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When I lived in the UK, I was a part of several development groups but since I have moved around so much it has been difficult to find a steady group. If any of you feel the same way or just simply don't have a group in your area then this subscription may appeal to you. 

The group is located on Facebook! It is a great platform for everything that gets shared. You will need a Facebook account to be able to participate. 

Through the Spiritual Development Subscription and your commitment to your own personal growth you can truly BLOOM. I share personal insights, tools, resources and techniques for navigating the energies within you and around you that are designed to propel your spiritual growth. I also have many wonderful souls working with me, supporting this group and sharing their journey's, gifts and insights with us. 

You can see what's going on each month in the Calendar or by visiting the Newsletter page. 

Announcements are also made in the Facebook Group

The best thing about this subscription is there are no strict rules about how much you visit us or participate, everything is designed for you to take in at your own pace, in a nurturing environment filled with people all over the world of like-mind. 

Subscription includes:

  • Access to Monthly Webinar   -  Each month features a SPECIAL GUEST SPEAKER that has inspired Frankeys Spiritual Development. 
  • Access to group archive (videos, files, images & more)
  • Workshops & Mini Courses
  • Resources & information 
  • Spiritual Growth Tools & Exercises
  • Free Mini Readings 
  • Live videos and Webinars with Frankey
  • Live Videos with Dream Team Hosts
  • Special Offers & Discounts

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Through the Spiritual Development Subscription and your commitment to your personal growth I am available for mentorship, coaching and guidance in thi...


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