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Light Healing

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Light Healing
Light Healing Without sunlight, life on earth as we know it could not exist. Research has showed that Light is stored in the DNA and is also the great communicator of the body, regulating the trillions of metabolic processes that occur naturally every second of the day during our whole lives. Colour is the visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Colour is a vibration and frequency. We are surrounded and influenced by colour at many levels and at every moment of our lives. Everything in the Universe has colour, every molecule of your being, everything you see and touch, even your dreams, your thoughts and your desires. As does colour, every molecule has its particular signature frequency. Molecules resonating on the same wavelength communicate with each other, creating a flourish of electromagnetic impulses travelling at the speed of light. Healing is brought about by frequency + intention. Colour therapy is a gentle and effective way to achieve this. Colour Therapy is natural, subtle and powerful. Every molecule in the Universe resonates at its own specific vibration of sound and colour. Every colour is a vibration that can be used as a tool to support and heal the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual body. Colour can access areas of our emotions or psyche that other treatments cannot reach or penetrate. In our essence, we are constantly changing and vibrating beings of Light, Spirit, Energy and Colour. As every molecule in our body and in the Universe has a specific vibration, so does every molecule display specific colours. As we are essentially beings of light, it makes sense to heal and release blockages with light, using the colour rays that our consciousness can relate to, thereby creating harmony in our physical and subtle bodies. We take in colour through the eyes, the acupuncture points, the skin, through the food we eat and drink, and also through mental awareness and thought forms. The colours seen in meditation and visualization can be even more vibrant and spectacular than the physical colours we normally see. To a large extent, we are what we think and eat and believe. Food with its vitamins, minerals and trace elements is essentially materialized colour. By identifying colours that are either too dominant or are lacking, we can restore balance and harmony to our physical, mental and emotional bodies. Our body is a hologram. When we treat one area, all areas are affected. The body is intelligent and every cell has memory and communicates constantly with all other cells in the body. This cellular memory can be transferred from previous lives, sometimes causing a physical problem in this life such as eczema or rheumatoid arthritis, which can be helped by treating the subtle energy system together with the physical body. Light and colour is the medium of communication. Every molecule in the Universe has its unique frequency and the language it uses is the resonating wave.
Posted by Frankey Craig on March 9, 2011



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