Dolphin Dream Dance Teachings

The title of the painting is ‘The Dolphin Dream Dance’ because one evening as I sat back from painting many dots I allowed my eyes to relax and gaze into the centre of the painting. It became alive, 3D and it rotated around and around. It was mesmerizing and hypnotic to behold. I was definitely taken to another space.

The dolphins appeared in many of my dreams throughout the journey of the paintings creation and I found myself out by the ocean on many occasions, only to awaken completely dry and in my bed.

The Dolphins are the gatekeepers to the higher dimensions of consciousness and they can teach us how to navigate through and within the higher realms. They are here to assist those seeking spiritual evolution. Helping us in finding the balance of living in so many worlds.

The dolphins carry very powerful sound healing, intuitive and creative energy which help us to tap into our telepathic abilities. They have such a joyful energy that dances with all of life. There is music all around them, they are always singing and communicating with each other. They are a community in harmony. The kinda remind me of a bee hive.

The dolphins not only share their medicine with us through the energy of this painting they also share a memory of our past during the time of Atlantis.

The memory was triggered by a facebook friend who had been watching me create this painting. She shared a video of Diana Cooper speaking of the wonderful Art Galleries we had during the time of Atlantis. As she spoke I could see these temples clearly. This was a time when Artists were truly honoured for their creations.

Diana reminded me of the Atlantean Temples that were dedicated to the healing arts. These temples would have separate galleries for each colour and you would be able to absorb each colour ray as you walk through each gallery. Can you remember? Can you IMAGINE?!!!!!

I feel the vibrations of the New Earth bringing changes. The dolphins whisper of a rebirth. A renaissance.

It’s time to honour the healing Arts and get their temples rebuilt.

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