Flow Art

The Art of Honoring the Flow

Greetings, thank you for finding your way to this page!

My name is Frankey Craig and I am the Artist of these flow art paintings. 

For many years now, when I look into something ‘presently’ I can see different dimensions past, present and future. I feel that this is not a gift that only I have but it is a gift within everyone and it comes from stillness that can be found during meditation or by living in the NOW.  

I'm excited to introduce this new technique that I have been exploring and developing. Its known as acrylic pouring, flow art, fluid art, painting pouring and more. I will stick with FLOW ART because for me, this style is all about honouring the flow. 

Flow art makes my inner child extremely excited! This technique really allows me to play and get messy. My mandala paintings are much more focussed and controlled so it's nice to let go every now and then and just flow.

“May what I do flow from me like a river, no forcing and no holding back, the way it is with children.”
— Rainer Maria Rilke

When I am honouring the flow I bring my attention into my Being, I tune into my breath, I align with my soul and I create that which is sacred. 

During the time I am painting I am filled with peace, beauty and joyful bliss so the painting is packed with GOOD VIBES! I am a Reiki Master and always allow universal healing energy (LOVE) to flow through me as I create so, there is real healing potential in these paintings. 

I have achieved these wonderful fluid effects in the past with my encaustic art and wanted to explore more with acrylic and resin as the mediums. 

I absolutely adore how much can be seen in this style of art. Because it is abstract, it forces us to really explore what is in there.

The fluidity makes so many natural patterns that we see in nature all of the time. from micro to macro! We are really seeing movement and flow of energy. It is very pleasant to the eye.

I am sealing my flow art with resin because it really turns the vibrancy up on the paint and adds even more dimension to the painting with the high gloss finish. Not to mention that it preserves the artwork for a very long time and is easy to clean. 

I sit for long periods of time just gazing into these paintings. At times they morph in front of my eyes. They tap into our third eye so that we can begin to truly SEE what wants to be revealed to us. If you sit with it for long enough it will literally take you on a journey. 

The whole image can change when you look at it from another angle or if the light hits it in a certain way. It’s quite amazing. I believe different energies will show themselves to different people through this art. 

Being calm or in a meditative state really helps to unlock the intuition of our third eye chakra and we can truly begin to experience the dimensions that these paintings have. 

Spending time with this art will truly open your mind to the universal qualities of the web of life that links all beings. 

If you are interested in commissioning a painting or have questions about one that you have seen please get in touch by filling out the contact form below.

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