BIRTHING is a powerful metaphor for how we create, gestate, and realize any BIG desires as women.

Greetings Sweet Sis-Star!

If you do not know already, my name is Frankey Craig. I am a Creative Channel and I am here to boost your creative energy, hold space for you during times of ReBirth and Transformation. 

As we flow through life, we are birthing all the time- babies, relationships, projects, jobs, ourselves… over and over and over again.

Is there a project you wish to birth? A goal you want to meet? Is there something you wish to create? Are you artistic, musical, a dancer, a baker, a gardener? Perhaps you do want to conceive a child? 

Whatever you wish to birth, when we set intentions together we give amazing energy to your dreams. 

During our Sacred Sis-star sessions I provide you with a space you will feel safe, nurtured, loved, supported and heard. 

If you are open and ready to dive deeply into your emotions, attitudes, and behaviors; you will be rewarded for your sacred work and see great transformations. 

I share Sacred Feminine Teachings and Healing Codes which will start a process in all of your bodies, affecting the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. 

As the activation codes magnify the properties of Sacred Feminine energy tenfold they will raise your vibration leaving very little room for lower vibrational patterns to stagnate or form and toxins in the body are quickly released. 

I will intuitively work with you, no session is alike, for all women are unique and require different things at different times. 

These sessions last for up to one hour and can be done in person or via video call. 

We are blessed to come together in this powerful and intentionally transformational experience.

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