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Valerie 2

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Valerie 2
Picture for Friend 2 This tree represents a deeply spiritual lady with roots firmly grounded. Such strength and such determination. She grows towards the light of Spirit. Her journey, over many lifetimes, has resulted in the solid purple trunk, now supporting new growth twining around the trunk reaching towards the light. This is for a new phase of development which is now progressing steadily and starting to flower. The growth began a little unsteadily and some leaves have fallen away. This was a necessity until the growth knew exactly where it wanted to go. The bush towards the right of the picture shows there is much development around this lady. She provides the roots, the strength and the guidance for others to be directed. She encourages and the leaves begin to appear. They too, in time, will blossom supported by the figure of a lady in blue, who is very interested in the spiritual progression. She watches and smiles â?? she is very pleased with how things are turning out. There is another figure appearing on the left who seems to be an angel with wings. The angel inspires artistic creativity. It also signifies the deep trust this lady has in Spirit. Another face appears towards the top of the picture. He appears to be an oriental guide with a beard, just nestling at the top of the trunk where the branches begin to spread. This lady has so much energy the tree cannot fit on the page. There is a feeling of mystery â?? where will the branches go next? There is so much more for this person to do. Her work has only just begun. She is very balanced in her outlook and beliefs. Her spiritual journey is very much the centre of her life, the most important part. Her life has not been without its difficulties but she has stood firm and very much been supported by the love of Spirit. She gives healing freely and in doing so receives healing in return.
Posted on July 10, 2011



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Frankey Craig
1:17 PM on July 10, 2011 
Feedback from Frankey: Wow!!! That?s just me to a ?T?. The same exercise was done at our workshop last year in Milton Keynes. A lady did my energy as a tree and her interpretation was almost exactly the same. It has confirmed lots of things for me.

The lady in blue is my guide from the 5th dimension. I am from there and she has been working with me since I was a child. I was abducted ? several times throughout my life ? by different kinds of extra-terrestrials (whatever you want to call it) and this lady always took care of me, reassured me and guided me back home ? she has visited many times and now, at night (in dreamtime) I go to the 5th dimension to ?download? my experiences so that my star family can better understand humans, earth and our experiences. I consider this woman to be my true mother.

I have been working closely with the Angelic realms over the last 6 months. They have been a huge part of my new phase of development. I?m pleased you picked up on them, this means your vibration has lifted much higher since your last lesson. I have been talking to the angels and asking for signs and I feel you have given it to me. So, thank you.

The oriental guide also popped up at the same workshop as the tree! Something in your reading is taking my attention back to that time. I am very aware of this guide and it is the first time he has shown himself older. I feel that is very symbolic as I have gained so much wisdom since our last meeting.

I really was not expecting to get so much confirmation and guidance. Thank you so much Valerie.

If I could grade you it would most certainly be an A!