Frankey Craig 

North Carolina, USA

Creative Channel

Owner of Our Psychic Art
"Raising my Vibration has become a vocation of LOVE"

Greetings! My name is Frankey Craig and I am very grateful for your interest in my journey and my work. 

I am a Virgo/Rooster, Life path number 11, my animal totem is Frog. I was born just outside of London, England in 1981. I got married in 2008 to my beautiful American husband, Tim. After living in England together for 7 years together we decided to move to the USA. 

My journey in this life has been like a wonderful rollercoaster! It’s the ride of my life, that’s for sure!!!! What an incarnation! Not that many of the previous ones were less eventful (I have found out through countless dreams, flashbacks, meditations, readings and hypnotherapy sessions!). 

Every twist and turn, every high and low, every gasp and outburst has taught me and challenged me to grow and let go of fear. I can’t even be who I was yesterday because I learn so much in each day!

Life is a perfect balance of what we label as ‘good’ and ‘bad’. I believe that’s why we incarnate on Earth. It’s all about experiencing that duality and remembering that you are not what you experience. I have been gifted with the ability to SEE the balance in all things. Everything is about GROWING. My biggest challenges in life have taught me this. 

I had an awakening paradigm shift in my consciousness during 2008 that felt like I had been asleep since I had been born and now I was truly awake and aware. It was scary because most of the world still seemed to be asleep. This is a whole other story but during this time in 2008 I was told by the spirit world, through a medium, that I needed to create artwork with spirit. The word they wanted me to focus on was ‘FREEDOM’. 

So, I listened! I began to create art every single day even though I hadn't had any art training and had been working in an office for 10 years. The want to create was so strong, the flow of energy just overtook any logic to my creations. I just flowed and created and when I did I would gain insights, healing and has what feels like unlimited information coming to me.  I could look into what I was creating and see worlds within it, layers or dimensions within everything. I began to see information in everything I looked at. Even if it was a brick wall or glass bead, I could look at it and images and patterns would begin to emerge. It felt like everything was there, I just needed to bring it out for all to see. 

The world, the Universe, began speaking to me or I think I just started to listen! The whole world around me, above and below, became symbolic. Every flower I saw, every animal that crossed my path, every pattern, every recurring shape and number, every single colour spoke to me and guided me and still does. Life is continuously talking to me. 

Even the people I met became mirrors for me! Yep there was no getting away from it. I see myself in everyone. Reflecting all the different aspects of my SELF. We are all ONE. Mirrors for each other and our essence is LOVE. We are all inter-connected and entangled in beautiful ways. I am all and everything, I have always been and I will always be. So are you! Each and every one of us is precious beyond measure and are here to have a human experience. If we make a conscious effort to be mindful every day of how we treat ourselves and others, life becomes much easier.

I have become a Creative Channel. I follow my intuition which taps me into an amazing and unlimited creative energy. I feel like there is a higher part of me that guides me, whatever you want to name that higher part of you that incorporates all of your soul essence. 

I am very passionate about raising awareness about the healing arts and altered states of consciousness. Since 2008 I have dedicated my life to my spiritual development and my creativity has been a wonderful tool to assist me in this process. I am happy that it also helps so many other people as I share my journey and the insights, messages and meaning behind every creation. 

My creativity has transitioned many times, as any creative channel would. Many styles and many guides have come and gone over the years. I have explored countless different artistic mediums. With every shift of consciousness I am able to experience my creative energy from a new level of perception. It’s been such a magical process. Learning to fully commit to trusting my intuition and following its direction. 

I bring my intuition and healing energy into all areas of my life. What to paint, what colour to wear, what food to eat, what words to say, what words to write, what to research, what feels true, what direction to go. Of course, the Universe still loves to challenge me and is always giving me opportunities to fine tune my intuitive power and truly heal myself. And, as I strengthen my trust and commitment I constantly find myself in the 'flow' where synchronicity and magic lives. 

As I continue to delve deeper into my SELF, develop, remember and heal, I feel this vessel, this wonderful body, this is a gift and as I treat it as such it has become a clearer channel for Universal information and healing to come through. 

