick-witted messenger of the gods. You have a sharp intellect and a gift for communication, persuasiveness and the ability to be in unexpected places at unexpected times. Your verbal or communicative skills are one of your greatest assests and tendency to reveal and spread gossip is one of your greatest weaknesses (lol). Love and sex is very complicated and even more so when it comes to you. Mentally, you are easily able to separate the two and act accordingly. However, there is a longing in you that this shouldn?t be possible. Result is confusion and your only solution is to listen to your irrational instincts a little bit more. I feel that you are experiencing pain in your neck, shoulders and upper back. It feels rigid and stiff and very painful. I am sending you healing to alleviate this for you. Send yourself positive healing thoughts when you are in the shower each day and imagine that the water is healing your body. Now is the time in your life for patience, perseverance, focus and concentration. Loved ones in the spirit world will be with you to undergo this transition. You will need to balance your time of being alone and being with others. Spending too much time alone can create feelings of isolation; having no time to oneself can be an avoidance of self knowledge and loneliness. You will need to reflect which you? Is your negative behaviour the cause of this? Growing means learning from mistakes and acting maturely. It means pushing through boundaries to become wise, calm and in control. Like a tree or a flower it takes time to grow and nothing happens instantly. Growth is subtle, gentle and a steady process that requires self-love and patience on your part. Grow with courage and you will grow up to the stars! Love, Light & Healing, Frankey Craig 41751197 117500083 I dance with the sun 108328487 Cheryl D.O.B: 22-11-1973 Birth Number: 1 Birth Colour: Red (attracted to Blue) Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius Element: Fire Ruler: Jupiter, God of Fortune Gemstones: Turquoise, Topaz, Sapphire and Amethyst Animal: Horse Bird: Eagle Flowers: Carnations and wall flowers Trees: Oak, Ash, Mulberry, Vine and Birch Numbers: 4 and 3 Positive Influences: Adventurous, thoughtful and independent Negative Influences: Impulsive, self-centred and domineering You were born into the Red ray with the Spirit of Life. You have great will power and determination. This is part of who you are. You are like a dynamic volcano and have a real intensity with you. You have powerful emotions and sometimes suffer from stress causing you illness. Currently I feel you need to feel reassured that you have every right to feel safe in your life and you do not have to be weak or afraid. It often seems easier to give into other peoples demands than to say no. You will soon come to the realization that you never have to accept a situation you are not comfortable with. Never make yourself vulnerable (especially when out drinking). Set your boundaries and you will set yourself free. You are going through life pretty fast and not really stopping to enjoy the good stuff. You need to calm down and learn how to stay centred, so that you can get through any situation with a smile on your face. Remember this: everything in life happens for a reason and it will always happen at exactly the right time. So there is no point in being stressed. Be assured that you are on the right path, experiencing all that you need to experience. I know that its tough to think when times are hard but breathing techniques can help you maintain inner peace. Breathing deeply in through your nose and out through your mouth. Do this until your stress has dissolved. You are a very creative person whether you know this or not. Your creativity goes into areas such as beauty, interior design and writing. Believing in yourself is the key to unleashing this creativity. Your beliefs are yours and nobody elses. Strengthen yourself and drive away any negative judgements. When you have a strong belief in yourself and you stick to it, you become untouchable. You have a friend who is a real comedienne and she can crack anyone up with her kooky antics. She is a Leo and loves the sun. This friend is a great girl to teach you how to lighten up and have more fun! She will soon get you giggling again! Start by getting up in the morning and putting some music on and having a dance around your room, sing songs in the shower and make silly faces to yourself just to make you laugh. Take some time out with the girls and have some serious fun. Life is sooooo cool when you choose to really enjoy it. Happiness is a decision. Choose to live life with laughter in your heart. The image that I offer you is of two swans, joined together to make a heart shape. Swans are often a symbol of love or fidelity because of their long-lasting monogamous relationships. Swans bring you the qualities of soul, of love, depth, grace and beauty. Through this relationship you will allow yourself to come into contact with your own soul more frequently. You may receive inspiration from the spirit world on how to do this. Love, Light & Healing, Frankey 41751198 117500084 M Hoyland D.O.B: 10-11-1966 Birth Number: 7 Birth Colour: Violet (attracts Yellow) Zodiac Sign: Scorpio Element: Water Metal: Plutonium & Iron Ruler: Pluto, The God of the Underworld Gemstones: Topaz, Snakestone, Ruby and all red stones Flowers: Heather and Chrysanthemum and dark red flowers such as Geraniums Trees: Thorn bearing varieties Animals: Wolf & Panther Birds: Eagle & Vulture You were born into the Violet Ray with the Spirit of Sacrifice and High Ideals. You have a great imagination and you can meditate very well. You love magic and have faith in what is true to you. You are sensitive and intuitive and are very inspirational and insightful. You have high ideals in life and great expectations. You can be challenging, secretive and head strong. You have strong determination and you are magnetic and sincere to people. I can see that in the past you have been good at saving money and you are responsible at paying your bills on time. You have 6 people in your life that you are emotionally attached to. You have always had a great connection with the earth and water and the stars. You can sometimes put too much trust in people and it feels like there is delay in your life at the moment and you are having difficulty in accepting this. Soon there will be a new beginning, possibly with risk involved that will require your wisdom and courage. You are very independent, practical, materialistic and interested in the arts. Good use of your practical talents will ensure you will prosper. There is a chance of a change of residence and some distant travel in the near future. Romance will be rushing into your life at the same time, but don?t be swept away. You must be cautious, strong and intelligent. Continue with your work and all your previous efforts will come into fruition. You will have to be willing to sacrifice lots of things and make a spiritual decision. I feel that there is a deep relationship that will be there for you and you will both have enough strength and vision to achieve success. I can see from the image that I have done for you that you are on your spiritual path learning all that you need to learn and having the right experiences at the right time. You beam with energy and are truly magnetic. I feel that you would be a great healer and you are fantastic at meditation. If you are not practicing mediumship then it is something you will find yourself doing later on down the road. Remember to nourish your body because what matters is how healthy you are on the inside. You can give such strength to your spirit by nourishing your body. I feel that you could grow your own food that will help you to have a regular connection with Mother Nature and see the earth as a sacred being. Transforming your diet with energize you and fill you with happiness. Love, Light & Healing, FC 43405401 117500085 J Beresford D.O.B: 14-07-1970 Birth Number: 2 - Represents duality, alteration; diversity; conflict; dependence. Two is a static condition. It is rooted, seen as balance (two sides); stability; reflection. Two are the opposite poles and also represents the dual nature of the human being. It is desire, since all that is manifests in duality and is in pairs of opposites. Birth Colour: Orange (attracts Indigo) - You were born into the colour Orange with the Spirit of Health & Purity on the vibration of the musical note D. Orange relates to our 2nd Chakra the Sacral Chakra: Located just beneath the navel, and related to our sexual and reproductive capacity. Blockage manifests as emotional problems or sexual guilt. Those born in the orange ray typically are creative, are enthusiastic, joyful and original people. You are attracted to the Indigo ray for it opens you to your clairvoyance, spiritual truths and imagination. Zodiac Sign: Cancer ? The Cancerian traits I feel you have picked up strongest are; you love home-life, family and domestic settings. You are a traditionalist, and enjoy operating on a fundamental level. You have a love of history, and are fascinated with the beginnings of things (heraldry, ancestry, etc.). The moon is your ruler, so you can be a bit contradictory and sometimes moody. You are quite conservative, so you are able to hide your moods from others altogether. You are a loyal and sympathetic friend. You need alone time, and when you retreat, it is best to allow you to do so on your terms :0) Ruler: The Moon, Goddess of Life ? The Moon is the second brightest object in the sky after the Sun. As the Moon orbits around the Earth once per month, the angle between the Earth, the Moon and the Sun changes; we see this as the cycle of the Moon's phases and this effects us more than we think. Isis the winged Egyptian goddess is associated with the moon. In the Book of the Dead, Isis was described as She who gives birth to heaven and earth, knows the orphan, knows the widow, seeks justice for the poor, and shelter for the weak. Element: Water - is symbolic of