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Greetings tribe!

This weeks theme is

‘Cultivating Compassion’


I feel that inviting more Presence and awareness into my world has continued to deepen my relationship with compassion.

I invite you to explore this week, with Presence/Awareness, what does compassion mean to you?

When we can be compassionate with ourselves, we can begin to apply compassion for others.

This means we have evolved to a unity-centered attitude in how we interact with others.

We begin to value things like community. We come to understand that we are all from the same source on this planet, and are one human family.

We begin to see ourselves in everyone we come into contact with everyday. And because we would not hurt, cheat or abuse the self, we would not do this to any other being.

But, for this to take effect, we have to increase our self compassion.

Because, when we apply the highest level of self-compassion we immediately change our thoughts, words and actions towards others.

We realize that only peace is natural in how we interact with others and we can release fear-based behaviors that are centered in violence, war, and oppression.

We begin to understand the real meaning of justice and equality. We know that it just does not make sense for one to have more than enough, while the other struggles with not enough to survive.

Discrimination, judgement, and prejudice get released as we come into full awareness of what it means to be ONE. We stop fearing our differences, and instead celebrate our unique diversity.

Ultimately the more we have compassion for ourselves, the more we can love ourselves, and the more we can love the communities that we share this Earth with, the more we make sure that our home—planet Earth—is kept in the healthiest state it can be.


How can you cultivate compassion in your life this week? Perhaps you can do some meditations, something creative, apply it to a situation or person, there is no limit to what you can apply the energy of compassion to.

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Sending endless blessings,







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