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Dream Journey


This is a great way to get some deep healing as we remove our minds from the process. Sometimes the mind can hinder our healing journey and it is simply best to let them sleep while the work is done.


Healing is not limited to time and space. We are not limited to our physical bodies.


I am able to navigate the astral realm and in that space, I work for your highest good. Whatever experience you need for healing is my intention.


We will have an agreed night to connect and you will be sent an audio recording and preparation guide.


When you are ready for sleep, lay down and listen to the audio recording that I have sent you (preferably with headphones on).


You may fall asleep during the recording or afterwards. You may wake up in the night. You may sleep deeply and not recall your dreams. The experience is different for everyone and because we are not working in our physical bodies and time is irrelevant, the work can still be achieved no matter what you experience.


Some people will have vivid dreams. Some people will see me. Some people will be very lucid. Some people will see friends and loved ones, other dimensions and planets or visit sacred spaces.


When you wake up in the morning, you will have some prompts to help with recall and intuitions.


You will have a zoom call with me already booked for the day after (preferably in the morning). I will share my insights and will help to interpret yours.


Your zoom call will be recorded and the link for you to download will be emailed to you at the end of our session.





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