Psychic Art Reading

With Frankey Craig 

A Message...

In 2008 during a reading at Arthur Findlay College I was told to start creating artwork based on the word 'FREEDOM'. I had not done any art since school but when i got back home I picked up some pencils I had laying around and set the intention to start creating art with spirit. 

At first it was simply squiggles and smudges. It was difficult to tune into one energy when I opened myself for connection. I felt so many. 

Feeling the energy...

I moved into what I called energy art. It was abstract but multidimensional to me. I could see worlds, places, faces, you name it. I could sit for hours painting and seeing different things simply emerging out of the background. 

Building the connection

I began sensing people's energy when I looked at their name and date of birth. I started doing Aura Readings using soft pastels and charcoal. Lots of messages would come through for the person I was working with. 


For many years, I explored countless mediums and different techniques with many guides and inspires. All whilst building a stronger connection with my higher self. 

Moving into the Digital realms

I began to explore Photoshop and other Adobe software. 

Digital Collage

I fell in love with creating Digital Psychic Art Readings for people! 

I start by tuning into the person's energy by concentrating on their name and date of birth. Then, I begin collecting images. 

When I have all of my images together I begin to layer them until they create one piece that flows perfectly. 

After I have completed the image I then begin to type a reading with messages that the artwork contains. 

I delve into the akashic records, past lives, guides, spirits, healing and much more! Every reading is unique!
I have never in my life have cried so hard. And I can't stop. I'm only getting almost half way. And I'm absolutely speechless. Completely and utterly speechless. I am in such awe I can't even began to speak. This is surreal. I feel like a blind man who can see again. This is incredible, I will never be the same. I kept shaking. My body, my energy, my vibration, frequency. I could feel it. So strongly. It's like a lot of "a ha!" Moments. The synchronicities were so clear. My vibration definitely raised so much higher after reading that. And that "message" had tears streaming down my face. Like this was something I've been waiting to hear my whole life. I can't even describe to you how powerful and amazing that felt. This was the best thing that's ever happened to me. I'm not even halfway finished with it. And I am extremely overwhelmed in the best way possible. I feel like I already knew it this whole time but I didn't "really". It all came so clear to me. I am forever grateful for this experience. And just to think that.. I've only scratched the surface. I'm crying so hard Frankey I can't stop. My heart Is so open now. All these feelings are rushing in. It's so intense. But I'm extremely happy. I'm not sad. I just feel like I miss "it". And "them". I can feel it all. It's like I'm reading my life's book. I am so grateful for you. Thank you for changing my life again lol And again. And again You were meant to cross paths with me. And me to you. You are the most remarkable person I've ever met. Thank you for being you. I have so much love for you. You are like my guardian angel. This feels like a dream. I can't believe this!! There is sooo much Frankey. It makes sense. This is all me to a T! Even my name. My family. My DNA. All this. Little things in my life that I've always loved. Like Japanese food. I swear I always say to myself , I'm an Asian lady. I love everything Asian lol. Little things like that.

Trenita, NC

After 100's of readings and many years.....

I settled on a style that suits the connection and information that I wish to bring through (for now). 

Digital Psychic Art

Each reading is like a lesson! I learn so much and the synchronicities are amazing. It is truly an eye-opening, healing, insightful and transformative experience. 

Digital Psychic Art Readings

Using your name and full date of birth I will tune into your energy and create a Digital Psychic Art Collage that will be printed onto a high quality canvas. 

In your reading I will explore your date of birth through numerology and astrology. I may provide insights into past lives/guides/talents/your core purpose in this lifetime/healing and much more!

You will receive a High Quality 20x16 inch Canvas of your artwork ready to hang on your wall and a printed document of your reading .  

There is also an option to book this reading to be emailed to you instead. In this case you will receive by email a High Resolution Jpeg File of your artwork for you to print, a Low Resolution file for you to use online/screensaver/wallpaper. And a PDF document of your reading. 

To book your reading please click on the link below. 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. 

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