with Reiki Master, Frankey Craig 

''Raising my vibration has become a vocation of LOVE''

Join me on a journey of SELF-Discovery. 
Through the 'Infinite Love Foundation', I offer you a personalized experience of learning Reiki. No matter where you are in the world we can connect, learn, heal and grow together. 

Thanks to my amazing Reiki Masters Susie Noble (now Baker) & Maja Larson for taking me on this amazing journey and for all of their support.

'Reiki' is a Japanese word. Pronounced 'Ray - key'

'Rei' is defined as 'Universal life giving'

'Ki' is defined as 'Energy'

= Universal life giving energy

This energy is known by different names in other cultures. e.g. 'Chi' in China and 'Prana' in India. It is the natural healing energy of unconditional love. Love is the most powerful of all healing tools.

A Reiki session can restore a state of peace and well being. If there is too much energy in an area or not enough the person is not balanced and the result is potential for illness. 

The difference between Spiritual Healing and Reiki is that in Reiki, the student receives attunements during training, and in the second level they learn symbols to use as a focus for directing energy. These attunements clear blockages in the practitioners energy field, the result is to reawaken and align the student to the source, so they can become a clear channel for unconditional love. 

The attunements also unlock the individuals potential, by raising the frequency within the individual. The source can be called anything the practitioner chooses: God, Goddess, Creative force, Universe, Nature, etc. as the belief system does not effect the flow of effectiveness. The Reiki attunement and to be a healer is not a religion, and is free of dogma, in fact it is used by people of many different philosophies and religions all over the world.

Learning to use the energies and the attunements are straight forward. As soon as the attunement has taken place, the healing energy will begin to flow through you whenever you wish to use it. The person remains a channel for life and no re-attunement is necessary.

Anyone can learn to open as a channel; the Reiki attunement makes one a more effective channel. Anyone can be attuned, from children to the elderly.

The attunements raise your vibrational frequency, and clear blockages within your energy field. It can also bring higher levels of consciousness and increase spiritual awareness.

When you start to channel Reiki, things start to happen on a subtle level. Your intuition starts to develop, you may become more psychic. You become more aware of energies that surround you. There may be an increase in synchronicity; you become more aware of your lifestyle and an increase in your creativity. 


Reiki Masters can create their own manuals when they are qualified. This is an opportunity to do your very own Reiki thesis. This is not something required, it is completely down to the individual. 

For me, 3 years after being a Reiki Master and teaching workshops I decided to create my own reiki manuals, I had been wanting to do this since I was qualified.  As I began getting the manuals together I realized that I actually wanted to make this into an Online Course so that I could connect with more people all around the world and coach them personally, on a 1-2-1 level through Live video calls.  

I have created a healing modality in the past, I also have a background in office admin and secretarial work, plus, I am a Virgo, so I just love organizing. Even with that said, creating this course has pushed me in so many ways that I am grateful for. It has been such an amazing opportunity to gather my knowledge and put it into a format that is extremely interactive, informative, digestible and transformative.  

I am very grateful for the support of my own Reiki Master, Susie, who has allowed me to use some of her lovely illustrations and information from her manual that I was trained with. I feel very supported and guided to do this work. 

So, here is what you will need to do Online Reiki with me:

  • Internet
  • Email
  • Video calling ability (we can use whatever suits you, FaceTime, Messenger, Skype, GoogleHangouts, Whatsapp...)
  • 100% Commitment 

Interested? Read more below.


4 Week Course

LEARNING TO OPEN OUR ENERGY TO REIKI - Energy, Chakras, Self Healing


Reiki 1 Manual (printed & posted to your address. PDF version will also be emailed)

x4 90 Minute Coaching Sessions  (1 session per week for 4 weeks)

Certificate of Completion (electronic & hard copy)

Supporting JPeg files  

Set of Chakra Balancing Cards & Self Healing Hand Position Cards



6 week course

LEARNING TO SHARE REIKI WITH OTHERS - Taking Reiki I Knowledge further, working with others, learning reiki symbols and more energy healing techniques. 


Reiki 2 Manual  (printed & posted to your address. PDF Version will also be emailed)

x6 90 Minute Coaching Sessions (1 session per week for 6 weeks)

Certificate of Completion (electronic & hard copy)

Supporting JPeg Files 

  Hand Position Cards & Symbol Cards



8 Week Course

LEARNING TO TEACH REIKI TO OTHERS - Master symbols, opening our intuition and extrasensory abilities further, connecting with higher self master healing techniques.  


