Readings with Frankey 

Tools for Spiritual Growth and Expanding Consciousness

Card Reading

Card Readings are done via video call and last for approximately 1 hour. 

During this time Frankey will create a sacred teaching space to pull cards and interpret for you.

This reading is aimed at your spiritual development and will provide insights into all kinds of areas of your life that may help you to evolve in a powerful, magical & an inspiring way.  

Psychic Art Readings

This is a reading is a digital image created especially for you representing all the energies I sense from your Auric Field. 

Think of it as your own oracle card that comes with a reading for you that will help expand your consciousness on this journey of life.  

I never know what kind of information each reading will bring. It is very unique to each person and what they need to know and connect with at that time. 

Past Lives, Spirit, Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters, Animals, Geometry, Numerology, Colour therapy, Astrology, Sacred Sites and Ancient Wisdom, this reading has no limitations as to what may be explored. We only ask that your heart is open to all possibilities. 

Trust that as you ask, so shall it be. You will receive what you seek when you choose to seek it. Let your experience be your guide and your inspirations be your reward and allow for this growth and the possibilities it brings to you

Includes Jpeg Image and PDF document of your Reading. Emailed to you upon completion.  (Option to get your image printed if you wish/not included in price). 

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