As part of my spiritual development and self healing of fibromyalgia, IBS, PCOS, and slipped disks I have explored so many different healing modalities and each one has truly helped me heal another layer and truly has contributed in the development of my own healing style which I express through the Healing Section of this site. I won't stop exploring here either! So far,  I have discovered that I am definitely not bound by time or space and I do a lot of my healing work with people in my astral body. The spirit world call me ‘Dream Walker’. In a Soul Reading I was told I am a Dream Master. Many times I have been told I have been in people's dreams, not just now and then but all of the time! Even people I have never met before have reported vivid dream experiences with me. I definitely feel like I am off to another world when I sleep or if I meditate. I recall shamanic past lives and try to incorporate those aspects of my SELF into the woman I am today. 

I am a qualified Reiki Master, Hypnotherapist, Metatronia Therapy Attuned, Light Ray of Compassion Attuned, and have studied Astrology, Colour Therapy, the Tarot, Aromatherapy, Feng Shui, Astrology, Numerology, Psychology, and many other subjects of interest. This is all just part of my development. I love to learn! Research is just my thing! I continue to learn as much as I can from many different sources, inner and outer. I love to gain many perspectives before I form any kind of opinion. I see patterns in information that begins to fit together and build a picture for me. Most of the time it's hard to articulate all the information in my brain! It always seems to flow better when I begin writing/typing. 

I have created my own Reiki Manuals and Online Course, Infinite Love Foundation, so that I can share reiki with anyone in the world as long as we have internet and video calling! It's wonderful and allows me to connect with my students 1-2-1 for a more personalized experience of unfolding. 

In the summer of 2015 I began to explore working with plant medicine which has been the most potent and powerful tool for shifting into a much higher state of consciousness. I began a journey with Ayahuasca that was the most healing experience of my life so far, it healed me at a cellular level and I came back to live as a much higher version of my SELF.  

Ever since my ayahuasca visions geometry had started to make more sense to me. I felt a strong urge to create mandalas. I was reluctant to begin Mandalas because I had not had much success with this style in the past but it had been many years since I had tried and I had this clear pattern emerged in my consciousness and I kept seeing everywhere. I felt like I could literally draw it in my mind, so why not get it on canvas?! So, I began my first ‘proper’ mandala and named it ‘I AM Blooming’ and ever since then that’s exactly what has been happening to me. Talk about evolution! This is a whole new way of BEING. I love being in a meditative state of consciousness when I create. It brings such focus to my life. It has brought healing in mind, body and spirit. I have named these style paintings 'The Art of Meditation'. This style of painting has improved my sleep, my memory, my concentration, my endurance, my health, my patience, my psychic abilities and so much more! It’s just such a beautiful journey to be a part of, I feel so honoured and blessed. I love to allow the patterns to unfold after I have the original structure and template clear in my mind's eye. 

For me, it’s all about the journey, what each mandala activates within me is transformative and I always share that with people when I do the write up 'teaching' for each mandala. They all have so much healing medicine to share! I feel the geometry, the colours and the overall energy of the mandalas I create activate us at a cellular level to heal. 

My love of mandalas and their 'teachings' has evolved into a Mandala Mystery School which I am thrilled to share with you.  These teachings initiate you into a world that puts your growth into your hands and activates an awakening to your deepest truths.

My personal and spiritual growth and development is so important to me that I decided to create a section on this website called 'EXPLORE'. This section is packed with free information for your own personal and spiritual growth and development should you wish to explore it. 

Another part of my work is Digital Design Projects such as; websites, branding, social media, graphic & print design. I am collaborated with businesses and organizations world-wide, so that we can create a high quality design for you that has a great impact. I also offer a monthly subscription for these services for any ongoing work and support required. I display a lot of my Digital Design work in my Redbubble Portfolio. This allows you to purchase my designs printed on a wide range of products. Check it out and see if anything grabs your fancy!

My professional resume is on Linkedin if you wish to learn more about my skills and history. 

Feel free to check out all the creative services I am offering here by visiting the 'SERVICES' page. 

I continue to unfold on this joyfully creative journey with an open heart knowing that I am a living channel in an ongoing learning process that enables me to evolve every single day.  I am a vehicle for creativity and will remain in touch with the infinite source of wisdom and creativity that resides within me always. 

I am always grateful to connect, for feedback and support. 

Sending you Rainbow Love, Light & Healing, Frankey