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Soul Song Mandala

Geometry is a form of communication that overrides the human limitations of words. It is a vibrational expression that speaks directly to our soul and DNA. 

Geometry carries encodements for frequency healing, activating DNA, meditating, aligning and REMEMBERING our DIVINITY.

Geometry makes us FEEL. When we come in contact with geometric patterns, what we feel is more important than what we think. It encourages us to drop into our Heart-Mind. 

The purpose of a soul song mandala is to shift our vibration to a higher frequency. It helps our brains open to the Gamma state, which connects multiple areas of our brain. Gamma waves are associated with increased memory recall, sensory perception, focus, processing speed, and creativity.

At the soul level they can help us REMEMBER our true essence as it activates healing emotionally and physically, connects to our innate wisdom, activates dormant gifts and truths, and aligns us to our purpose.

Geometry is the language of your Soul. At unconscious levels and in our hearts and cells, everyone is fluent in this language, as it is the primary form of communication throughout all of creation. 

Commission your very own soul song mandala!

All I need is your full name, date of birth and location of birth.


During the time I am painting for you I am open to an infinite source of information. As I connect with your unique energy signature I begin to see a blueprint. A geometric pattern. It is who that soul is. It is the embodiment of the spirit, the essence of who you are and who you are meant to be. It contains your soul's memory bank as well as its purpose.

Each soul leaves a record of their actions, thoughts, emotions, and circumstances in the past that can be read like an energetic data trail that includes past lives and present life.

These mandalas are always focused on your enlightenment and unfoldment and will activate you in synergy with your mandala.


This can help you to clear all kinds of blockages that may have been holding you back from expressing your highest self/your soul song. 

Major benefits of your Soul Song

Enriching experience and transformative for your life.

Frequencies activate Remembrance of your Purpose. 

Find out what color path you travel on and what you are here to learn.

Gain deeper understanding of your gifts, skills & talents.

Listen to a Soul Song. Close your eyes, tune into your breath and simply witness the sounds of the spheres. 

Soul Song ExampleFrankey Craig
00:00 / 04:20

Included with your Soul Song Mandala Order


A signed, beautiful, original hand painted mandala, in your chosen size, sealed in resin to protect and for a lasting finish.


Your personal Reading will be typed for you so that you can read it as many times as you wish. 


Your personal soul song will soothe your soul. This will be an mp3 recording for you to download to your devices

Order your Soul Song Mandala Today!

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