Online Psychic Art Classes Online Psychic Art Classes Valerie 1 Picture for Friend 1 This picture represents a person who is lively, creative and has an active mind. There is much going on in her life. Busy busy busy. Rushing here and there. Plans to make, things to sort out. Lots of chaos going on and feeling out of control. She is, however, a strong individual. Plans are starting to come together now. She likes to be the centre of attention and likes to get her own way. She stands up for herself. She has lots of ideas and is able to put her ideas into action. There is a feeling of loneliness which stems from a time in the past when she lost someone dear to her. She is now alone, however, and has a good support network and enjoys people‚??s company. There are new beginnings for her (I know she is expecting a baby) and happy times ahead. A tendency to lose her temper and get a bit heated. She may have high blood pressure. She needs to calm down and take things easier. A feeling of anxiety and feeling jumpy. She is very wrapped up in her day-to-day life and not open to explore her spirituality. It is not yet the right time. 131170248 The Perfect Soul (30.06.11) As we grow in spiritual understanding we embrace the love of God, the Great Spirit. We acknowledge the closeness of our loved ones and helpers in the Spirit World. We feel supported and uplifted in times of difficulty. We never feel completely alone and unable to move forward, for this love is all encompassing and everlasting. ********************************** I am the centre of the flower, surrounded by the healing colours of the Spirit World, enabling me to shine, to grow towards the light. There is a warmth, yet a feeling of softness and gentleness surrounding me. I only have to reach out to find the answers. I must learn to love myself because within each one of us is the perfect soul. By V Hammond 130899647 Valerie 2 Picture for Friend 2 This tree represents a deeply spiritual lady with roots firmly grounded. Such strength and such determination. She grows towards the light of Spirit. Her journey, over many lifetimes, has resulted in the solid purple trunk, now supporting new growth twining around the trunk reaching towards the light. This is for a new phase of development which is now progressing steadily and starting to flower. The growth began a little unsteadily and some leaves have fallen away. This was a necessity until the growth knew exactly where it wanted to go. The bush towards the right of the picture shows there is much development around this lady. She provides the roots, the strength and the guidance for others to be directed. She encourages and the leaves begin to appear. They too, in time, will blossom supported by the figure of a lady in blue, who is very interested in the spiritual progression. She watches and smiles ‚?? she is very pleased with how things are turning out. There is another figure appearing on the left who seems to be an angel with wings. The angel inspires artistic creativity. It also signifies the deep trust this lady has in Spirit. Another face appears towards the top of the picture. He appears to be an oriental guide with a beard, just nestling at the top of the trunk where the branches begin to spread. This lady has so much energy the tree cannot fit on the page. There is a feeling of mystery ‚?? where will the branches go next? There is so much more for this person to do. Her work has only just begun. She is very balanced in her outlook and beliefs. Her spiritual journey is very much the centre of her life, the most important part. Her life has not been without its difficulties but she has stood firm and very much been supported by the love of Spirit. She gives healing freely and in doing so receives healing in return. 131170249 Bereavement/Mum (30.06.11) I know she is gone but still the pain goes on and on. I curl up into a ball and weep, feeling like a snail retreating into its shell. I want to hide myself away, hoping that this nightmare will end. But on it goes, on and on. She is not here. I wish I could. I wish I had¶ The thoughts go round and round. I re-live those last precious moments before saying goodbye. *************************************** Even though I know she is still around me in the Spirit World, watching over me and drying my tears, I miss her physical presence so. Oh to hold her hand once more! She is at peace now, that is a comfort, but will I ever come to terms with the