Echinoidea Matrix Mandala Teaching

The natural world is built upon common motifs and patterns. Recognizing patterns in nature creates a map for locating yourself in change, and anticipation what is yet to come

Sharon Weil, ChangeAbility: How Artists, Activists, and Awakeners Navigate Change

“Sea urchins or urchins (/ˈɜːrtʃɪnz/) are spiny, globular animals, echinoderms in the class Echinoidea. About 950 species inhabit all oceans, and zones from the intertidal to 5,000 metres (16,000 ft; 2,700 fathoms) deep.[1] Their tests (hard shells) are round and spiny, typically from 3 to 10 cm (1.2 to 3.9 in) across. Sea urchins move slowly, crawling with their tube feet, and defended by their sharp spines, which are sometimes toxic. They feed primarily on algae but also eat slow-moving or sessile animals. Their predators include sea otters, starfish, wolf eels, and triggerfish. The name "urchin" is an old word for hedgehog, which sea urchins resemble; they have archaically been called sea hedgehogs.[2][3] The name is derived from Old French herichun, from Latin ericius, hedgehog”. - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sea_urchin

"Tetragramma is a genus of fossil sea urchins known from the Upper Jurassic (Oxfordian) to the Upper Cretaceous" -   wiki

This beautiful mandala connects us with the energy of the Tetragramma sea urchin that help us summon the energies of wisdom and loyalty, and help us find a sense of stability in life. They resonate in particular with the Heart Chakra, encouraging feelings of love and forgiveness, and they protect your dreams from being hindered by negativity.

Connect with the tetragramma energy in this teaching and allow its water energy to cleanse and nurture your spirit.

I have used the healing qualities of the colour teal as a predominant colour because teal helps us balance anger with love and compassion. Also, helps us to balance fear with self esteem. Teal helps us to cleanse and rebuild from the inside out.

I also explored some different tones of blue acrylic paint to help to activate the throat chakra so that you may express your deepest thoughts and feelings with truth and clarity. With Divine Expression.

The silver leaf paint offers the feminine healing qualities of the silver realm.

“The silver ray is used for balancing feminine energy in a person, because silver embodies the feminine aspect of the Source. When infused in the body, this ray adds additional feminine energy that brings the recipient back into balance. Males and females should have 50% gold and 50% silver in their auras’’. - http://www.colorhealing.com/2012/06/gold-and-silver-rays.html

“The energies of the fossilized Sea Urchin infuse the capability to understand the desires and needs of others and connect them with their emotional heart. It too attracts new love and maintain the trustworthy relations with the people around. It too bestow the divine feminine power and help to overcome the past traumas. The potency of this enthralling fossil gem ground the upsetting energies and soothe the intellect along with the heart. The influential and protective energies of the fossil aside from curing the overall torso too cleanse the energy blockages to align the chakras in addition to the torso for stabilizing self within the surrounding environment. The water energies absorbed in the fossil of sea Urchin act as a protective shield to defend the person from the negativity moreover resonated the water energies to cleanse the blockages. It too contemplates to evoke the spiritual consciousness likewise endorse love as well as the notion of forgiveness’’. - https://www.jewelexi.com/gemstones/sea-urchin

"Fossils are created when organic matter, such as bone, shell, plants, fish, wood, are transformed through decomposition leaving only the hard bits. Buried in layers of sediment, they are compressed into stone through elemental forces – time, weather, and geologic pressure. Fossils represent time, eternity and evolution. Fossils are excellent healing tools to work through past life situations and for releasing whatever no longer serves your higher purpose. Fossils enhance telepathy and stimulate the mind. Fossils are used as power tools by shamans throughout the world to amplify energy and to enhance clairvoyant ability, astral travel, and journeying. Fossils energetically support an increase in life span by reducing toxins, anxiety, and stress while balancing the emotions. Fossils have a very calming and soothing energy promoting feelings of tranquility, contentment and comfort. Fossils assist one in business endeavors. Fossils help with manifesting accomplishments in business, communication and in the development of new ideas and strategies. Fossils increase the feelings of self-confidence and success. Fossils help us release old paradigms and creates the foundation for change. Fossil is also helpful in keeping one grounded, aiding in stability and physically stamina. In healing, fossils may be helpful in assisting with curing diseases and ailments of the bones, skeletal system, hands and feet". -   Ravens Crystals 

“Teaches discernment and the art of underlying circumstances. Slow and methodical, she shows how to maneuver with tenacity and patience. Nothing is impossible when Urchin is guiding you. Monitor defense mechanisms. Do you have tough exterior and soft inside? Urchin will teach this balance of rough and tender. Evolution, metamorphosis and new developments are highlighted with Sea Urchin medicine. She teaches ways of extracting information out of the rubble of the mind and of day to day activities. Care of your feet, physical movement and grounding properties hallmark Urchin's meaning. Listen to the color of the Sea Urchin for this will aid in understanding’’. - https://www.starstuffs.com/animal_totems/dictionary_of_wateranimals.html

“If you thought that sea urchins were sightless because of the absence of eyes, then the research at the University of Gothenburg will prove you wrong. Researchers have found out that these sea creatures can see with the help of their entire body despite missing eyes’’. - https://greendiary.com/sea-urchins-animal-without-eyes-sees-through-entire-body.html

Sea urchins make a lot of noise when they eat!

