De Lente Collection


12 x 12 inch Birch Wood Box Panels 

Hand Painted with gold leaf, silver leaf and acrylic paints

Spring equinox is an incredibly important time and I wanted to celebrate it with a set of mandalas as their shapes always lend themselves to flowers.

The Spring Equinox is the point in the sun's annual cycle of day and night being equal.  It is a time of energetic balance between the masculine and feminine.

When I began to receive intuitions about this set, I was having lots of visions and dreams of the flower fields in Holland. The Dutch flower fields and flower markets are a sight to behold. The bright colors are overwhelmingly beautiful and are a must see. https://www.holland.com/global/tourism/destinations/regions/flower-fields.htm

Another thing I was drawn to (of the many) in Holland is their traditional clothing, especially for the tulip festival. The woman wore a high peaked lace hat, black dresses with very brightly coloured flower pattern panels. And, of course, clogs, it wouldn’t be complete without the clogs. Here is a link to some traditional dutch dance costumes that I think are great examples.  https://www.tuliptime.com/dutch-heritage/dutch-dance/costumes

When I began painting this set, I picked out a vibrant colour palette that I would use on each panel but my idea was to concentrate on two colours more than the others in each one, and then use the rest of the colours within it. So, they all look so different but they actually all have the same colours used in them. For example, there is more red and gold used on one and more green and blue on another but they both still have all the same colours.

The black backgrounds, are like the traditional dutch dresses. I love that boldness with the delicate lace and vibrant colours. Around the edges of each panel, I have created a frame, that gives that lace effect and give the feeling of a tapestry as it marries all four panels and ties them together.

As each mandala was painted they became more elaborate, just like springs process of blooming, you can really sense the movement.

We start with seeds at the start of spring, then the buds, they grow, and by the end of spring we are in full bloom!

Spring is a time of light and renewal. After we have gone through our winter we feel rebirthed by the light of the sun and all of the new life it brings.

The winter turns us inwards and by spring we are ready to implement all of the wisdom that the darkness brought. We are ready to plant seeds of change.

This set of mandalas contain that energy of a heroic Spring Clean! Together, they shift, energize, bring light and renewal to area in which they are placed and will help anyone who is ready to align with the natural balance and flow that accompanies the rebirth of spring.

This energy will activate you to release anxiety, fear, irritability, grief, etc. It will help your bodies integration of solar energy, rebalancing your system, clearing denser stagnant energies to allow for more light to enter.

It will activate you to step even more powerfully into your  gifts and abilities.

It will activate deeper intuition and higher self connection, while guiding the seeds for your next chapter.  

These mandalas, together, are a portal that allow for new aspects of your divine self to reawaken to full potential.

May you bloom where you are planted. 

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