intuition, motion, emotion, psychic perception and transition among other meanings. The undines are the elemental beings that compose water. They are able to control, to a great degree, the course and function of the water element. The ruler of the undines is a called Necksa. The undines love, serve, and honour her unceasingly. They are emotional beings, very friendly and open to being of service to human beings. Metal: Silver - is symbolic of such attributes as awareness, clarity, and vision because of its bright/clear appearance. Silver is a symbol for strength because this metal withstands abuse, weathering, and even heat. Nevertheless, it can still be molded into desired forms. This is symbolic of a subtle strength. The message here is that we ourselves can be flexible enough to be molded into something better ? but strong enough to keep our core integrity intact. Gemstone: Pearl - is said to stimulate spiritual transformation, Promote prosperity and success, Encloses you with an aura of calm and beauty, Helps with stomach, digestion and emotional stress, Amplifies focus, meditation skills and wisdom and helps balance the solar plexus chakra (located above your navel and underneath your chest). Flower: Lily ? Keywords associated with the lily are; Hope, Faith, Birth, Purity, Renewal, Promise, Passion, Becoming, Chastity, Innocence, Fertility, Cleansing, Motherhood, Remembrance and Transitioning. Tree: Sycamore - Egyptian Pharaohs planted sycamore, lotus fruits and willow. Sycamore trees have been cultivated for a very long time and the Pharaohs called them Nehet. The oldest sycamore tree in Egypt is in Matarria and is known as Virgin Mary Tree. Animal: Otter - Like you, a little quirky, and unorthodox, the Otter is a hard one to figure sometimes. Perceived as unconventional, the Otter methods aren't the first ones chosen to get the job done. This is a big mistake on the part of others ? because although unconventional, the Otter's methods are usually quite effective. Yes, the Otter has unusual way of looking at things, but he/she is equipped with a brilliant imagination and intelligence, allowing him/her an edge over everyone else. Often very perceptive and intuitive, the Otter makes a very good friend, and can be very attentive. In a nurturing environment the Otter is sensitive, sympathetic, courageous, and honest. Left to his/her own devices, the Otter can be unscrupulous, lewd, rebellious, and isolated. Dearest Jane, I feel that the past you have had has really strengthened you and taught you patience, understanding and compassion - enough to soothe a savage beast in more effective ways than brute strength! Your have had your own inner beast - that part of yourself that "needs to feed." This beast always needs more money, more recognition, or it needs more food, alcohol or drugs to feel at ease. What does a human have that the rest of the natural world doesn't? What makes a human able to create, define, or interpret the personification of the devil? A mind. And with a human mind comes the human ego running along beside it. Ego tells us we're better than that girl, or we're not good enough for the glee club. Ego tells us we need external stimuli (drugs, alcohol, food) to be acceptable to society, or feel comfortable in our own skins. Ego tells us we need a new car to get respect or we need to put our spouse in his/her place so we are "on top." I feel that you have some serious examining to do. You need to consider who or what is in charge of your life. We are all designed for greatness, yet when we stoop to the level of ego-thinking and we're blind to our own beauty. This is not to say the ego is all bad. We all need our ego's to function. Ego is a problem only when we allow it to run through our thoughts unchecked. An uncontrolled mind is an ego-driven mind. An ego-driven mind is one that operates under the illusion that love and acceptance must be obtained at all cost. The truth is that love and acceptance can never be gained because they are always ours - they are at the core of our being at all times Nancy Lopez, one of the most accomplished women of the professional golf scene, made a fine point when she said: "Doubt yourself and you doubt everything you see. Judge yourself and you see judges everywhere. But if you listen to the sound of your own voice, you can rise above doubt and judgment. And you can see forever." There will be a time to heed your highest calling. When you are at a crossroads, and it is time to lift yourself up and transform your life. It will come at a pivotal time when you must be honest with yourself, judge what best action should be taken and rise up to the challenges to embrace your best life. Remember that higher energies are in motion to assist us in living a new, fresh, wonderful life and all you have to do is be open to them and honest to yourself. Just as the Christ was resurrected to a new phase of life, so too can we transform ourselves and move into a new way of living. Love, Light & Healing 45635180 117500086 117500087 Shirlene D.O.B 20-0166 Birth Number 7 Birth Color Violet (Complements Yellow) Dear Shirlene, To do this reading is a pleasure and it has been a wonderful experience connecting with you on this level. Straight away I felt that you are a highly intuitive lady with clairvoyant abilities. You have a huge amount of compassion for earth and all that reside within it. You have a deep connection with Mother Nature and have guides that take you out to her. Your compassion runs so deep. Your heart is absolutely massive and it has been hurt many times. You have a giving nature and have a habit of over giving and not allowing others to give to you (even if its just a compliment). I feel that this could be causing some blockage in your Solar Plexus (stomach/digestive/bowel) area. I ask you to allow give and take in all the relationships you have in this life and use the extra time you have for yourself. You have a lot of love around you. I feel that you are with your soul mate and you teach each other so much. Your growth together has reached an unbreakable strength. It;s truly beautiful. I am aware of a lady in spirit who draws close to you. Mother or Grandmother. She is pointing her finger out and telling you not to do something. I feel this is her saying that you are hard on yourself and you should give yourself a break and start looking at what you have achieved. You are a star for so many people. Ahead of you is coming a time for you to move on to a new phase. I see the blue in your life expanding and this indicates a flow of communication going in and out of your body through your clairvoyance. I dont know if you have considered trance mediumship but I feel that you would do well in this arena. I would like to offer you a pale pink rose from the spirit world around you and know when you sense this aroma they draw close. Love, Light & Healing, Frankey 84252316 Isabella D.O.B 1st November 72 Birth Number 4 Birth Color Green (compliments Silver) Dearest Isabella, Thank you for allowing me to make this connection and spend time with this lovely spirit who has come through for you. Your birth color is Green and this makes you a very good person for bringing balance to a group. Where there is an odd number, your energy will make the vibration right. You have compassion for people and you will be able to connect into mainstream healing very easily. I feel that you have a health problem at the moment and it is being caused because of your emotions. You are slightly off balance and you need to start introducing positive thinking and manifestation techniques to your life. Research Glenn Harrold meditations and also please see Dr Emotos work with Water on the website This lady in your picture loves you very much. She comes to you with comfort and softness. She is coming to help you bring balance to your life so that you can begin to heal. You are in a delicate process of learning how to properly balance the flow of give and take in your personal relationships. She asks you to speak less and look and listen more. Communication is not just words. You are being guided to go into nature where your awareness expands and you are able to connect back into the source. Dont not allow your mind to isolate you in fear or get stuck dwelling on misery. Instead, go outside and take in the natural world which is a wonderful free gift for you to enjoy. Outside you can focus on breathing in the divine that surrounds you. You are in God and God is in you. Have compassion for yourself as you seek balance with others. As this spirit guide to help you become more aware of how you give and receive in all relationships, not just the romantic kind. Love, Light & Healing, Frankey 84274209 117500088 Sian D.O.B 24th August 70 Birth Number 4 Birth Color is GREEN (this attracts Silver) Hi Sian, It is a pleasure to do this reading for you and I hope that you enjoy it and feel a connection with your artwork. You have such strength in your energy. I feel that you have been tested in this life many times and have only gotten through things because of your strength and determination. You are quite easy going person despite your determination and you are very self-reliant. You are kind and always have time for a stranger. You bring balance wherever you go. The image I have done for you comes to you and asks you to ask yourself to really open your eyes to the beauty around you and in you. It is everywhere and in everything and this guide is asking you back into nature to strengthen your oneness with the universe. Sometimes life gives you lemons but you are not to worry. This guide has also come to you to help you with your creativity and you will be able to start making some lemonade with those lemons that have been thrown your way! No matter whom you are or what you have inherited, life is always a blend of positive and negative. You are being urged to get back to nature and start with simple pleasures. This is a free gift from the universe and it is waiting for you to go out and enjoy it. Nature will bring you clarity. Start to