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Established in 2008
''Raising my vibration has become a vocation of Love''. 

Thank you for being here. I am grateful to share my journey with you. 

When painting mandalas in a meditative state I receive teachings, ideas and intuitions to research when the painting is complete. Usually, this is over the course of several months for me as every painting takes anything from 2 weeks to 5 months so far. 

After I paint my mandalas I begin to research ideas and intuitions that the mandalas have been sharing with me whilst I have been painting. It's amazing what comes up in my world as I begin a new mandala, I observe everything and see how everything is coinciding and creating patterns of truth. It's an amazing journey because all of those ideas and intuitions come together in a ‘teaching’ that I can share at the end.  What else can I call it? I learn more through these teachings than I ever did at school.  

These teachings initiate you into a world that puts your growth into your hands and activates an awakening to your deepest truths. They have taught me how to research information using my intuition. I have learnt that Truth is felt through the heart. The only rule I have is that I will need information from 3 sources before I can consider the pattern of truth among them. 

Every mandala has unlimited wisdom to share! These teachings give us insights, direction, inspiration, wisdom, healing and clarity. Whatever it is that you need to evolve your consciousness. 

Please visit my Art of Meditation Page to find out about the paintings and the process of their creation. 

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