Sacred Path

Posted on January 15, 2018 at 12:55 AM

The title of the artwork is ‘Sacred Path’ but the first thing I want to speak about is all that BLUE energy!!!! I tried to introduce other colours but it just didn’t flow when I did that. This is all about the throat chakra being activated and the healing energy of the colour blue.

“Healing properties of blue is cooling, electric, astringent. Dr. Edwin Babbitt, in his classic, "The Principles of Light and Color," states that "The Blue Ray is one of the greatest antiseptics in the world."

Blue is the color of the Aquarian age, it combats fear and belong to the throat. It is therefore a communication by voice color helping you to speak your truth.

If you need a promotion at work, or just an extra cuddle from someone choose to wear it and it will help you to speak for yourself and be heard.

The color of safety, rest and relaxation and also a very good general healing color.

Regarded as the spirit of truth, go with the flow - the truth will always set you free.

Blue is peaceful and soothing. It calms tired nerves, alleviating the agony and pain we suffer from physical stress. It has a pacifying effect over our nervous system and brings us great relaxation.

Blue is linked to the Throat Chakra which controls the throat, thyroid, parathyroid, lungs, mouth. The throat chakra is often referenced as the "power center" and "the greatest center in the body" because it is the primary center of expression and communication, through speech. Blue allows for the freedom of expression, both verbally and artistically.

It helps with the easy flow of communication either with other people or listening to your own thoughts and feelings.

Offers reliability, gentleness, kindness, integrity, honesty, loyalty, endurance and commitment”. [healing-journeys-energy.com]

This is an activation of higher spiritual energy for your throat chakra and it is giving you the power for full expression of SELF. You are being encouraged to authentically express your truth and commit to it. This is a gateway to a higher consciousness.

“The throat chakra is also associated with the subconscious state of mind or the dream state. The chakra gains access to your dream state and allows you to see dreams clearly.

When the chakra is in balanced and its energy is enhanced, the chakra improves your psychic abilities related to hearing called clairaudience.

When balanced, the throat chakra allows you to take responsibility for your actions, to be strong, courageous, and self confident”. [reikirays.com]

"Symbols are keyholes to doors in the walls of space, and through them man peers into Eternity...Symbolism, then, is the divine language, and its figures are a celestial alphabet”. [Manly P. Hall]

In the background of the artwork we see a multidimensional Labyrinth with infinite possibilities. This is the joy of our individual journeys! Which path will you take? Where will it lead you? How quickly can you get to the centre/reach your goal? The choice to enter a labyrinth affirms traveling a spiritual path.

The JOY is the journey, NOT the destination! The joy is the experiences we have along the way to our goals, the people we meet, the places we go, the wisdom we gain. Sure, the goal, when reached is an awesome feeling but it is fleeting because we usually wish to continue our growth and create new goals.

“The Hopi Indians of North America had a symbol for Mother Earth known today as the “Classical Seven-Path Labyrinth.” It was this symbol of the Mother which identified the sacred in nature – that spiraling form found throughout nature. Labyrinths were woven into objects to personify man’s connection to his source and were often placed at sacred places in nature to remind him of this union. When one walks the labyrinth it is in recreating this very ancient expression of thanks and remembrance of the divine in all things”. [Kathy Doore for labyrinthina.com]

The labyrinth is a metaphor of your souls spiritual journey in life, death and rebirth.

“Keep walking, though there’s no place to get to.

Don’t try to see through the distances.

That’s not for human beings. Move within,

but don’t move the way fear makes you move.

Walk to the well.

Turn as the earth and the moon turn,

circling what they love.

Whatever circles comes from the center.”


Walking or drawing the Labyrinth allows us to focus our thoughts and gain clarity and insight about our personal and professional lives. The Labyrinth has the ability to quiet the mind, soothe the soul, and mend the heart. The Labyrinth can also provide the opportunity to re-vision goals, assess talents and abilities, make decisions, and evaluate progress.

"We shall not cease from exploration

And the end of all our exploring

Will be to arrive where we started

And know the place for the first time"

[T.S. Eliot]

You are walking your own path through the labyrinth of life. Although the path is long and winding, you are fully supported and there is no wrong way. This is your Sacred Path. Your Creative Expression. Your Personal Journey.






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