enjoy the simple pleasures and all the pluses that come your way and get creative with the negatives. This way you will be able to transform the way you talk about negative things and situations around you and you can change it into one for the better. I feel that your nervous system has been over-stimulated and you need some quite time for contemplation and retreat. Step away and give yourself the time you need to revitalize your system. In doing so you will begin to sense, feel and even hear the voice of your own spirit, but only when you step into more natural surroundings. When you are contemplating your circumstances in the quite please try to resist putting any sense of urgency on any matters. Remember that the universe does not understand time and your true direction will make itself known if you are patient. Wait for all the necessary pieces of information to come together. I feel that your physical body is having some problems and I keep getting the color RED. This to me is the base of your spine and down your legs. This area feels blocked and needs re-energizing. Also your Sacral Chakra (below your belly button) has blockage too. Retreating to nature and grounding yourself will help these conditions. I feel that you really need rest and a healthy diet. Pay attention to your body as it is your temporary home while you are here on earth. It needs respect and attention. Listen to feelings, flutters and impulses you have. The universe speaks to you through your body and advises you, protects you and is guiding you through each day. Trust this and do not live in your head alone. Your Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, reception and telepathy are due to increase over the next few months. I see you accessing the fourth dimension and you have enlightened helpers who can assist you in so many ways. You may also start tapping into healing energies…… Record your dreams and believe in your hunches and accept symbols and signs being relayed to you. Ask your soul to lead you and to help you to embrace and trust what you receive. Love, Light & Healing, Frankey 84429238 117500089 Gillian D.O.B 16th December 67 Birth Number 8 Birth Colour is SILVER (compliments GREEN) Dearest Gillian, Thank you for connecting and enabling me to do this reading for you. The energy that I have felt from this reading is great. You have many loved ones in the spirit world who are with you at all times (including animals). The spirits that have shown their faces in this picture wish for you to know that they are with you also. There are many in this picture and when you sit still with it and allow your eyes to relax you can see more and more. I feel that you need to relax and this picture can help you do that. You can meditate with this and just allow your mind to be quiet and become aware of your breath. Allow yourself 5-10 minutes each day to do this. I feel that everything is busy around you and there is lots going on. It feels a little draining to me. You are a wonderful person and you have lots of compassion for others and this is draining you at times. I feel that your stomach area suffers. Protect yourself in any way you want to imagine. It can be a bubble, a shield or your favorite colour around you. Imagine that this protects you from all negative energy. If you feel someone is draining you just draw your attention to your protection. The word motherhood comes to my mind and it feels as though it has a strong influence over you. You are a natural mother and you have those instincts even though I do not feel you have a baby. I do see you as a great person with kids. At this time I feel you are faced with choices and you are feeling confused about which direction to take. I see you walking a lot with a dog? And the moon has a big influence over you. I feel that I want to tell you that every path will bring you blessings. No decision is wrong, so feel comfortable with the choices you make and go with the flow. As long as you keep your goals in sight you will always end up at your final destination. Ok, so I see that you need to begin to focus on your health and healing. This should be your priority over the next few months. I see symbols of water pools and the sun and the goddess Sulis who suggests that you look at where things aren’t working in your life. Often our illness is a reflection of what is going on inside of us and it can be helped with positive thinking. Take your health into your own hands to give your body the best. You deserve to be healthy and you will be in perfect health. Please call on the goddess Sulis when you need help with healing. You can imagine yourself by a pool of natural water in the sun and she will come to you and give you divine healing. A positive affirmation for you to say each day is I DERSERVE TO BE HEALTHY; I AM IN PERFECT HEALTH, I CHOOSE WHAT IS BEST FOR MY HEALTH. Love, Light & Healing, Frankey 84809646 117500090 Maryann D.O.B ; 030575 Birth Number 3 Birth Colour is YELLOW (attracts Violet) Dearest Maryann, Thank you for making this connection and enabling me to do to do this reading for you. I feel the warm Yellow ray that you were born into. You are great at planning and organising and I feel at times your mind is a bit wild with thoughts going around and around. You are intelligent, happy and sociable. I feel that you are a warm personality with an open attitude. Your imagination is wonderful and I feel that you may be drawn towards magic, angels and fantasy art. You would do well with spells and are a wonderful white witch. The Goddess that comes to you in this image is Green Tara. The Goddess of Compassion; The One Who Saves. Tara is a female Bodhisattva typically associated with Tibetan Buddhism. She is the "mother of liberation", and represents the virtues of success in work and achievements. Tara governs the Underworld, the Earth and the Heavens, birth, death and regeneration, love and war, the seasons, all that lives and grows, the Moon cycles - Luna - feminine - creation. Green Tara is incarnated in all good women, like you. New beginnings are on the horizon. The number 11 is very clear to me. Trust your desire for change and ask Green Tara to give you the courage to help initiate it. Commit to your new ideas, start writing and act in confidence. All the elements for your success are in place. Take that leap of faith and commit to what you truly want. Sooner or later in your evolutionary process you will realise it is the act of creating that brings you satisfaction. Contentment in what you have created but after a while your creative juices long to flow again. Life is an endless stream of choices, and doing what is best is never a simple thing. The key to making a good decision is to follow your heart and attend to what you really care about. Focus on priorities that feed your soul and do not become overwhelmed by the demands or expectations of others. Embrace life and the role you have carved for yourself. Through your focus, dedication and stability you will begin to emerge from the background and become recognised for your competence and wisdom. Others are naturally attracted to your vibration as they rightfully sense that you can be trusted. Shine your bright light on the world! Love, Light & Healing, Frankey 85507398 117500091 Cris D.O.B 18th June 1990 Birth Number 7 Birth Colour is VIOLET (attracts Yellow) Dear Cris, Thank you for allowing me to do this reading for you. You are a lovely young lady with a gentle energy that was a treat to be around. I hope that you find the following words positive. Your world is surrounded with love. Flower energies draw close to you. During the 18th century sending flower messages based on a Turkish secret language of flowers became popular. This was known as sending a 'Persian Selam' - a coded bouquet to reveal your feelings of love or attraction. The Victorians became very knowledgeable in flower language and chose their bouquets carefully. Flowers gave them a secret language that enabled them to communicate feelings that the propriety of the times would not allow, there were strict restraints on courtship and any displays of emotion.The flowers came to me when I did this reading for you to reveal some messages. The Bluebells came to tell you that you will have ever lasting love and humility. The Daisies represent your innocence, gentleness, loyalty and purity. The Geranium represents you eccentric character and love for the material. You have the gift of wonderful intuition. Deep down you know how everything is going to turn out. You may not be entirely comfortable with the insight or feelings that you get from time to time and I feel that you do not know exactly what to do when this happens. I really feel that you need to start to learn to TRUST your own feelings and instincts and not allow your mind to get in the way and do all the talking. Your healer guide is on her way to you to help you through a period of loss, regret, disappointment or grief. Whether this is caused by something in the past or present, your heart will soon be ready to unburden your pain and your soul will grow from this experience. All pain will transform into learning for you and your joy shall return. You will seek help in books and from other sources; this will also help you grow. Your healer guide will be there to lift up your heart. You will learn that sometimes life gives you lemons and the best way to get through the bad times is to get creative with the negatives by using positive thinking. No matter what happens, life will always be a blend of positive and negative. When something ends something else new is born. Be open to change and embrace all transformation. Keep these words to remind you that life is all about change and growing. Love, Light & Healing, Frankey 84833180 117500092 Hazel D.O.B. 13-01-1957 Birth Number 9 Birth Color is Golden Yellow (attracts Magenta) Dearest Hazel, Thank you for allowing me to connect with you and o this reading. You were born in the Golden Yellow ray. You are truly a self-less soul. You desire to be of service to humanity. You are