Gently walk a path in honour of the Divine at all times.

Live a life of gratitude, ceremony, intention and celebration. 

Greetings Sweet Sis-Star!

This Intensive 33 Day Initiation journey is an extremely exciting opportunity to dive deeply and immerse yourself in Sacred Feminine energy and wrap yourself in a container of Self Love. 

The most wonderful thing about this inward journey is that you can enjoy the transformational process from the comfort of your own home. 

Take a moment to pause and reflect the following questions. 

Are you ready to reclaim yourself as sacred?

Are you ready to fully embody your radiance and become an empowered leader?

Do you feel ready to commit to your body as holy, connect to your higher self and re-imprint your DNA to a higher vibrational frequency? 

Do you want to truly hold space, nurture and share your wisdom? 

Would you consider it an honour for women to feel safe to open their sacred hearts and share their vulnerability with you? 

Did you answer YES to all of the above? Then, read on....

The Sacred Feminine Priestess Path is about falling in love with who YOU truly are. Loving and honouring every part of your journey that has brought you here. It's about becoming your authentic self, stepping into your body and taking your power back. 

Sometimes, it’s about digging deep inside of yourself, going into really deep dark places where it's uncomfortable, it can be painful and challenging as we peel back layers of conditioning and patterns that no longer serve us or the highest good of all. 

Mostly, this is a journey of Remembrance. The healing codes and teachings I share are merely here to trigger your memories.  

Many women before us and indeed in other lifetimes of our own we have walked the path of the priestess. This is why you are here now, she lives in your cellular memory and deeply in your blood and bones and she whispers into your Sacred Heart.  

There are many ancient and sacred traditions that honour the power of the feminine principle and now in this Golden Age we anchor this knowledge back down to guide us into living upon a New Earth, operating from a 5th dimensional consciousness. 

The Priestess Path combines all of our skills, talents, tools and resources to support other women to fully embody their authentic power and to bless this world with their Light.

The Sacred Feminine Priestess Path takes you on a journey deep into the heart of the feminine experience. Are you ready? To step into community? Ceremony and collaboration? To feel held by a supportive sisterhood?

This journey empowers women in so many ways. First and foremost this journey it is about being of Service and activating the remembrance of each womens Divinity. Holding space for her to unfold in a way that is perfect for her. 

Every Priestess will be given the knowledge that she needs to BIRTH the Life she wants! She is encouraged to combine all of her skills, talents, tools and resources for her sessions and circles. 

Priestess Path includes many magical tools!

There are 33 light language codes that activate your ability to emanate the vibration held within light language and to experience and express our Sacred Feminine energy on a previously inaccessible level.

When you have been activated by these symbols you are able to pass these energetic triggers to others. If you are attuned to these symbols, they will be received by you.

Light Language takes many forms and it is used to communicate directly with your DNA. It aids your ascension and the process of REMEMBRANCE.

There is NOT only one way to be a Priestess, because being a Priestess is all about opening up to who you are on the fullest, most authentic, most real level. This journey is unique to each and every woman. It’s all about coming home to YOU and remembering your Divinity.  

If these words sing to your Heart please feel free to contact Frankey so that she may answer your questions and ensure this path is right for you. 

Check out this interview with
Susan Wilkinson-Cox 
as Frankey shares the journey of the Sacred Feminine Priestess Path. 

The Sacred Feminine Priestess Path caters different journey options because we know that each woman is as unique as her fingerprint. 

Priestess Package

Offers the Priestess the opportunity to go on this journey in more solitude. 

The Priestess Manual and card deck are included in this package for the Priestess to work through at her own pace. 

Option to add on support materials such as; journal, selenite pencil, tote bag, canvas pouch, compliments cards and sacred SisStar sessions. 

High Priestess Package

Offers the Priestess the opportunity to go on this journey with the guidance of the High Priestess, Frankey. 

Included in this package is Priestess Manual, Card Deck, Compliment Cards, Journal, Tote Bag, Canvas Pouch, Selenite Pencil, x3 121 (1 hour) Sacred SisStar Sessions via zoom and a personalized teaching upon completion. 

Priestess Support Materials and Sessions

Join our next Online Initiation Circle

You are invited!

To, Sacred Feminine Priestess Path Initiation Online Circles

Join us from the comfort of your home for this extremely exciting opportunity to dive deeply and immerse yourself in Sacred Feminine energy and wrap yourself in a container of Self Love with a Circle of women sharing the same journey. 

Circles can have 3 to 12 women. You can organise your own group or join Frankeys next one. 

We will be exploring the Sacred Feminine Priestess Path teachings in a space that you will feel safe, nurtured, loved, supported and heard.

Are you ready to reclaim yourself as sacred?

This journey will last for 33 days. 

Before we begin our journey, you will be sent all your support materials. We will also have agreed 3 times for the group to meet on zoom, on the 1st/16th and 33rd days. Every zoom meeting will be recorded and sent to you so that you may reflect upon their wisdom. 

Upon completion you will receive a personalised teaching.

Initiation Circle
Priestess Package 1


Priestess Manual

Priestess Card Deck

3 90 minute group zoom calls

Personalized teaching

Initiation Circle
Priestess Package 2


Priestess Manual

Priestess Card Deck

Compliment Cards

Canvas Pouch

Canvas Tote


Selenite Crystal Pencil 

3 90 minute group calls

121 Sacred SisStar Session - 1 hour with Frankey

Personalized Teaching

We are blessed to come together in this powerful and intentionally transformational experience.

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