Reiki 3 Manual  (printed & posted to your address. PDF Version will also be emailed)

x8 90 Minute Coaching Sessions (1 session per week for 8 weeks)

Certificate of Completion (electronic & hard copy)

Supporting electronic files 

Crystal Grid Cloth 


21 Day Cleanse

Before you begin your Reiki Attunement process please note that you really are about to shift your vibration! This kind of work will include a cleansing process that is unique to everyone. 

No matter what modality or tool you use to help you raise your vibration, there is going to be a release, a detox, a purge, a cleanse, energy shifting so that you can live in that higher vibration. Anything that is not serving your highest good will come up to be released in one way or another. 

I believe that we only shift what we can handle at that time and that our highest good is always in mind for this journey so it is safe to trust your process. As your Reiki Master, I will be available to support you throughout your journey. 

During each level the Reiki student receives what is known as an attunement or initiation to the Reiki energy. The Reiki Attunement starts a cleansing process in all bodies, affecting the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. This period of cleansing may also be known as ‘detoxification’. As the attunement magnifies the properties of Reiki tenfold it raises the vibration in ones body leaving very little room for lower vibrational patterns to stagnate or form and toxins in the body are quickly released.

Each time a practitioner gives an attunement, they go through similar cleansing experiences. It’s a great time for healing on all levels an opportunity to cleanse the heart, the soul and the mind.

It is good practice for both student and practitioner to adhere to the following during the 21 days which follow an attunement.

• Take regular exercise.
• Drink plenty of water (6-8 glasses per day) to help cleanse toxins from your system.
• Eat healthily, no meat, no dairy products, no alcohol, no caffeine, avoid foods with a high fat or   sugar content.
• Avoid smoking and recreational drugs.
• Spend as much time in nature as possible, walk along the beach or retreat to the mountains.
• Meditate (5 minutes per day is more beneficial than 30 minutes per week).
• Spend some time alone in contemplation.
• Listen to relaxing music.
• Enjoy a massage or reflexology treatment - pamper yourself.
• Take relaxing baths using bath salts or Epsom salt (salt has the natural ability to cleanse and strengthen your auric field and will also leave you feeling refreshed).
• Rest and make sure you get plenty of sleep.

During the 21 day’s students will also perform self healing with a Reiki treatment each day. Remember it takes 21 days to form a habit.

Each of the 21 days focuses on a specific chakra, for example day 1 cleanses and restores the base chakra, day 2 concentrates on the second chakra or sacral chakra. Each day a different chakra and then the process repeat itself two more times. Hence the 21 day cycle.

Though others may experience a 3 day cycle; imagine the full force of the Reiki energy during an attunement entering the body at the crown and being pushed all the way down through your body to the base of your spine. During the day’s following this, the energy is slowly released up through the hara line entering and staying in each of the 7 chakras for a total of 3 days.

Some people believe that each of the 3 weeks cleanses and restores a particular body. For example the first week focuses on physical healing, it’s during this week that many people feel like they are getting a cold, or may suffer some physical discomfort in the form of a headache or upset stomach. For me, it’s always been immediate that I have experienced such symptoms and for others they may not experience them at all.

The second week focuses on the emotional body, we may experience ups and downs in our emotions. Old hurts or emotional scars may come up to the surface for cleansing and transformation. The way in which we think about ourselves and other in all of our relationships will be apparent during this time. It’s important that we acknowledge these emotions. More often than not it is the negative emotions that we carry around with us from day to day that manifest into physical ailments and diseases in later life.

The third week focuses on the spiritual body, new insights and ideas may arise. Your faith tested and questioned and you may ask yourself questions like “what is my connection to spirit?” It doesn’t matter what religion or faith you are or what you believe this is a great time for awakening and personal spiritual growth.

Healing crisis - Quite often our bodies will go through what’s known as a healing crisis. As our bodies release negative emotions and toxins we may experience physical ailments such as Fever or Flu like symptoms, Diarrhea, Headaches, Nausea or Tiredness. This should be nothing to worry about but if the symptoms persist you may like to consult a Doctor.

The 21 day cleansing process may also be included in your daily practice prior to the start of your course and initiation, as a result the students experience of the attunement or initiation is heightened as the channel begins to open becoming wider and smoother.

You have to take care of yourself before you can take care of others. Do whatever you can do to be a better you!

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