very forgiving and a shining light for so many. I also feel that you are very affectionate and wise. As soon as I connected in with you I felt the energy of a mystical soul with healing powers that go beyond average. Your blood line carries this mystical DNA. You have a wonderful relationship with spirit and work with many. The lady that comes to you in this image is a mystic from your bloodline but I feel that her times were long ago. She draws close to you at this time to enhance your confidence and healing abilities. She comes with every healing color possible and encourages you to heal from the inside and work your way outwards into the world. She advises you to keep control of your emotions through times of change and transition. Do not allow anyone to manipulate you emotionally. Change is definitely in the air, and the uncertainty at hand is stirring up potential stress, anxiety or insecurity. Recognize the potential stress and choose not to put energy into those areas by remaining calm, cool and collected. Stay in touch with your higher self and you will know that you can handle anything beautifully that comes your way by staying grounded, detached and relaxed. Apply your intuition to non threatening situations and learn how it works. Don;t try to control it because you cant. Its exciting, powerful and it is to be respected and followed. Trust yourself. Your healer guide will help lift your heart, and turn any loss or pain over to their loving care. Trust their counsel as they will urge you to pick up a book that will assist you in your current situation and they will encourage you to seek other sources of help. The Goddess Lilith draws close to me with a serpent. She leads you to a forest or woody area where she will give you healing. She wants you to realize that you have been giving too much of your energy away and now is the time for self healing and energy conservation. Love, Light & Healing Frankey 85358802 117500093 Pippa D.O.B 23-02-1970 Birth Number 7 Birth Color Violet (attracts Yellow) Hey there Pippa, I really hope that you enjoy this reading and find it positive. Please keep your mind and heart open. When I started to do this image for you I really felt that you have magic within you. I felt that you are drawn to Wicca or Paganism. I see you have powers that you will work on and you will become very good at spells, rituals and circles. The pyramid in the image made me want to go to Egypt and find out all about what is in the pyramids. I know that we cannot access this but we can meditate and hope to project ourselves to that place. The pyramids hold so many truths about the human race. You always have new ideas and like to be planning and organizing. I feel like you have vivid dreams too. You are hyper sensitive and suffer from mood swings. This can all be helped with meditation. And remember to protect yourself with a shield, a bubble, or your favorite color so that no negative energies can affect you. Use positive affirmations to affirm this. The presence of God is everywhere, so if you feel like you are disconnected from the divine; Go out into nature. This is where you will connect back in with the source and gain greater clarity and insight into your own life. Go outside and take in the natural world and all its beauty. It is a free gift for you to enjoy. Breathe in the divine and know that you are in god and god is in you. You are in a process of finding balance in your life and the relationships around you. Your guide comes to you to help you better align your relationships so that you do not give or take too much from one another. Have compassion for yourself as you seek balance. Ask your guides to help you become more aware of how you give and receive in relationships (NOT just the romantic kind). There is no difference in giving and receiving love. You will soon be encouraged to consciously and fully embrace the leadership role you are carving out for yourself. Through your focus, dedications, stability and discipline you will become recognized for your competence and wisdom. The spirit world is your guiding force as you motivate and inspire others! Your assignment shall be to shine your bright light on the world and make no apologies for it. Be mindful and aware that you do not over drive yourself and become disconnected from spirit, or you risk getting burnt out. Enthusiasm is like fire and must be contained or it can consume you. Lead on with confidence friend. Love, Light & Healing Frankey 85362169 117500094 Angie D.O.B - 12th November 1972 Birth Number - 6 Birth Color Indigo (attracts Orange) Dear Angie, I hope that you enjoy this reading and find it positive. I had a wonderful time doing your artwork and connecting in with energies of your loved ones, guides and angels. I feel that you are a very intuitive person. You have very good instincts about people and situations. You are very individual and have a great imagination. You are generally happy, excited and open. You are intelligent and like to socialize. I also feel you are also hard working. You can be domineering. The image I have done for you indicated to me that you are a mother of two or will be a mother of two. I feel that your Solar Plexus (stomach area) has some digestive problems and I feel this is related to you suppressing yourself from being completely innovative and free. Let go a little more and allow yourself to have more of a go with the flow attitude. A chakra balancing meditation would help you and with a daily positive affirmation such as; I HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE INNOVATIVE AND FREE. You will begin to feel better. I feel that life for you right now is good and that this is barely scratching the surface for what is possible for you. Follow your intuition and get out to new surroundings and explore your spirit. Let go and flirt, laugh and feel good about yourself. You need to let your hair down and live a little. Build your confidence up by going out into nature for walks and really feel yourself connect with the divine. The outside world is a garden of healing and a gift from Mother Nature for you to enjoy. The nature spirits will ground you and ensure you feel stable and secure. On its way to you is support and generosity. You will find relationships around you are all about giving and receiving and no one is doing more than the other. Achieving balance with all relationships around you will help keep you grounded for the future. Have compassion for yourself as you seek balance. Ask your guides to help you heal and understand that there is no difference in giving and receiving love. Love, Light & Healing, Frankey 85395900 117500095 Roanna D.O.B 23rd September 1969 Birth Number 3 Birth Color is yellow (attracts Violet) Dearest Roanna, I had an incredible time doing your artwork and I hope that it speaks to you as much as it did to me. The colors and the vibration from the picture make me think that sound healing would be something good for you to look into. You have a lot of energy and would make an excellent healer. Your chakras are balanced and you are healthy. You are on a spiritual path and the image that you see is like a Lotus Flower and it is a symbol for the Tibetan Goddess Tara. She is the goddess of inner peace and patience and her name means STAR. Tara comes to you at this time to help you chill out and calm down and stop whizzing around so much. You are going through life so fast at times that you do not stop to enjoy the good stuff. Tara wants you to find the time and space in your life to relax out and nurture your mind, body and soul. Tara is also wants me to say that everything in life happens for a reason and it will always happen at exactly the right time. So there is no point in being stressed about things we cannot control. Tara is watching over you and she knows that you are on the right path. She recommends breathing deeply as a great way to relax, in through your nose and out through your mouth. Do this until your stress begins to dissolve into whispy little clouds of calm. Any frustration you may have is a longing to learn more, expand knowledge, dare more and create more. You are going to embrace a new creative project and you would not have been able to do so had you not been through what you have. Everything happens for our evolutionary process. Start to let go more, lighten up and have some fun. Laughter can instantly wash away all your cares it really is the best medicine. Do anything that makes you laugh or smile; Make Funny faces in the mirror, dance around to your favorite tunes, watch your favorite comedian;. You can do anything that lifts your mood to a more relaxed and happy one. Happiness is a decision and you can choose to live with laughter in your heart. Love, Light & Healing, Frankey 85402814 117500096 Cynthia D.O.B; 18071976 Birth Number is 3 Birth Colour is YELLOW (attracts Violet) Hey Cynthia, Thank you so much for allowing me to do this reading for you. I hope that you enjoy it and find it lifts your heart. I feel that you are a very warm and loving person. You are wise beyond your years and people come to you for advise. You are a bit like a cat because you are intelligent, independent, curious and playful. You are very cute. You are also very expressive you do this in creating all kinds of things.... This helps to keep you sane! It is good for you and you must stick to your creative work. When I did your picture first i drew a goddess that comes to visit you in your bedroom or where you have some dark pink curtains? She was beautiful and angelic. I feel that this goddess is the Scandinavian goddess Freya. She wears a magical Amber necklace. She wants you to love yourself inside and outside. She will help you do this. Allow her to come close to you and ask her for her guidance. Please research Freya as she is making it clear to me that there is more to say here than I can write. I feel that sometimes you are hard on yourself and at times you need to remind yourself that life is not black and white, me against you, all or nothing. Respect all the things