The Path of Pollen Mandala

Life has meaning. To me the world, nature speaks to me all of the time. Everything is symbolic and I very much enjoy the journey of researching what the symbols mean to me.

Hexagons and bees entered my consciousness for teachings many years ago and I have enjoyed exploring and learning their meaning, medicine and mysticism. I find that every time I work with these energies I am exploring something new within myself.

I’ve been making my way up the spectrum of colours with the mandalas I paint. I knew I wanted to explore the yellow realm with this mandala so who better to do that with than the bees? I couldn’t think of any other design more fitting. Plus, I began working with a new business at the same time called ‘The Hive’. I do love those HUGE synchronistic events that happen in your life. This was just one of many with my bee-u-ti-ful friends.

As I began painting this mandala, I also began eating raw honey every day, actually, it was more like late at night when I was painting! Then, I was given some actual bee pollen to ingest (which I now do quite regularly at work) and my boss also carries all kinds of bee products! I’m surrounded. I couldn’t BEE more into the honey bee energy if I tried! They have literally swarmed around me, welcoming me with open arms and have made me feel a part of their community. I felt like I was becoming a part of the hive.

Exploring the yellow realm has been a challenging journey for me as the solar plexus has always been an energy centre I have had blockages in. I really have to push myself to work with the issues the yellow energies bring up for me. Nevertheless, I soldiered on and did my inner work as I went along. I’m pretty sure all the honey and pollen I’ve ingested has actually assisted my healing process greatly.

The colour yellow relates to our Solar Plexus chakra which is situated below our ribs. The organs to which this chakra relates are the liver, spleen, stomach, pancreas and small intestine.

On a psycho-spiritual level, yellow relates to our self worth. How we feel about ourselves and how we feel others perceive us. This is the area of the personality that carries the ego, the intellect and self confidence.

So, this wonderful yellow energy triggered all kinds of things in my life for healing which was centered around all of the above! As with all of my Mandalas, it’s a very healing process when you truly connect with it and I feel the energies are of a very high and pure vibration with intentions for your highest good, always.

From a colour therapy perspective, I want to share that Yellow is a "warm" colour and it has a very stimulating effect. It is afterall the colour of the intellect and can be very helpful with study or where concentration and focus are required. A great colour for mandala work!

I adore how the beehive is a neatly formed labyrinth of hexagons that speaks to us at a cellular level. I love the way hexagons connect. It’s like lego, it just snaps into place. No wonder we find The hexagon all over the natural world, even in our own DNA.

“The hexagon is one of the dominant geometric forms in the microscopic realm of organic and inorganic chemistry. For example; the hexagon is one of the tiny subunits that give structure to DNA, the chromosomal constituent of living cell tissue, of basic genetic, life determining matter. It is an extremely important shape for healing work, especially for our DNA” - Mnemosyne Foundation

Let’s now talk about our bee friends. After researching I can see that bee wisdom can be traced through many ancient cultures throughout history and this didn’t surprise me to find out how revered they are all around the world, my research even took me inter-galactic as their is a bee connection with very high vibrational Beings who reside in the Pleiades star system. They have such a royal energy about them. No wonder we call the queen bee the queen bee!

“The term queen bee is typically used to refer to an adult, mated female that lives in a honey bee colony or hive; she is usually the mother of most, if not all, of the bees in the beehive. The queens are developed from larvae selected by worker bees and specially fed in order to become sexually mature”. - wikipedia

I love that there is ‘the mother’ energy present at all times, the queen, the divine feminine who is making sure all of her children are cared for. Her thousands of babies work unceasingly for the common good of the hive, and they obey without question what sometimes appears to be an unquestionable hierarchy! I bet my mother wished I listened as well as the baby bees do!

"The bee is more honored than other animals, not because she labors, but because she labors for others." - St. John Chrysostom

The bee energies helped me to work diligently, showing me how to distribute my energy evenly and to simplify tasks. They are methodical, simple, structured, cooperative and unified. They are the bringers of order and work together as a collective because they know that their efforts will bring much sweetness to ALL. They work for a much, much bigger picture than any of us can truly fathom. Bee shows us we can accomplish what seems impossible by having dedication and working hard. They ask us to pursue our dreams with incredible focus and fertilize our aspirations. Bee teaches us to cooperate with others who have similar goals so we can learn how to help each other.

Bee shamanism exists throughout the world, which, I only just discovered and met one! Some of the bee shamans medicinal tools are; honey, pollen, propolis, and royal jelly. They play a very important Earth Keeper role on this earth, they hold a high vibration of service and are the pollinators of evolving planets.

Even though a bee is capable of inflicting a really painful sting I also want to share that they are also very powerful agents of healing.
The bees teach us to stand strong and trust what we believe. Even though aggression is not our predominate attribute the bees are teaching us when to protect the collective.

In these times, the Earth is our Hive.

The bee manufacture a natural antiseptic called propolis which they smear onto their hives to prevent disease. They purify energy with their golden light.

It goes so much deeper with the bees. It makes me feel sad because they are so important to Earth and are now on our list of endangered species. I feel passionate about keeping them here and honouring them for the role they play here.

There is an ‘’alleged’’ Albert Einstein quote that goes “If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, man would have no more than four years to live.” Although there is debate whether he actually ever said this, the truth is that our bees DO play an important role on Earth. They are the Master pollinators, assisting with the reproductive cycle of plants. And this goes beyond the beauty of flowers; their pollination powers impact important crops of all kinds. Bees play a key role in the delicate balance of earth's ecosystem. Then there are those special bees that serve as honey producers, delivering that magically sweet golden nectar to us.

The bee’s are sharing their message of creating a New Earth through teamwork and community. Maybe you feel yourself being called to add your talents to humanity? What personal contributions do you have that could make the world better?

In these exciting, transformational and spiritually evolving times, many of us are being called to add our energies to the collective consciousness in order to raise the vibration of the planet. The bees are inviting you to join with this community.

As you connect with the path of pollen you activate healing, strength, divine inspiration, and creative power. Remembrance of your divine essence.
Reflect on your past to create your future and acknowledge that everything is interconnected and leads back to the centre of All Things.

You are encouraged to learn more about the bees! You will be amazed at how fascinating they are and you will find yourself respecting them and obligated to assist them with their duties here on Earth.

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