Reflections of SELF Mandala Teachings

This journey that I went on was the final in a series of 7. I had already decided to do a project in my mind of 7 canvases, each one concentrating on one colour but the many variations of that colour. The plan was to work with each colour of the rainbow so I have done the red realm, the orange realm, the yellow realm, the green realm, the blue realm, the purple realm and now this is my magenta realm mandala. It has been a wonder-filled project that I have felt myself evolve along and have found this amazing part of my SELF along the way.

Working with the variations of the colour pink has activated, healed and opened doors within my-SELF I didn’t know were there. After the first day of working on this mandala I felt my crown chakra really open up and through this opening there has been a flow of energy working through me that is the strongest flow I’ve ever had. This mandala took me 2 weeks to complete whereas the last 6 mandalas had taken me between 3-4 weeks to complete! The pink realm allowed me to step into a flow I have not experienced before. I absolutely honoured that flow.

“Pink is a Feminine/Masculine Color and is one of the Spiritual Colors of office. It is composed of Red and White and sometimes Blue or Violet. Pink is your individual Spirit- sovereignty, dignity and self-reliance- with Central-West as it's direction. Pink moves in the Spirit, the Life Force and the awakening. It is the color of finding the true self and freeing it from the assumed self. Pink is freeing and empowering. It is the Essence of the Self, the essential self and helps us to find and accomplish our Divine Purpose. Pink wants to take charge- of our own life and sometimes the lives of others- there is the rub. We all have Pink Dignity and allowing another their sovereignty is the highest calling of PINK color energy. It is the best color when you need to take responsibility for All of your own actions, reactions faults and failings, successes and accomplishments” - old-earth.com

The colour pink resonates with our 7th or Crown chakra, the Sahasrara is sanskrit for “the lotus flower of 1000 petals”. It’s located at the top of our head, and it is our connection to the Divine.The crown chakra is a gateway that connects us both to the physical and non-physical realm of our existence, and it is here that we find Our Divinity and become Enlightened. From this perspective, we realize that we are truly connected, to everything and everyone, and in this knowing comes compassion and passion for all life, eternal peace and infinite wisdom and creativity.
When our crown chakra is activated we truly become aware that our life is but a reflection of our own consciousness; that we are the dreamer, dreaming the dream. We understand that all manifestations (good and bad) are a result of our thought patterns that become subconscious beliefs – and in knowing this, we can begin to change the dream. We become dream walkers and Creators!

I have incorporated mirrors into this mandala. In spirituality, a mirror symbolizes spiritual reflection. The spiritual mirror reflects consequences of actions that are both negative and positive. Mirrors have always fascinated humans, after all, if it could capture and reveal our likeness so well, what else could it reveal about us, or the world around? What other mystical powers could it have? Mirrors are in many legends and lore, superstition and spirituality. To experience growth, you will need mirrors!

We have both the ability and responsibility to change our personal, mental, and Spiritual reflection whenever we "see" something in our Mirror that is not Harmonious with who we truly aspire to be. In this way we are identical to the Egyptian Neters who gaze into their hand-held Mirrors in an Eternal process of self-evaluation, self-improvement, self-change and self-Enlightenment.

The woman in the centre of this mandala is Quan Yin and she is a representation of purity. You are DIVINE. You are born with gifts already in your hands and fragments of your Soul SELF that you can tap into.

“OM is a symbol which represents The Sacred Sound. Sounding the tone of “OM” creates a vibrational frequency of harmony in the body. The sound of the “OM” is the sound of creation and symbolizes the infinite. It connects our inner world to the greater outer and beyond, it aligns our energy and creates a feeling of openness and expansion. Traditionally spelled O-M, it is pronounced or toned A-U-M. Allowing the sound of each syllable to vibrate within. This can be done consciously feeling the “A” sound in the heart, The “U” sound in the abdomen and the “M” sound in the head. Any way you do it –The experience is connection , unity and love. “The ever present OM, is the pulse of the universe and the source of our whole being.”

The symbol of OM represents states of consciousness
  • The bottom curve represents the waking state.
  • The inner top curve represents deep sleep or the unconscious.
  • The outer right curve represents the dream state (which lies between waking and deep sleep)
  • The dot represents the absolute state of consciousness which illuminates all other states of consciousness.
  • The semicircle represents maya (or the veil of illusion.) it separates the absolute from the other three curves”. - heavenmeetsearthyoga

As a Soul you have the ability to fragment off into separate aspects which may then travel all over the multi-verse for experiences, you also have the ability to unite your consciousness and energy with any number of other souls and their respective aspects, gathering into a "collective consciousness" and mass energy field. This is demonstrated in nature as the hive mind of bees, ants, fish and other herding creatures and is also seen in human couples who have been together for so long that they start to sound, think, feel even look alike! There is comfort, safety and power in such a collective.