that you create and appreciate them. Whether good, bad or indifferent, they all reflect your creativity. I would like to gently remind you that just as plants need to grow, too much water will drown their ability to blossom. The same principle applies in your efforts. Overdoing things is fear in disguise; do not allow it to keep you in a manic mode. Just trust that the universe has your back and everything will happen at the right time. Im not saying do not try but I am saying know when to stop. The image I have done for you is a hand of help reaching out to you from the darkness. This hand has all the knowledge. Look out for it. Hands say a lot about people and I feel you would be good at palmistry. Allow the universe to guide you towards it. For every new ambition, relationship and experience you seek, there is a commitment in place that must be eliminated. Your routines, habits and even types of free time must be sacrificed so that you can open up to new energies. Identify the things in your life or habits you have that must go. Be honest in your assessment and also be realistic about setting yourself new goals. To reach for something greater you must first let go of what is in your hand..... Love, Light & Healing, Frankey 85521528 117500097 Larasati D.O.B. 13th December 1982 Birth Number is 7 Your Birth Colour is VIOLET (attracts YELLOW) Hey there Lasarati! Thank you for allowing me to do this reading for you. I hope you enjoy it and feel positive. First I feel that you are a very loving person and so caring for your friends and family. You are very aware that there is spirits around us and you can feel them. Sometimes you get moody and you do not know why. This is because you are a very sensitive lady and energies around you can affect how you feel. Surround yourself with nice energies and do not let anyone moan to you too much. You are a fun person and intelligent. The angels surround you and put you in contact with the planets in the sky and the flowers on the ground. The Goddess Mary comes to you who is the Queen of Angels and she is symbolized by Children. Mary is with you now to help you make the right choice about becoming a mother. She lovingly says you should never take motherhood lightly. Bringing new life into this world is not easy. New life should be created out of love and commitment. Mary is advising you to take every possible precaution if you don?t want a child. Choose motherhood out of love and not need. At this time you are becoming more intuitive?.. You are like a flower bud beginning to open. It is beautiful. Just take it easy and do not whizz around doing too many things. Take some time to chill and relax and let your mind be cleared. Mediating would be wonderful if you have not tried it I recommend you do. Remember that everything that is happening in your life is for a reason and it all happens at the right time. Know that you are on the right path and you are experiencing all that you must experience. Nurture your mind, body and soul?. I now get lots of birds and horses coming to me with the Goddess Maeve who was a bold warrior and it is said that she stopped fighting when her menstrual cycle started each month! Maeve is saying to me that your body and every single one of its functions is beautiful, natural and powerful. Your female cycles are a powerful gift and not a curse. She urges you to look at them in positive light, to see how your monthly cycles connect you to Mother Earth (Gaia) and to see how incredible that it is that your body can create new life! She says get to know your monthly cycles and write down the start and finish dates as well as your symptoms. Tune in with your body and honor, cherish and nurture it. Healing will be sent to you from the Angels.... Love, Light & Healing, Frankey 85804384 117500098 Lorraine D.O.B. 15-10-60 Birth Number is 5 Birth Colour is BLUE (attracts RED) Dearest Lorraine, Thank you for allowing me to do this reading for you. I felt your creative spirit immediately and felt double creative! This took me a while to connect into as I felt so many energies with you and your journey has been so amazing. I bring you the image of this guide that comes to you with healing for your solar plexus (stomach area) and heart (for your emotions). He brings you water and nature. He guides you to refresh yourself and heal yourself through the water. Leave a crystal in the bottom of your water glass and feel the healing energy as you drink from it. Keep affirming how well you are and how great it feels to have this special healing water. This guide asks that you join him in Mother Natures garden where you will feel mental clarity and great physical healing. I am really drawn to the animals with you and I feel that you have a deep connection with them. I can feel one of your past life is in the druid era and you were working with animals then. You were definitely in England at some point but I feel more down South in the Glastonbury area and not Scotland where I would normally associate the Druids to. Glastonbury is the Heart Chakra of this Earth and I feel that you would really feel your roots there. I am getting the real sense that you are a shape shifter and a very adaptable soul. Your talents are endless! You blend with the spirit world so beautifully and they are letting you know that they are bringing you the excitement of rebirth, fertile abundance and willing release as each creative cycle ends. You will be able to negotiate times of change, and you will be able to draw on your intuition to guide you. I have a cat that comes to me that a loyal guardian to you. Big, Ginger and fluffy! She brings the ability to observe situations quietly, without judgment, before making decisions. You have the right to know and to judge important issues for yourself and in your own time. This cat unites your awareness of the spirit world with a highly developed sensuality. These two attributes are not polar opposites but are facets of one continuum of awareness and sensitivity. Working towards wholeness involves enhancing our appreciation for both the physical and non physical worlds. You will soon receive inspiration from the spirit world. Love, Light & Healing, Frankey :) 85804409 117500099 117500100 Judi D.O.B: 2nd May 1994 Birth Number is 3 Birth Colour is YELLOW (this attracts VIOLET) Hi Judi, Thank you so much for allowing me to do this reading for you. I hope that you find it helpful and positive. When I first connected with you I really felt your Yellow birth colour come through. You have lots of yellow in your aura as I see it. You will be great at planning and organising because you think everything through to the very last detail. I do feel that you worry a lot and that your mind goes pretty fast. You like reading and books. You are curious and playful and I feel you are independent. I really think you are like a cat...... The image that I have done for you is very special. This guide that draws close to you is a male guru from India. He comes to speak to you about learning to relax your mind and allow yourself special time to relax and have an empty head! You are very sensitive and intuitive and have all the ingredients to become a great healer - this guide wishes to lead you to your true potential which will be found from within. Have compassion for yourself as you have for others and do not put pressure where it is not needed. Take deep breaths and feel the air go into through your nose and out through your mouth.... Feel more grounded and centred. Do this as many times as it takes for you to relax. When you are not relaxing enough you will get problems in your stomach area and with your digestive system. There is lots of communication around you in spirit and physical and I can see that you will be helped to express yourself with greater clarity. The Greek Goddess Aphrodite comes to you and she has a message to help you make your next step..... She says 'Dont try and rush love' She wants you to be in a blissful relationship that makes you sparkle from within. However, she has some more work to do before she can bring you love. She is also with you to show you that your life and you are totally complete without a partner. If you are not feeling complete, shake things up and start taking a new class, make an effort to get together with friends or join the gym - anything that makes you feel good and fills your day, gives you purpose and strengthens your relationship with yourself. Learn to LOVE yourself (even if you have a zit on your chin) and embrace your life with just you in it. Then you will truly be ready for love. Aphrodite asks you to say to yourself each day I DESERVE TO BE LOVED. I AM BEAUTIFUL AND LOVEABLE. Love, Light & Healing, Frankey :) 86340618 117500101 Shirley D.O.B 15th June 1949 Birth Number is 8 Birth Colour is SILVER (this attracts the colour GREEN) Dearest Shirley, Thank you so much for connecting with me and allowing me to do this reading for you. I hope you find it helpful and positive. When I first felt your energy it was overwhelming. You are a great character with strong faith and beliefs. I feel you work with many energies in spirit and in this physical world. The image I have done for you is so vibrant with all the colour that is in your life. There are many energies in this picture, too many for me to identify. The main energy I did feel was a man older than 50 but not older than 70 and he loves you very much. I do not feel he would have been into spiritualism but he is experiencing something different now. He was a gentle spirit and would have dressed conservatively in life and enjoyed books. He will visit you in your garden in the form of a frog and always be close to you. I get a great sense that something is eating away at you. You need to step away from your emotions and dispassionately study the problems at hand so that you can find solutions without blame and projection. Ask yourself what the problems is and not who the problem is. Your guides come to help sharpen your perception and clarify your view so that you can make important and necessary