“Craig Radford & associates at the Leigh Marine Lab in Auckland, New Zealand have found that the New Zealand sea urchin Evechinus chloroticus apparently creates LOUD FEEDING NOISES in the 800-2800 Hz range’’. - http://echinoblog.blogspot.com/2008/07/sea-urchins-make-lot-of-noise-when-they.html

Sea urchin is nutritionally valuable for those of you who want to give it a try! “You'll get about 13.3 grams of protein in a 100-gram serving of sea urchins. That translates to 29 percent of the 46 grams of protein that women need each day and 24 percent of the 56 grams that men require daily, according to the Institute of Medicine's recommended dietary allowance. Protein is necessary for energy production and enables your entire body to work properly.

Zinc is an essential mineral that plays an important role in wound healing. The mineral supports a healthy immune system and promotes normal reproduction. Zinc supports healthy eyesight, smell and taste, too. A serving of sea urchin supplies a good dose of zinc and is a low-fat, low-calorie way to boost your intake of the mineral’’. - https://www.livestrong.com/article/318753-nutritional-facts-of-a-sea-urchin/

“Sea urchin - Yet another symbol of the Egg.  Inside is the soft centre - spirit, outside is the hard shell - Earth. The shell appears to be covered - if it is without its spines - with thousands of little islands.  And it is divided up like the Matrix. With its spines it has added symbolism as the spines look like cones, albeit very long cones and symbolically not quite correct as they point outward and not inward, nevertheless, symbolism being what it is, the spines are a useful symbolic reminder.  In this respect they share some symbolism with Teeth’’. - https://allaboutheaven.org/symbols/907/123/sea-urchin

“Sea urchins are one of the most interesting organisms in the ocean. They have fivefold symmetry and, like many other manifestations of the ocean, they are living fractals”. - http://www.homejelly.com/decorating-using-fractals-in-nature/

My life seemed to be a series of events and accidents. Yet when I look back, I see a pattern
Benoît B. Mandelbrot

“Fractal geometry is a field of maths born in the 1970’s and mainly developed by Benoit Mandelbrot. If you’ve already heard of fractals, you’ve probably seen the Mandelbrot Set.

The geometry that you learnt in school was about how to make shapes; fractal geometry is no different. While the shapes that you learnt in classical geometry were ‘smooth’, such as a circle or a triangle, the shapes that come out of fractal geometry are ‘rough’ and infinitely complex. However fractal geometry is still about making shapes, measuring shapes and defining shapes, just like school.

There are two reasons why you should care about fractal geometry:

1. The process by which shapes are made in fractal geometry is amazingly simple yet completely different to classical geometry. While classical geometry uses formulas to define a shape, fractal geometry uses iteration. It therefore breaks away from giants such as Pythagoras, Plato and Euclid and heads in another direction. Classical geometry has enjoyed over 2000 years of scrutinisation, Fractal geometry has enjoyed only 40.

2. The shapes that come out of fractal geometry look like nature. This is an amazing fact that is hard to ignore. As we all know, there are no perfect circles in nature and no perfect squares. Not only that, but when you look at trees or mountains or river systems they don’t resemble any shapes one is used to in maths. However with simple formulas iterated multiple times, fractal geometry can model these natural phenomena with alarming accuracy. If you can use simple maths to make things look like the world, you know you’re onto a winner. Fractal geometry does this with ease’’. https://georgemdallas.wordpress.com/2014/05/02/what-are-fractals-and-why-should-i-care/

‘’Examples of fractals are everywhere in nature. They can be found in the patterns of trees, branches, and ferns, in which each part appears to be a smaller image of the whole. They are found in the branch-like patterns of river systems, lightning, and blood vessels. They can be seen in snowflakes, seashells, crystals, and mountain ranges. We can even see the holographic and fractal-like nature of reality in the structure of the Universe itself, as the clusters of galaxies and dark matter resemble the neurons in our brain, the mycelium network of fungi, as well as the network of the man-made Internet’’. - Joseph P. Kauffman, The Answer Is YOU: A Guide to Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Freedom


You have mathematical functions that are your natural programming to be a human.

Your are an iterative life form, always using new information to plug into your next experiences. You do a thing and get a result, which gives you a belief about the world. Then, you plug that belief back into your next experience and low and behold, it shapes the outcome of that experience so that the result you get is a more deeply-convinced belief. and on. forever.

Your beliefs and experiences and sensations are self-similar. You will experience the same type of energy, the same pattern, in many aspects of your life, because it’s all being fed by the same repetition rules.

These self-similar patterns will happen on the smallest scales - down to your cells, all the way up to the biggest scales of culture (and beyond) because the equation is infinite.

Like I said, since you are natural, and fractals are the structure of nature, you are fractals too.

Your most efficient way of acting, learning, changing, growing, and recharging will often seem chaotic until it’s completed. But just because you can’t see what the puzzle pieces in your life are pointing you to yet, doesn’t mean there isn’t a shape they are destined for’’. - http://www.rachelthor.com/blogposts/2015/8/4/fractal-god-how-spirituality-met-math-and-had-a-baby-called-the-universe

In the mind's eye, a fractal is a way of seeing infinity
James Gleick, From Chaos (1987), 98

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