Celebration of Life 

12 x 12 inch canvas

Hand painted with acrylic paint

Approximately 50 hours of painting

This is another interesting spectrum that I wouldn't normally have chosen to work with!

Deep red, bright red, burnt orange, gold, teal, turquoise and white. I really enjoy how these colors work in synergy together in this mandala.

At first I was inspired by some Native American beads, there were different shades of red against turquoise that really grabbed me. Then I felt really inspired by Indian weddings, the saris are usually red and gold, then I started to looking into Indian wedding wear a little more and felt inspired by the vibrant blues and greens I was seeing combined with the red and gold.

So, my take on the colors that I’ve chosen here, from a color therapy perspective are:-

The deep red background is a very grounding but not as intense and active as bright red. Deep red is a grown up version of its cousin bright red. I have used bright red too, just subtly, to lift the energy but not overwhelm us.

The burnt orange, keeps us in the warm end of the spectrum. It heals our relationship with self and others.

Gold is the color of enlightenment. Its high vibrations connect everything in this mandala bringing each colors vibration to an even higher octave of resonance.

Turquoise invites us to express ourselves with love and clarity. It is healing and purifying and allows us to live in our truth.

Teal is love, protection and spiritual development.

White is divine, white light, the most cleansing and healing ray that is woven into the entire mandala. Every dot is emanating from a white background.

The title of this mandala is ‘Celebration of Life’, it is celebrating EVERYTHING! Celebrating the opportunity we get here on Earth. Celebrating our journey’s, all the different directions that we take and where those paths lead us. Celebrating that none of our journeys can be wrong as all of our paths lead to the same place.

This mandala celebrates the individuality of life, the fact that even though things may be the same they will never be identical. For example; you may see a rose bush but if you zoom into the formation of each rose, you will see, they really are unique in their composition, their color tones and no rose looks completely identical to the next.

The same can be said for humans, we may see a group of people by their color or by their culture but if you zoom into each of their personalities and physical traits, you’ll see they are all very unique, none of them could be defined by skin tone or where they were born. 

This mandala celebrates our differences. It actually invites contrasting energies to come together in harmony. It helps us to see other perspectives without feeling that our own beliefs are threatened. It allows all views to synergize cohesively and coherently.

Let's celebrate each other when we are alive, not just when we die. At funerals, people always have so much good stuff to say but did the dead person ever really know how everyone felt about them before they died?

This mandala helps us to celebrate every single breath of life given to us and reminds us that we have been given our breath, we don’t make it happen, it just happens naturally and it’s the only thing keeping us alive, nothing will work if you do not breathe. How precious does it feel to have your breath? Acknowledge this breath in everything, the life that is inside of ALL LIVING BEINGS.

When we are able to celebrate ourselves it is much easier to be able to celebrate others. I believe that part of this mandalas ‘medicine’ is to help to release anything that is holding us back from celebrating our own Divinity knowing that as we accept this in ourselves we see it in others.

I think this is why the word Namaste is so appealing to many of us. It is such a lovely honor and recognition of an individual.  Namaste is usually said at the end of a yoga class but to me, it can be used any time, by anyone. When we put our hands together in front of our chest in Namaste (prayer) position, it is a sign of acknowledging others but also it is a reminder to acknowledge our own divinity.

Some of the translations of Namaste are; -

I bow to you.
I am a reflection of your divine light.
I acknowledge all that is divine within you.
The spirit in me honors the spirit in you.
The light in me honors the light in you.
The divine in me honors the divine in you.

I celebrate the soul, breath, beauty, light, power and individuality within each of you, Namaste. 

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