changes at this time. Carl Jung once said ''When the diagnosis is correct the healing begins''. Your desire to seek solitude is appropriate as you are being counselled by your guides to retreat, and renew your soul with quiet contemplation. Your nervous system has been over stimulated and you cannot absorb any more input from the outside world. Step into more natural surroundings and reconnect with nature in whatever way is practical in your circumstances. Please try to resist the temptation to yield to any sense of emergency. All the information and facts are not apparent yet for you to be able to make the best decision. Be patient and this will all come. Make time for yourself now. Listen to your spirit. Love, Light & Healing, Frankey 86340619 117500102 Diana D.O.B 28th January 1986 Birth Number is 8 Your Birth Colour is SILVER (attracts GREEN) Hi there Diana, Thank you so much for connecting with me and enabling me to do this reading for you. I have really enjoyed the artwork on this one! First, I could really feel what a lovely energy you are. Very balanced and fair. You would be very good at Reiki healing as your energy is pure compassion. You are a understanding, a hard worker, ambitious and sometimes cautious. The image that I have done for you is of a goddess showing you how powerful your energy is and how you can connect into any healing colour and make a difference to the positive energy in people, animals, trees/plants/flowers and the earth. I feel like your energy is low and you need to start nourishing your body to build up your energy resources. You need to drink lots of water, snack on healthy food instead of sugary food that send your blood sugar levels slumping after a while. Take time to do meditation, yoga or just get some fresh air and exercise each day. I know this will help you. Gaia is the goddess that comes to you with the message for you to help her save this planet. You have power and the healing abilities to help her. She says that what you do to help her she will return to you in many ways. Try to do something to help the planet or someone each day, you will make a difference and even small actions can create a great change. There is a guide on earth who is coming to work with you soon and he will be focusing on your self esteem. He will make you realize you are fabulous just as you are and you are beautiful and a powerful woman! You will learn to honour yourself as a woman more and to respect yourself as a person and you will come to learn that all power will be yours. Also, see your body as a precious gift for you to give, and you will never let anyone take it for granted. Love, Light & Healing, Frankey 86340617 117500103 Nancy D.O.B 1st December 1952 Birth Number is 9 Birth Colour is Golden Yellow (this attracts Magenta) Dearest Nancy, Thank you so much for allowing me to do this reading for you. It has been such a wonderful experience. I hope you enjoy it and find it positive. When I did your artwork I started on yellow pastel paper and I used a white charcoal to draw the image of this man. It was such a simple drawing. He was still, quiet and peaceful. It took me a few days to decide what was happening next with this image and I continued to manipulate it until I knew there was no more to do. What a wonderful journey. This guide comes to you and makes you aware that you are ready to explore trance and physical phenomenon. He has come to raise your vibration beyond the one you are on to take you to new dimensions of past, present, future and eternity. This master is so gentle and nurturing, he travels with sound vibrations and colours that are magnificent. I don?t know what to call him and I don?t know where he is from, he is just a wonderful being that draws close to you. Master is the only word that comes to mind. When you sit still with this picture, it begins to breath and change?. Manipulation is a real keyword from him. `Your energy is just so lovely to be with. The golden yellow ray that you were born into gives you the gifts of selflessness, wisdom and goodwill. You are tender, loving and affectionate. I also feel your creative expression is beautiful in the artwork and sculptures you like, the way you decorate your home and your body ? it?s a feast for the eyes. I feel that a little healing is in order for you at this time and your guides are around you to help lift your heart and guide you to sources of help. It is time to get a fresh viewpoint on a few things. Gaia is present and making you aware of your marvelous physical body, her great gift to you. She asks you to take care of it with adequate rest, nutrition and a calm environment. Spend some extra time in nature, as it will restore you and ground you. Giving energy to your body will give strength to your soul. The number 11 flashes at me which is an important number in numerology and I feel this means new beginnings on the horizon. Everything that has happened so far has all happened for a reason and you are moving forwards and towards your true desires. All the elements for your success are in place and you should move forward in complete confidence. Love, Light & Healing, Frankey 86962847 117500104 Crystal D.O.B: 27th May 1970 Your Birth Number is 4 Your Birth Colour is GREEN (attracts SILVER) Dear Crystal, Thank you so much for allowing me to do this reading for you. I had a great time with the artwork and this wonderful cat guide that comes to you. It is definitely a male cat but Im not 100% on his colour. He brings the message that he comes with the ability to observe situations quietly, without judgment, before making decisions. This cat unites your awareness with the spiritual world with a highly developed sensitivity. Also, he brings the message that he is working on enhancing your appreciation of both the physical and non-physical worlds??. It is important to stay grounded in physical reality also. I feel much paranormal activity around you and you have the spirit of a white witch. I feel Wiccan is within you. You also have lots of purple around you indicating to me that you have magic in your life and a wonderful imagination! You are very individualistic and have strong clairvoyant energy which helps with this phenomenon that happens around you. Your personality is very much of a healer/teacher. You have a gentle strength and you are compassionate and understanding. I feel at this time it would be right for you to spend more time outside with Gaia. She calls you to her gardens and offers you grounding and mental clarity. Give your body adequate rest, proper diet and a peaceful environment. A strong connection to your body needs to be achieved. A spark from the divine is due to ignite your imagination soon after you have been with Gaia. It will then be time to act upon your impulses and initiate new beginnings. Don?t hold back and trust in your desire for change and ask your guides for the courage to make it happen. At any time you feel yourself in the grip of despair take yourself out into nature where the nature spirits with heal you. You will see that nature is the only healing you need. The feeling that I get is that you are going through something that is affecting your body and nature is the way to heal yourself. I feel that you are being guided to start appreciating all the small simple things in life and are being led to be with family and community more and to recognize your need for others, and the unspoken gifts they share with you. Ask yourself how you might contribute to the greater good and be responsible for your part in the greater scheme of things. Love, Light & Healing, Frankey 86962848 117500105 Darlene D.O.B - 26-12-1952 Birth Number - 10 Birth Colour - Magenta (attracts Golden Yellow) Hi Darlene, Thank you so much for allowing me to connect with your beautiful spirit. You were born in the Magenta ray and this ray makes you a highly sensitive person and you would have had mood swings as a younger lady but I feel you now understand your sensitivity. You are full of compassion and endeavour to help wherever it is needed with a smile on your face. You love life and you love your spirit. I feel that you have had many challenges in life and you can now see that from bad things good things happen. This guide that comes to you with the name Bornabazine which means Keeper of the Flame. He is from a Canadian tribe called The Abenaki Tribe. They were known as ''the people from the East''. He comes to me with this simple message - Kway, Nn8dodaia Taka pidigamek Kchi Niwaskw. The meaning of this message is Hello, follow me to enter The Great Spirit. He comes with such wisdom and compassion. He asks that you meditate with a white feather to call on him for guidance to THE GREAT SPIRIT. I feel that you have received much kindness and blessings in the past 6 months or so. The Universe has been showering you with gifts. You are being asked to or have already started? counting your blessings each day, taking care not to miss any or take them for granted. You can continue to expand your hearts capacity to receive all the Universe has to offer and expect good things to come. At present I feel Family is a apt word. The challenges of the past are met and thankfully, you have survived. Due to the universes influence you have strengthened your capacity to love, leaving you with an even deeper appreciation of those you love. The spirit world particularly shines on your family and home at this time and heeds all its prayers and is overseeing overall well-being. Your guide draws close to me to gently remind you that there is more to life than you are presently expressing, and are calling on you to remember your soul commitments of purpose and contribution to your fellow human beings. The confirm what you already know in your heart. You are being lovely urged to share your time and gifts with others. They wisely counsel you that the restlessness, emptiness and bordom you feel isnt the result of something missing in your life or something youve yet to attain, but rather is the reaction to unexpressed talent, creativity and love in your