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Explore the Art of Cultivating Present Moment Awareness with this Easy to Use Oracle Deck!

This 52 card oracle deck and guidebook has been created by Frankey Craig and is inspired by her Art of Meditation Mandalas.

Painting mandalas has been such a profound journey of self-discovery, self-healing, empowerment & transformation for Frankey. It has been a tool for her to train her mind to be in Present Moment Awareness, from this space she has access to an infinite source of inspiration.

Detach from a busy mind and open up to new perspectives, possibilities and potentials.

In Sanskrit the word mandala means 'circle'. The circle symbolizes the womb of creation. Circles represent wholeness, completion, inclusion, the life cycle, heaven, eternity, and the universe.

Throughout time and various spiritual traditions, mandalas have been used for expressing creativity, focusing attention and as an aid to meditation.

Art of Meditation Mandalas share the principles of inter-connectedness and union. They provide us with a continuous reminder of our own relationship to the whole Universe.

This beautiful deck is an invitation to create more space for your true authentic nature to shine through.

Activating the observer within allows you to recognize and acknowledge the thoughts and not attach a story to them. In this space you can cultivate the wisdom of Awareness.


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