Cycles and Circles Mandala Teachings

The journey of this mandala was very cathartic and gave me the opportunity to reflect upon my own cycles. 

Firstly, I will talk about the colours, some of the geometry and numerology of this mandala. 

The black background acts as a protective cushion for this mandala to sit on. Many people shy away from black but used in the right amounts its highest and best use is to protect energy.  It is grounding and calming, especially to extremely sensitive individuals. It activates the magnetic or feminine energies of the body and strengthens them. 

White is powerful healing energy, it contains all the colours of the rainbow. Every dot begins with white light and all other colours go on top. 

I love to work with gold. It's regal vibration is high and full of knowledge, compassion and uplifts us to the highest levels through our own inner wisdom.  It is the colour of the truthseeker, for those who seek the holy grail. 

The other colours used are:-

Burgundy for grounding and the Base Chakra

Pumpkin Orange for emotional balance and the Sacral Chakra

Ochre for self esteem and the Solar Plexus

Teal balancing emotions and expression. For the Heart and Throat Chakras

Pansy Purple to activate our inner vision, intuitive power and for the Third Eye Chakra

The concentric rings of circles are representing several things, in fact I believe there are infinite meanings but too many for me to fathom so I will share what has come through so far. 

The circles in circles (concentric rings) represent  vibration. They represent a vortex. They are encoded with knowledge of traveling through interstellar passageways called stargates and wormholes.

Interesting thing to add as well about concentric rings is that Plato said Atlantis's architecture was built upon concentric rings and was a symbol for Atlantis. Many sacred sites and stone circles are also based upon this geometry. 

8 Circles surround one in this mandala which makes an octagon if you draw a line from the centre of each of the outer circles.  ''8 is the octagon, the intermediate form between the circle (Heaven) and the square (Earth). As the 4 doubled, it is the number of ascension above the material world through spiritual perspective. The 8th step on the musical scale is the octave, which brings harmonic resonance and a sense of fulfillment''.- http://www.divinetemplatecreations.com/sacred_geometry/8.html 

There are a multitude of cycles happening throughout the entire Universe all of the time. From the micro to the macro, the cycles are constant. 

The movements of the planets and stars, Earth’s seasons, the ocean tides and moon phases, economic cycles and also in our own lives, this one and past ones.

In this life alone we have many cycles from the cycle of birth, growth, maturity, maid, mother, crone and the transition back home to spirit. Of course, we are having many rebirths in between. 

Our bodies also experience many cycles just in one day. Things like sleep and awake time, breathing and blood flow. This also extends to the smallest level of cells, including the cells in our hair, skin, muscle, etc.

As I mentioned before we are also having many rebirths throughout our life. These are our spiritual cycles. It is said that we experience a new cycle every seven years in our state of consciousness. I'm not sure that is true, it feels like we shift consciousness far more often nowadays. The shifts have much less time between and the transformations of our past to present selves is quite remarkable. 

This mandala medicine assists us in breaking our karmic cycles. As you work with its energy you will integrate new ways of releasing karmic patterns.  In any lifetime, there are karmic cycles that everyone must go through. These are the cycles that always change the course of life.

''The karmic structure in every human being is essentially cyclical. This cycle is not from lifetime to lifetime alone. If you are observant enough, you will see that events generally repeat themselves in cycles of twelve-and-a-quarter to twelve-and-a-half years. If you observe much more closely, you will see that even within a year’s time, these same patterns are happening many times over. If you observe very, very closely, the same cycles are happening many times over even within a day. The karmic cycle actually takes force every 40 minutes. These 40-minute cycles are called galige in Kannada. So every 40 minutes, you have an opportunity to break it.

It is very important to see this. If you see that your life is just a repetitive foolish cycle, that you are doing the same cycle over and over again every 40 minutes, you would realize in two days that the way it is going is no good. If you only see the cycles once in 12 years, it will take 24 to 48 years for you to realize this is no good. And if you see the cycles once in a lifetime, it will take a few lifetimes to see this is no good.

It depends on how conscious you are. The more conscious you become, the more you see living in an unconscious cycle is no good. So, every 40 minutes, you have an opportunity to become conscious of it and to break the cycle. You want to break your present walls and go away''. - Sadhguru

The mandalas golden unconditional energy helps us have forgiveness and compassion in our heart for all of our cycles.  This is the medicine that breaks those karmic chains that have been wound around us for so many lifetimes.

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.
George Santayana