heart...... things your soul longs to give. ''Give more and your emptiness will subside''. Love, Light & Healing, Frankey 86962849 117500106 Lenka Lenka Borovska D.O.B 22-06-1982 Birth Number 3 Birth Colour is YELLOW (attracts VIOLET) Hi Lenka, Thank you so much for allowing me to do this reading for you. I can feel the yellow ray that you were born into. You are very creative person and I feel that you have vivid imagination. You think alot and are a curious person. You are in love with Nature and being outdoors with the big wide open sky and fresh air. You like to be part of outside and do not like too much human interaction. You are a peaceful person that is searching. The artwork that I have done for you expresses your love for outdoors and big landscapes. I feel that you will travel and take lots of pictures. In this image I feel it is a place you will go. You will know when you see all the red flowers everywhere. When this happens lots of things are going to change for you and you will begin to see synchronicity at work in your life. I feel that you are quite a rational person and that you analysis a lot of things in your life especially relationships. You do not love yourself and you do not see the beauty you have. You are a landscape and you are the sky, absolutely perfect. It is now the time to start to enjoy yourself and your environment. Splash colour on your walls, bring fresh flowers home, and make yourself beautiful as well. Perhaps try a new hairstyle or new cloths or a new perfume.... Something to make you feel good. Dont put it off, do it now! You are a beautiful human being and you deserve to feel good. Share your beauty with others and smile, be generous and help where you can see help is needed. Do these things and see the abundance come into your life! You will learn balance in all areas of your life. You will learn to give love and to receive love. When you love yourself you can truly accept love. Have compassion for yourself as you do for other people. Ask the universe to guide you to ways to give and receive love. There is no difference in giving and receiving love. Love, Light & Healing, Frankey 10-07-10 86962850 117500107 Kevin D.O.B 25-09-1993 Birth Number is 2 Birth Colour is ORANGE (attracts Indigo) Hi Kevin, Its such a pleasure to do this reading for you. I hope you find it positive and helpful. Firstly, the image I have done for you is a man around his mid-thirties that comes to you with a lot of positive vibes and love. He wants to help you feel stable and secure and wants to help you communicate your feelings with greater clarity. He says that you are a wise soul and you tend to think alone rather than share thoughts and concerns with others. You have a great bond with animals and feel the strength in their unspoken words. I get a feeling that the past had a sudden change of circumstances that has altered your feelings on security. I feel that you have done a lot of worrying for someone your age. You are very sensitive to those around you. I feel that unconsciously you seek others to reassure you or guarantee your needs in some way. I feel the way to resolve this is to start to let go of all the thoughts in your mind when it starts to worry or be negative. Replace all unhappy thoughts with a thought of something that does make you happy. In time you will re-train your mind and begin to attract positive energies and abundance. At this time I am feeling your dis-contentedness and you frustration and I feel that it is time to undertake a new project. You are a creative person born into the Orange ray and you have creative juices longing to flow! Once you start creating something new you will loose that frustration. Allowing yourself to create with lead you to the truth. To the truth of all the answers you seek. It will lead you to your higher self and inspire honesty, discipline and intellect. You will find clarity. You will learn to see the reality of what happened in the past and gain a more accurate understanding of what went on. You are being urged to start looking for the truth behind appearances. Start using meditation to relax your mind, body and soul. A Chakra meditation will really benefit you once a day. Love, Light & Healing, Frankey 90186256 Charlotte D.O.B 26-07-10 Birth Number 9 Birth Colour GOLDEN YELLOW (attracts Magenta) Dearest Charlotte, Thank you so much for allowing me to do this reading for you. I hope that you find it positive and helpful. Firstly, when I felt the beautiful golden yellow ray you were born into I felt that you are a really wise soul and very generous and giving. You see the good in so much and so many. This is a good thing but it has taught you hard lessons in life. The image I have done for you is like a crystal ball and I feel that you really want to know what the future holds for you. I have to say that nothing is set in stone, so I will not be making any statements. You have to continue to follow your heart and your feelings and no matter what happens you cant go wrong. You are on a path and it is up to you whether you change it. In the crystal ball I see a blue heart and I feel that you need better communication with your love. This is a lesson you are learning and a lesson you will become stronger from. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and everything that happens is happening for reasons we cannot comprehend. Please trust that the universe works in strange ways but for the greater good. The universe does not understand time and it will always make things happen when everything is right. Start to learn to let go more and go with the flow. Just enjoy each moment as it comes and do not think about the next until it happens. I am being urged to say that you need to indulge yourself a little. Live for the now and not for the later. Freshen up your home, your look or your garden. It will feel great and open the door to a new more positive phase. You are to stop anyalising things and allowing your emotions to get carried away with you. Just let things go and leave them be. Step away from drama and use the power of reason and take in all the factors. Surrender your mind and allow your soul to come alive. New life is set for your future. I feel new beginnings. You need to allow your creative juices to flow a little more and I feel you will let out so much that is within you. Move forward in life with a happy and positive approach. Seek natural ways to empower yourself and embrace the moment not the future. Love, Light & Healing, Frankey 90188770 117500108 117500109 Lucy D.o.B 10-10-1983 Birth Number 5 Birth Colour is BLUE (attracts Red) Hey Lucy, Thank you for allowing me to connect with you to do this reading. I hope that you find it positive and helpful. I can feel that you were born on the Blue ray because of your communication skills. You are really good with people and are very easy to talk to. I feel you have a fairly laid back and liberal attitude towards life and have a strong connection with music. The image I have done for you is of a magical flower surrounded by butterflys. Its a really positive image and it is vibrant with colour. I really do feel it represents your personality. You are multi-talented and original. You can get easily bored if you aren't challenged. I feel that in the past you have felt some emptiness and I feel that there is more to you than you were or are expressing. As you open up and let go and express your gifts and talents further and begin to share them with others you will begin to fill that empty void within you. I feel at this time you need to love yourself a little more. You are a magical and beautiful child of the divine and the universe is working with your soul to relieve you of any doubts you may have. Embrace who you are and have compassion for yourself as you do for others. You would certainly benefit from a good walk in nature. Re-connect with the divine and ground yourself. The focus is on you and not on anyone else. Do what you want and dont get side-tracked. Try meditation and holistic therapies to open your third eye and to balance your heart chakra. Love, Light & Healing, Frankey 90273639 117500110 Jacky D.o.B 11-02-1947 Birth Number 7 Birth Colour is VIOLET (attracts Yellow) Hi Jacky, Thank you so much for allowing me to do this reading for you. I hope you enjoy the image and find the words positive and helpful. Firstly, I feel that the Violet ray you were born into has always made you sensitive and given you a spiritual awareness. I feel you are connected within. You have a bond with the animal world and with the nature spirits. I feel that Spring and Summer are special months for you and if you are present enough you will see all the visits you get from nature. The butterflies draw very close to you at this time of year as well. You are an intelligent academic and have great organisational skills. I feel you have vivid dreams from time to time. This is all to do with the colour rays in which you travel on. I feel that in the recent past you have been concern about your finances and your security. Trying to conserve every penny. You may now realise there is enough for us all in this universe and if we continue to stay positive about the abundance the universe has to offer we will reap the rewards. Sometimes we can be offered things and take them for granted without realising how it really got there. From the bad times of the past has lead you onto your life's purpose and you are going with the flow. Your dedication will pay off in the long run, but even this is not important; your efforts are their own reward. Resist the temptation to push your self to exhaustion and take things easily and in your stride. Remain measured and steady. Pace yourself. Your spirit guides and angels are very pleased with your progress but remind you to rest at least once a week. All that has happened and is happening is making your psychic abilities come alive. Record your dreams, believe in your hunches and accept the symbols and signals being sent to you. Trust your vibes and embrace your psychic channels. What they are communicating is essential to your lifes purpose. Embrace and trust what you receive. 