“In Hinduism, the Sanskrit words most closely corresponding to soul are "[[Jiva]/[Atma]]", meaning the individual soul or personality, and "Atman", which can also mean soul. The Atman is seen as the portion of Brahman. GOD is described as Super soul. Hinduism contains many variant beliefs on the origin, purpose, and fate of the soul. For example, advaita or non-dualistic conception of the soul accords it union with Brahman, the absolute uncreated (roughly, the Godhead), in eventuality or in pre-existing fact. Dvaita or dualistic concepts reject this, instead identifying the soul as part and parcel of super soul (GOD), but it never loses it's identity. That is where we as an individual get an identity. This identity exists eternally. Soul never dies. According to scriptures, it is eternal. It only transmigrates from one body to other body.

The Bhagavad Gita, one of the most significant puranic scriptures, refers to the spiritual body or soul as Purusha (see also Sankhya philosophy). The Purusha is part and parcel of God, is unchanging (is never born and never dies), is indestructible, and, though essentially indivisible. It is made up of three components:

(i) Sat (truth or existence)
(ii) Chit (consciousness or knowledge)
(iii) Ananda (bliss) It has form "Vigrha".

Presence of soul is perceived by its consciousness. According to Bhagavad Gita, all living entities are soul proper. When soul leaves the body, then it is called death. That means, DEATH is transmigration of soul from one body to another body [Bhagavad Gita]. Soul transmigrates from one body to another body based on their Karmic[performed deeds] reactions”.www.awakening-intuition.com/Aspects_of_the_Soul-The-Soul.html

In this mandala I feel every dot and every mirror to be a reflection, a fragment, an Aspect of our SELF, our Soul. All of the many intricate Aspects are every incarnation, every experience we have that make us each the Being we are today. Some of the mirrors are other souls reflecting your divinity back at you. Other mirrors reflect the world around you but it is all YOU. YOU are ALL of it!

You meet other people, you see many of their qualities which can be ‘’good’’ and ‘’bad’’. However, the qualities that we see in the people around us are directly related to the traits that exist in us. You are what you see. "Like attracts like" is one of the spiritual laws of the universe. We attract individuals into our lives that mirror who we are. Those you feel drawn to reflect your inner self back at you, and you act as a mirror for them. Simply put, when you look at others, you will likely see what exists in you. When you see beauty, divinity, sweetness, or light in the soul of another, you are seeing the goodness that resides in your soul. When you see traits in others that evoke feelings of anger, annoyance, or hatred, you may be seeing reflected back at you those parts of yourself that you have disowned or do not like.

Because we are all mirrors for each other, looking at the people in your life can tell you a lot about yourself. Who you are can be laid bare to you through what you see in others. It is easy to see the traits you do not like in others. It is much more difficult to realize that you possess those same traits. Often, the habits, attitudes, and behaviors of others are closely linked to our unconscious and unresolved issues.

When you come into contact with someone you admire, search your soul for similarly admirable traits. Likewise, when you meet someone exhibiting traits that you dislike, accept that you are looking at your reflection. Looking at yourself through your perception of others can be a humbling and eye-opening experience. You can also cultivate in you the traits and behaviors that you do like. Be loving and respectful to all people, and you will attract individuals that will love and respect you back. Nurture compassion and empathy and let the goodness you see in others be your mirror.

So the next time you look into life’s mirror, ask yourself, what do I truly see here? Where is this in my own life, heart, behavior, self abuse or neglect? What do I see here about me that I am needing to claim or release? And you may begin to be grateful for the abundance of expansive life that this spiritual mirror offers.

This mandala contains lotus flower medicine and the positive healing energies of the pink and golden realms.

The lotus flower has the title of India’s national flower and is a symbol of purity in Buddhist and Hindu traditions. It’s medicine stimulates the seventh (crown) chakra to open to Divine inspiration and Spiritual liberation. For those who seek enlightenment and inspired insight. The Lotus flower medicine in this mandala holds the key to spiritual liberation and freedom so that the individual may find their way toward inner peace and sanctuary.

In the East, the Lotus is considered a perfect microcosmic reflection of the growth of human consciousness through three stages of evolution: ignorance, skillful means, and enlightenment. At the first stage, corresponding to ignorance, the Lotus roots extend upward from the muddy lake bottom. At the second stage, corresponding to skillful means, the Lotus stem is caressed and supported by the water. Finally, at the third stage, corresponding to enlightenment, the Lotus flower blossoms into the light of day.

Quan-Yins energy comes through this mandala to reassure and inspire you on your spiritual journey. As a bodhisattva of infinite compassion, She appears to you in whatever form will most aid you on your journey.

The lotus is the tantric symbol for the "yoni," or feminine principle. It is fertile with all possibilities, activating the most profound realizations possible. This signifies spiritual birth and you are now crowned with the 1000 petaled lotus for many seeds of wisdom are germinating within you. What new level of realization are you about to birth?

The pink colour realm energies within this mandala will activate your clairaudient abilities. Clairaudience is the intuitive ability of clear hearing. Pink energies will support your loving, sensitive, sensual, artistic, affectionate, pure, compassionate Aspects of SELF.

The golden realm brings you spiritual energy, inspiration and power. It supports your journey towards enlightenment and activates divine protection.

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