Goddess Expressions Mandala Teachings

I began this painting knowing that I wanted to explore the orange colour realm and I wanted it to really activate our sacral chakras to their fullest potential.

As I began to work with the orange colour charts (allowing myself to absorb the entire spectrum of orange I have in paints) I felt the orange realm bring focus to my intentions. It brought such focus and clarity to what it is that I want to create in my life next. It made me conscious of that. It stirred me up and evoked my true intentions. It helped me to sort out my wants/needs/desires.

So, during the time I am painting this canvas I am activating myself to put my intentions all into motion and I believe this is one of the many healing aspects to this painting.

The orange realm shifts us, daring us to make our dreams exist in reality. It allows us to take the time that we each need to grow. It triggers you to shift limiting belief patterns that are blocking you from creating the life you wish for. Orange wants you to create. It wants to rebirth and transform us into an evolved version of our Authentic Self.

It was clear to me from the start that the theme of this mandala was going to be ‘the goddess’. To me, the Goddess is all of creation–the cosmos, the universe, and nature. She manifests in myriad forms all over the world and she reveals herself to us by many different names.  She is the divine feminine.

She activates love, nurturing, understanding, and kindness of the divine feminine wisdom within all of us. This essence will help greatly in returning balance to our world, our bodies, and our lives.

The goddess encourages us to remember the ways of the divine feminine, so we can expand our conscious awareness. Allowing our divine feminine energy to lead and teach us will assist us to find new ways of resolving old issues so that we may enter into peaceful co-existence with all of life.

Women are natural creators so by honouring this ability in yourself you help other women to tap into the collective power of creation. By welcoming your role as a sister and co-creator of the future, you are encouraging ever-increasing numbers to welcome the divine feminine energy in themselves.

The goddess symbolizes balance, healing, renewal and restoration. She offers hope, wisdom, and reminds us of the unique gifts that we each have to share with the world.

I can’t think of the goddess without thinking of the the lunar cycle and it just so happens that as the thought occurred I checked my mandala to see if I could fit a cycle in and by a blessing it could fit two! So, I got symmetry (which I love) and the sense of this being an ongoing cycle that is part of a much bigger cycle.

In ancient times, women lived their lives in flow with the moon. They were conscious of their femininity and appreciated that menstruation as a time of deep healing and spiritual connection with their divine feminine wisdom and with mother earth.

The angels in this mandala painting join the goddess to remind us that thousands of years ago there was an ancient Sisterhood that existed to preserve the energies of the Goddess, these sisterhoods are being connected once again during the ushering of this Golden Age and rise of divine feminine energy.

The Sisterhood, during their sacred moon time go away from the clan deep into nature in order to receive visions and direct communication from the Divine Feminine. These women were the Seers and Visionaries. Their moon time was a sacred time of awakening psychically and connecting with the Goddess. After their moon time they would return to their village to share their  knowledge and spiritual knowing.

Thirteen is…the number traditionally associated with the Divine Feminine. In ancient times there were thirteen ‘moonths’ in a year, since there are thirteen full moons, and therefore thirteen menstrual cycles annually. The thirteenth letter of the alphabet is ‘m’ a letter associated with many things feminine, including mother, mom, mama, mammary glands, menstruation and one of the most powerful feminine archetypes in the world, the Virgin Mary.
Meryl Ann Butler - OpEdNews
I want to end with these tips from Talyaa of Wild Goddess Life about how we can tap into this Feminine Energy to bring it forth. Although it’s addressing women, brothers should be inspired to tap into these Divine Feminine qualities as well:

“Create. Women are natural creators, the spark of life. By honoring this ability, women tap into the collective power of creation.”

“Bless. Women easily give blessings. By welcoming their role as sisters and co-creators of the future, women bless themselves and one another, encouraging ever-increasing numbers to welcome feminine energy in themselves.”

“Collaborate. In coming together as sisters giving blessings, women share their energy and heart.”

“Intuition. Every woman possess the gift of inner knowing. When women tap into their deep trusting power, they see clearly and far.”

“Sensuality. Women are keepers of the sensual world. They are beauty incarnate, and appreciate beauty in their lives.”

“Wisdom. Women give wise council when they feel safe to share their views.”

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