Gently walk a path in honour of the Divine at all times.

Live a life of gratitude, ceremony, intention and celebration. 

Greetings Sweet Sis-Star, 

Take a deep breath, allow your chest to expand. Sink into your heart space and womb wisdom. 

Dive deeper into your journey of Remembrance. 

Know that your Sacred Heart is being held ever so gently. You are so Loved. You are precious beyond measure and you are a gift to this world.

Thank you for following your Heart to this sacred space. 

On 22nd June 2019, after a pilgrimage to Pilot Mountain, NC I began to receive information through my connection to my Higher Self, the Goddess, Mary Magdalene and Isis. 

I was given the vision of empowered women, all ages, sizes, cultures, colours coming together to fill each others cups. To hold space for one another and to feel safe and held. 

A manual and a card deck was born from this process. 

During a 6 week period you will explore a card each day and meet with me via zoom once a week for a 1 hour session. Our final session will include a personalized teaching. 

My intention for sharing this work is to remind you of your unique and powerful Light. To honour your Sacred Heart and empower you to move forward in your life in whatever way is for your highest good. 

There is NOT only one way to be a Priestess, because being a Priestess is all about opening up to who you are on the fullest, most authentic, most real level. This journey is unique to each and every woman. It’s all about coming home to YOU and remembering your Divinity.  

If these words sing to your Heart please feel free to contact Frankey so that she may answer your questions and ensure this path is right for you. 

Check out this interview with
Susan Wilkinson-Cox 
as Frankey shares the journey of the Sacred Feminine Priestess Path. 

High Priestess Package

Included in this package is: 

Hard Copies of Priestess Manual and Card Deck posted to your address. 

Weekly 1 hour Sacred SisStar Sessions via zoom over 6 weeks.

Personalized teaching upon completion. 

Option to join Priestess Circle. This is an online zoom circle of women that have completed the Sacred Feminine Priestess Path and continue to explore the teachings and hold space for one another. 

Priestess Support Materials and Sessions

Contact Frankey 

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