90308345 117500111 Jill D.o.B 28-12-1972 Birth Number 5 Birth Colour is BLUE (attracts Red) Hi Jill, Thank you for connecting with me for this reading. The Blue ray you were born on is wonderful and I can feel that you are really good with people and great at communicating. You are very sensitive, loving and I feel that you have angels around you. The image I have done for you is of the Angels and the Spirit world gather around a healing light. Their message is that you have healing abilities that you must share. They will work with you to ensure you are guided towards the right teachers on earth to help you tap into your abilities. All you have to do is ask the angels to help you three times. I feel that you have been spending much time on your own and this is by no accident. It is a direct summons from the divine to ensure you withdraw from the outer world and begin to connect with your inner world. Its really important to make time for yourself and give yourself a break. Stop the whirlwind of thoughts from going around your head by practising meditation or seeking holistic therapies. Your Angels are telling me that they are showering you with gifts and surprises at this time and they want you to recognise that these were from them and that their gifts are limitless. Open your heart to receive the abundance life has to offer you. Give of yourself freely and help where you know it is needed with no thought of reward other than the fact that you feel good doing it. Put out what you want back. Dont talk about the bad things in your life. Its OK to have some bad otherwise the good doesnt feel so good. Count your blessings each day even if they are simple. Go through your list of why you are grateful and watch how it grows each day. Turn every negative into a positive. This is not to deney any pain in your life, but to use it as an incentive to move to higher ground. Gather your angels to help guide you through; theyre not afraid of the lemons you encounter in life. Gather juice as fuel to invent better circumstances and ask the angels for inspiration and ideas. They have plenty to share. Love, Light & Healing, Frankey 90308346 117500112 Lesley D.o.B 27-05-1957 Birth Number 9 Birth Colour is GOLDEN YELLOW (attracts Magenta) Dearest Lesley, Thank you for connecting with me for this reading. Its a true pleasure to blend with your energy. I hope that you find the reading positive and insightful. I can feel the beautiful golden yellow ray you were born into and I feel that you are a very giving person with no thought of reward. You love nature and animals. You are also creative and have great taste in fabrics and textiles. The image I have done for you is from Natures Spirits and their message for you is that ''there is light at the end of the tunnel''. They ask of you to visit them often to help ground yourself and to help you reconnect in with Mother Nature on a regular basis. The flower world calls to you and in particular the Pansies. Pansies have long been flowers of remembrance. Indeed - they have often been placed upon memorial markers and stones to honor and remember those who are no longer on the physical plane. They are also a symbol of togetherness and union, and perhaps this is why they are so appropriate for remembering those who have passed from our lives. Their beauty is the perfect testimony to the love we have shared with others in the past. Keep pansies around you when you wish to remember the fond memories and kindnesses of loved ones who have passed from this earth. I feel that in the recent past your Divine Helpers have been at work urging you to be responsible for your part in the great scheme of things. Your influence on others is so important, and note that you are part of a big community. Learning to appreciate all fellow human beings and take nothing for granted. Recognize your need for others, and the unspoken gifts they share with you. You have been encouraged to move beyond your own self-interests and participate in a common effort. Continue to ask yourself how might I contribute to the greater good? OK so at this moment I am feeling that you are at risk of falling under the spell of self-criticism because of poor choices or poor learned behaviour, and this is bringing your energy down. You have been pulling back from others and isolating yourself. Your Divine Healers are surrounding you at this time offering unconditional love and affection as you struggle to regain your self-esteem. They ask you to remember that being here on Earth is like being in a classroom ? you're here to progress, and you'll make mistakes along the way. That's part of your learning process and necessary for your growth. Open your heart to forgive all mistakes and let go of all the rubbish. Those who do not try make no mistakes. Right now I feel that the near future guides you towards your inner child bringing extra humour, fantasy and energy into your life. Listen to your inner child when it calls and take time to daydream, fantasise, visualize, wonder and explore. Feed your inner child with recreational activities. You need extra magic in your life and your inner child can offer you this. Please take this advice and honour your inner child's needs otherwise it'll end up manifesting itself as a bad mood or depression. Lighten your heart, laugh, smile and help the world. Love, Light & Healing, Frankey 90308347 117500113 Gretchen D.o.B 22-02-1964 Birth Number 8 Birth Colour SILVER (attracts Green) Dear Gretchen, Thank you so much for connecting with me for this reading. It is a pleasure to blend with your beautiful spirit. You were born into the Silver ray which makes you wonderful at connecting people. You are full of humour and laughter! I love this! You are a positive person but you do suffer from periods of depression from time to time. The image I have done for you signifys the Water element,The Fish and The Pisces in your character. You are as changeable as water!You are a character of sudden storms, shifting currents and great calms. You have compassion, wisdom, memory, art, sensitivity, psychic powers, fantasy, and most of all humour. Depending on your mood you either rise to all of lifes challenges or do nothing and sink into oblivion. You have great compassion for others and enjoy music, beauty and harmony. You are eccentric too! And also a pleasure to be with. I feel in the past year work/business have been going well. I feel that if you continue to be generous as possible in your work and guard against becoming greedy or materialistic. Business is an art, which you can master if you work from the heart and work with love. You will be guided to the right place at the right time and be blessed with the right ideas to create a successful outcome. At this time I feel new life for you. Whatever you seek to create, it is happening! The Divine Mother, the fertile aspect of the divine feminine, is gracing your life right now, and with her influence she will get your creative juices flowing. Surrender your mind and allow your soul to come alive in her embrace. New life is on its way. Soon you will have choices, decisions and priorities to make and sort out. For every new experience you seek something must be let go of to give time for the new. Some of your current routines will have to change so that you can open up to new energies. You will have to identify what must go. Your Master teacher reminds you that even though the Universe does support your heart, it doesnt bypass the work that needs to be carried out to manifest your desires. In other words you reap what you sow. The best way to systematically move towards your goals is to sort out your priorities and decide what no longer serves you. To reach for something greater you must first let go of what is in your hand. Love, Light & Healing, Frankey 90308348 117500114 Maria D.o.B 22-04-1991 Birth Number 1 Birth Colour is RED (attracts Blue) Hi Maria, Thank you for connecting with me so that I can do this reading for you. I hope you enjoy it and find it positive. I can feel the Red ray that you were born into. This means that you are a fast paced person and you like a challenge. You are a sensitive young lady and you have a great sense of humour. The image I have done for you is of Nature. The red flowers call to you and ask you to remember to spend time outdoors because it is really good for your mind, body and soul. Just try to take a 10-20 minute walk each day (with no music) just listen to your breathing. You will feel so much better in every way. I feel that you do not eat properly or give your body enough nourishment. It is important to give your body all the vitamins and minerals it needs. When you eat junk food it makes you sleepy and un-motivates you. At this time you are listening to lots of music and it makes you feel better but some of this music is rebellious and it is not who you are. The Angels surround you and will help give you the courage to change things for the better. Whatever it is that you want be positive about getting it (as long as it isnt going to hurt anyone). Are you moving home? Because I feel like there is changes for you and you will be readjusting to your home environment. Whatever is going on in your life embrace all the changes and welcome new things. Be positive about everything and always smile no matter what. Lots of Love, Light & Healing, Frankey 90741867 Donna 91594249 117500115 Natasja 91594813 117500116 Elaine 91595433 117500117 Ana 91596953 117500118 Victoria 91597176 117500119 Nicalene Boyle Reading emailed 14th December 2010 Free Member Reading for Nicalene This man in the image came from Mongolia and he was a warrior who fought for the legendary Chingis Khaan whose empire stretched across Asia. His energy is the strongest I've ever felt. Baghatur is this guides name. I also feel he had Turkish connections. 109914827 117500120 117500121 117500122 117500123 117500124 117500125 117500126 117500127 117500128 117500129 117500130 117500131 117500132 117500133 196900404