Psychic Art Reading

A tool for Spiritual Growth

I have the ability to tune into your energy by looking at your name, date of birth and a photograph of you

When I set my intention, I am able to connect with your energy and 'pick up' on many different things that you will find valuable to know. 

This is a HUGE reading, a massive download of information and is an amazing tool for raising your vibration, shifting consciousness, spiritual growth and personal development! As you gain a deeper understanding your our soul's journey it has a profound and transformational effect on your future.

This healing art and reading is being provided to help you shift to a higher octave of vibration. This healing will be received on a subconscious level, thus triggering the appropriate actions to unfold for you to recognize, acknowledge and release or integrate.

Think of the artwork as your very own oracle card. I will create a digital collage to represent the energies I am experiencing when I connect with you and then do a reading to interpret.

I never know what kind of information each reading will bring. It is very unique to each person and what they need to know. I tune into my clients energy and work out their birth number and birth colour, this creates a connection and I am able to begin to select images to work with to create an image that will be healing for them.  

Past/Present/Future, Spirit, Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters, Animals, Past Lives, Akashic Records, Health, Healing, Love, Relationships, this reading has no limitations as to what may be explored. We only ask that your heart is open to all possibilities. 

This reading is designed for you to re-read many times, research into and really explore. Use this reading as a guide for further study. You will be provided with the resources for further research and you are encouraged to do so. Knowledge, truly is power. Use, your intuition to guide you to what feels true to you. It is through learning that our Souls evolve.

Trust that as you ask, so shall it be. You will receive what you seek when you choose to seek it. Let your experience be your guide and your inspirations be your reward and allow for this growth and the possibilities it brings to you

Psychic Art Reading Includes:

High resolution JPEG file of your Artwork (digital file that you can print if you wish)
PDF document of your typed Reading (approximately 20 pages/10,000 words)
Printing Service (optional)

I absolutely welcome the opportunity to work with you! Please get in touch with any questions you may have by emailing frankey@ourpsychicart.com 

Printing Service

This Service is an option for you to use at any time. 

I have an Account with redbubble.com. I am able to upload your image and get it printed on a WIDE range of products! Anything from Clothing, Wall Art, Home Decor, Stationery,  Phone Cases, Laptop Skins and MORE! You will be able to  view your products and order online, to be sent directly to you, no matter where you are located! 

I have never in my life have cried so hard. And I can't stop. I'm only getting almost half way. And I'm absolutely  speechless. Completely and utterly speechless. I am in such awe I can't even began to speak. This is surreal. I feel like a blind man who can see again. This is incredible, I will never be the same. I kept shaking. My body, my energy, my vibration, frequency. I could feel it. So strongly. It's like a lot of "a ha!" Moments. The synchronicities were so clear. My vibration definitely raised so much higher after reading that. And that "message" had tears streaming down my face. Like this was something I've been waiting to hear my whole life. I can't even describe to you how powerful and amazing that felt. This was the best thing that's ever happened to me. I'm not even halfway finished with it. And I am extremely overwhelmed in the best way possible. I feel like I already knew it this whole time but I didn't "really". It all came so clear to me. I am forever grateful for this experience. And just to think that.. I've only scratched the surface. I'm crying so hard Frankey I can't stop. My heart Is so open now. All these feelings are rushing in. It's so intense. But I'm extremely happy. I'm not sad. I just feel like I miss "it". And "them". I can feel it all. It's like I'm reading my life's book. I am so grateful for you. Thank you for changing my life again lol And again. And again You were meant to cross paths with me. And me to you. You are the most remarkable person I've ever met. Thank you for being you. I have so much love for you. You are like my guardian angel. This feels like a dream. I can't believe this!! There is sooo much Frankey. It makes sense. This is all me to a T! Even my name. My family. My DNA. All this. Little things in my life that I've always loved. Like Japanese food. I swear I always say to myself , I'm an Asian lady. I love everything Asian lol. Little things like that. 

Trenita, USA