Life is Sweet Mandala Teachings

During the creation of this painting, I wanted to explore the RED colour realm and see where it took me. When I sat in quiet contemplation about the theme this painting would have, other than it being red, the first energies that came to me were the Hummingbird and the Red Hibiscus flower. So, I set the intention for this painting to carry all the healing energy of the red ray and the medicine of the Hummingbird and Hibiscus flower.

And so, the journey began….. Firstly, the red colour energies began to work as I did my colour charts and began to absorb the unique colour of each paint. The red energy stimulated creativity and triggered all kinds of designs and ideas. It also brought the energy and motivation to get those new ideas into motion, prompting me to take action. Watch what you can accomplish when you are in Red Realm because all things burn with energy and excite self-expression and purpose!

I felt the red energy working with my root chakra and the first 3 vibrational energy body centres. These centres create the power base of our light body (they are not the chakras).

The red ray was triggering all the appropriate thoughts which lead to actions that would help to balance my root chakra. This chakra represents the most 3D energy and this painting allows us to drop the low density of the 3D world and exist here in a higher state of consciousness. I experienced reprogramming of thoughts that no longer serve me from childhood. Beliefs that were anchoring me into this 3D world. Thoughts that were based on fear released into the light.

You will know when the red ray has worked with you because it becomes easier to remain calm and peaceful, positively change your emotional and personality reactions to others, and be transparent to lower energies.

I chose to work with liquid copper leaf for the outline of the mandala. Copper is an excellent conductor of energy. I felt it amplifies the healing energies that are coming through.

I moved onto the centre of the canvas. The first layers to put down was the liquid gold leaf, the hummingbird and the central hibiscus flowers. The gold leaf just pops out of the canvas and immediately transforms the centre into 3D. Your eyes cannot help but start with the centre. It holds your focus in the present moment.

The gold leaf is used to symbolize purity and spiritual wisdom, allowing us to be present and maintain communication with our highest SELF. Gold is said to clear away negativity, having the ability to transform energy and negativity to higher light.

This golden energy felt like a good foundation to build on so I moved onto the hummingbird…..

The hummingbird carries powerful Shamanic energy which is an Aspect of my SELF that is always so joyful to work with. My inner Shaman is an Aboriginal man who is extremely happy, comical and joyful. He has very high energy and can melt down candles at a rapid rate when he is around. He is all about spreading joy and love just like a hummingbird is.

Throughout the journey of this painting I felt the hummingbirds medicine working through me as I felt a new level of joy, love and beauty entering my consciousness. I experienced the sweetness, the nectar that was all around me just as the hibiscus flowers are in this painting.

Hummingbirds wisdom offers us all to stop and smell the flowers. We Are Entitled to Joy, Love, and Contentment. It is important to nurture ourselves. This means that we respect our own needs for seclusion, for love, for friendship, for fair work, for creativity, for rest. Truly nurturing yourself is to love yourself for who you are right now, honouring your needs with no resistance because you know that you are ever evolving into who you truly are and whatever you are in this moment is going to get you there, to the I AM that is you.
Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.
Luther Burbank

We are all mesmerized by the exquisiteness, scent, intricate workings, sacred geometry, frailty, texture and vast spectrum of colour that Mother Earths flower kingdom provides us with. Flowers are just like music; they both can transport us beyond the reach of words. They can be felt as our instant communion with the divine.

The hibiscus calls us to work with flowers. Growing them for the Bees, to share with others, to use for aromatherapy or to work with the flowers and leaves that can be made into teas and liquid extracts that are used to treat a variety of conditions. These are just a few ways we can work with these powerful healers of nature.

Hibiscus flower clears and energizes the root and sacral chakras. The hibiscus medicine assists us in releasing pent up creative forces. It taps into our divine feminine wisdom which creates space for us to follow our creative passion.

Hibiscus is symbolic of femininity and new creation. It reminds us of the joy, happiness, and overall the blessing of welcoming a new life into this world. Sound familiar? No wonder the hummingbird is so attracted to this flower.

Hibiscus brings lots of sexual energy when you start to tap into its medicine! If you think about it …. The stamen looks like a penis and the flower petals are kinda symbolic of the vagina — To me this is a reflection of the balance of masculine and feminine energy it offers. Great energy for your relationships!

The hibiscus energy moves us as it connects us with the cosmic tune of nature's orchestra and empowers us to dance with life.

NOW, it’s time to celebrate each moment, to be present with the love and beauty that surrounds us. The only way that we can avoid or resolve any future concerns is to be fully present in this NOW moment.

Life is Sweet brings that gift of peace that can only be felt in the NOW; this is where our creative power lies.

Those who resonate with this painting are learning to direct their future NOW moments based on the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that you hold right now. You know that, love and fear are both choices and we have the power to decide which one you would like to feel right NOW.