reality? ****************************************** By V Hammond 130899648 Eternal Life (02.07.11) **************************************** I feel that the spirals in the drawing represent everlasting life, life eternal, moving from the earth plane to the Spirit World and back again. I see the celebration of birth ‚ the child in the womb born to woman on earth. It also represents the celebration of birth into the Spirit World going home again. The spiral looks a bit like a tunnel representing the birth canal or moving towards the light. **************************************** The yellow figure eight shows the learning that takes place along our pathway, lessons both on earth and in Spirit. The learning, the development is eternal; we never stop learning. Our pathways are supported by our guides, angels and loved ones. We are able to receive healing to help us through the obstacles. The whole is surrounded by pink love. **************************************** The drawing also represents mediumship, the communication between the two worlds and the importance of learning to improve the connection and provide clear messages. ****************************************** I see spectacles in the picture ‚?? clairvoyance, being able to see clearly. Also eyes Spirit watching over us we are never completely alone. The message flows effortlessly from Spirit but can become muddled and complicated by the medium. The picture speaks of allowing the energy to flow, from the communicator in the Spirit World through the medium without being altered, and then received and acknowledged by the recipient on earth. This allows the communication to continue in a kind of figure of eight to and fro. ***************************************** By V Hammond 130899649 Maja - the devil Maja - the devil 132318458 Maja - the empress Maja - the empress 132318459 Valerie Encaustic Art 1 Valerie Encaustic Art 1 132318471 Valerie Encaustic Art 2 Valerie Encaustic Art 2 132318472 Cynthia 1 Cynthia 1 133781354 Valerie BN 1 Valerie 133781355 Valerie BN 2 133781356 Valerie BN 3 133781357 Valerie BN 4 Valerie BN 4 133781358 Valerie BN 5 Valerie BN 5 133781359 Valerie 16/8/11 I watch the candle flame flicker and dance The colours blend, twisting, turning And as I concentrate on the flame a face appears Two beautiful eyes Looking into my soul I feel connected No criticism, just acceptance of who I am right now The eyes smiling, knowing, trusting Acceptance, encouragement Love 134588885 Cate 1 134588886 Cate 2 134588889 Cate 3 134588887 Cate 4 134588888 Chakra Angel by Cate Chakra Angel by Cate 135372310 Earth Totem by Cate Earth Totem by Cate 135372311 Exciting Journey by Katie Exciting Journey by Katie 135372312 Emerald Ray Pyramid by Cate Emerald Ray Pyramid by Cate 135742046 Mystic Pyramid by Cate Mystic Pyramid by Cate 135742047 For Andy by Cate For Andy by Cate 136098203 For Antin by Cate For Antin by Cate 136098204 For Antin by Cate For Antin by Cate 136098205 For Jen by Maja For Jen by Maja 136098206 Cynthias tree for her mother Cynthias tree for her mother 136896360 The Birth of Light for Frankey by Cate The Birth of Light for Frankey by Cate 136896361 Cynthia - Lesson 3 153885250 Chris - Lesson 1 153885253 Chris - Lesson 2 153885251 Chris - Lesson 2 153885252 Valerie - Lesson 6 153885254 Valeries healing guide - Rose 155752419 Arlenes energy meditation 155752420 Cynthias higher self connection 155752421 Arlene 1 156851827 Arlene 2 156851830 Arlene 3 156851828 Arlene 4 156851829 Frankeys Soul Tree for Arlene 157036909 Arlene - Lesson 5 157036910 Arlene and Frankey Collaboration 157036911 Valerie & Frankey Collaboration 157036912 Arlene Lesson 6 158266907 Arlene Lesson 7 158266906 A guide for Frankey by Valerie 158508486 Another guide for Frankey by Valerie 158508487 A guide for Valerie by Frankey 158508485 Valerie is the 1st student to complete the course! Well done Valerie :) 158508808 Blue Angel for Frankey by Arlene 159408788 Arlene is the 2nd student to complete the course! Well done Arlene :) 159408787 A guide for Arlene by Frankey 159408786 Arlenes fairy 167413732 Arlenes mother earth project 167413733 another of arlenes council of 9 167413734 cynthia lesson 5 167413735 cynthia & frankey lesson 5 collaboration 167413736 cynthia lesson 6 167413737 lorriane lesson 1 167413738 lorriane lesson 1 167413739 chris lesson 3 171936609 char lesson 1 171936610 cynthia lesson 7 171936611 dia lesson 1 171936612 dia lesson 2 171936613 dias soul tree by frankey 171936614