Spiritual Development 1-2-1 Sessions
with Frankey Craig


When people ask what I do, my response is ''I am a Medium for Mediums'' this is the simplest way to describe my gifts. My highest use and Divine Purpose is to assist others on their spiritual path. 

I am an Earth Guardian, Code Keeper, Dream Walker, Seed Planter and Wayshower. 

I have a huge toolbox of knowledge and wisdom that I bring with me when I work with you! I am a qualified Reiki Master, Hypnotherapist, Metatronia Therapy Attuned, Light Ray of Compassion Attuned and completed a Mediumship, Mysticism and Prophecy Course in 2008 with Mavis Pittilla at the Arthur Findlay College. I attended a physical circle once a week for over a year and was a part of a weekly and monthly psychic development group back home in England. I have studied Astrology, Colour Therapy, Ayurveda, Shamanic Wisdom and Healing, Sound Healing, Tarot, Aromatherapy, Meditation, Yoga, Runes, Homeopathy, Feng Shui, Crystal Therapy,  Astrology, Numerology, Psychology, and many other subjects of interest.

I have been working with so many people since 2008 when I began Our Psychic Art. I love being a part of people's spiritual journey and for them to be a part of mine. It is such an honour.

Each and every person is unique, you all need different things at certain times. My job is to be intune with those needs and to provide you with all the assistance I can offer for your spiritual development.

Spiritual development is a process of awakening to your divinity, raising consciousness and exploring Universal Truths. It is an ongoing journey of shedding many layers of our concepts, thoughts, beliefs and ideas that no longer serve our highest good, and as we do this, we become much more conscious, intune and aware of our inner being and our power as Creators.

Ask yourself, what do you want next in your life? So much is possible when we set intentions together! Perhaps you wish to open up your intuitive abilities more, seek guidance with a specific goal or challenge?

Some of you may need assistance with spirit guides and interpreting messages you recieve. 

Perhaps you have serious life challenge you seek understanding and guidance with? Loss, grief, illness, death, I have found that our greatest shifts in consciousness can be during these times.

All levels are welcome! If you are totally new to this or an old hat at it, I believe we are all teachers for each other no matter how far along we are on our individual paths. I would love to be a part of your spiritual journey and would welcome the opportunity to work with you.

The first step is to BOOK a  FREE Consultation video call with me to assess your needs and to create a plan that is perfectly suited to you. You can do this by filling out the Contact Form below. 

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All 1-2-1s are done via Video Call 

Sessions last approximately 90 minutes

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