Psychic Art

with Frankey Craig 

Frankey Craig 

Creative Channel
''This journey of combining my creativity with my spirit has been so profound and life changing that I've never looked back''. 

It began in 2008

I had a reading at Arthur Findlay College Stanstead, UK with the Medium,  Matthew Smith

During that reading, spirit shared through Matthew that they wanted me to start doing artwork based on the word 'FREEDOM'

Over the years I have explored countless mediums from acrylics,wax, wood, digital & more!

Exploring the subtle energies, working on my spiritual development and connecting with spirit. 

Opening my channel and becoming a clearer vessel for information to flow through unhindered. 


After many years of exploration with my art, I set an intention with Ayahuasca that I wanted my art to reach more people and assist their healing. 

Some of my first visions on that journey were geometric patterns. 

Art of Meditation Mandalas are born

Not long after my ayahuasca journey I began to create mandalas, as tool for transforming consciousness.  
Art of Meditation mandalas incorporate colour therapy, symbols, geometry, mathematics. 

The colours and shapes in each mandala take us into a world of FEELING. 


With every creation, with every year I evolve and in turn so does my art. 

Being a Creative Channel allows me to continue to Create, Manifest and Transform for Eternity. 

This is FREEDOM. 

It's all about the journey.......

We are all intuitive Beings, we are all artists. 

Let us dive deep within and discover the Divine Artist within us, the Creative Channel who is constantly supplying us with infinite inspiration and aspiration to reveal the Light, Divinity and Perfection through our art. 

Our Psychic Art brings great Self discovery.

There are many different ways that psychic art can be expressed so it is best not to compare or have any set ideas. 

Never think that you are not good enough to do this type of creative work. It's not about who is the best artist, it is about the message that the artwork brings. You will find colours bring meaning to the art, as do textures, smudges and smears! Your guides and inspirers will find a way to speak to you via your art, it's up to you to learn to interpret those messages.

Online Psychic Art Workshops

Join us from the comfort of your own home.

Psychic Art Online Workshops are done in  Zoom Groups OR if you have missed it, you have the chance to purchase the video and participate in your own time. 

Each workshop lesson sheet will be sent to you ahead of time so that you can get your materials together and be prepared. 

These workshops have been designed to help you tap into your creative and psychic abilities. These are all simply techniques, tools and tips to help you to explore and find your own key.

If you have any questions please get in touch. 

Your course has widely exceeded my expectations. I have done a couple of live online courses on various topics, but I have never gotten so much feedback or interaction from a teacher before. During classes we have been muted by the teacher while he/she has been doing their thing and no interaction before or after class. You started with the room reading, a fully interactive class and feedback afterwards. I'm very happy with this.

Anette - Online Psychic Art Student

Previous Online Psychic Art Workshop Videos are
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